Episode 3, Act 6 – If One Person Sees it…
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A boy named Lee walked past Cecil, and Cecil pondered for a moment why a kid would be outside and in this neighborhood at this time. The only reason why he guessed that the kid's name was Lee was because it was written on the back of his shirt. Cecil decided that he was best off focusing on his current situation. Cecil was feeling extremely confused. The only thing that he had done was walk past the man in front of him, and bump into him accidentally. Cecil was aware that this was a bad neighborhood, and this wasn't the usual route that he would walk home from, but Cecil hadn't expected for things to escalate to this level. He apologized to the man, but that seemed to have made matters worse.

“What the fuck is your problem, man?” As the man talked, he spat in Cecil’s face. “And I don’t fucking like the tone you’re using with me!”

“I....I...apologize for offending you, sir. I didn’t mean for it to be this way. All I’m trying to do is go home.”

“Apologize, my ass! And why the hell are you yelling at me?! Better yet, why the hell are you being all apologetic and shit?!”

Arrogantly, the irate man eyed Cecil up and down. “You think that I’m some helpless child? You think that you need to baby me?”

He pushed Cecil, who didn't even bother to push back. Cecil just accepted the push and apologized again. This somehow made things even worse.

“What?! You think you’re too good to fight me back, bitch?!”

The situation continued to escalate. Now there was a crowd of people who were gleefully observing the whole thing. They egged the man on while Cecil tried so hard to explain the misunderstanding.

“Punch him! Beat the crap out of him! You’re gonna let him be nice to you like that?! Kick his ass!”

It was like a sports stadium filled with people cheering for their favorite team. This went on and on until a police officer came to the scene, and parked his car. He opened the door, got out, and walked over to the crowd.

“Can anyone tell me what the hell is going on here?” the officer asked.

The irate man started in, “This motherfucker is pissing me off! He keeps on yelling at me, and treating me like a baby! He’s treating me like trash, and he acts like he’s too good for me!”

The spectators shouted in agreement. The officer crossed his arms and slowly looked over at Cecil, who felt very nervous now. Things seemed to be getting worse and worse.

“Officer! This is ridiculous! This is what happened.”

Cecil tried to calm himself down before he continued with his speech, but before he could say anything else, the man interrupted, taking a swing at him, and punching him in the face as hard as he could, knocking Cecil to the ground. A cheer erupted from the crowd—like their favorite football team had just scored a touchdown. Instead of holding the aggressor back, the officer rushed to Cecil, and swiftly restrained him.

“Calm down now! No need to get violent unless you want a charge for assault! Now tell me what happened! Now!”

It took Cecil some time to come back to his senses after the punch. All he could see were stars until his vision slowly returned.

“I walked past this guy, and accidentally bumped into him. He was about to hit me, but I apologized to him and shook his hand. He threw down my hand and started cussing me out—when I was trying to be polite to him. He kept on accusing me of being rude, but I was trying to set things right. Then these people show up and try to get him to attack me. I don't want any trouble! I'm a peaceful man, and I just want to go home!"

The officer thought about all of this for a moment, weighing both Cecil and the irate man's stories. This baffled Cecil because he obviously hadn't done anything wrong.

“I’ll be back. I’m gonna need backup for this,” the officer said.

“Backup?! For what?! I didn’t do anything!”

“Watch your tongue, sir, and shut the fuck up. Or else I’ll have to handcuff you!”

Cecil went silent, and the officer got into his police car. While the officer was distracted calling for backup, the irate man quickly punched Cecil in the face a few more times. He then kneed Cecil in the gut, kicking him with joy as Cecil lay on the ground. The crowd cheered, deciding to join in on the beating. The sound of new sirens caused everyone to halt. More cops arrived at the scene, and they all began to question why Cecil was being beaten up.

“We had to defend ourselves from him, Officer! He went crazy, and tried to attack us!”

The rest of the crowd agreed, except for Fatima. She had observed the whole incident from her car while she waited for the perfect time to lend her support. She knew instinctively that it was too dangerous for her to jump in before that, especially since there is a crowd of them. Now that the cops are here, things should be much safer.

“No officer, that isn't how the incident went! This man was a gentleman, but the whole time, this other guy was being a dick."

Fatima's words cause the crowd to become silent, because she was defiant, and they found this very intimidating. The officers analyzed the whole situation while Cecil lay there unconscious. He eventually awakened from his coma, but he was very much in pain. Fortunately, Fatima was attempting to tend to his wounds, and she seemed to be the only one who cared about him.

“I’ll get you out of this. Don’t worry,” she whispered.

The first officer returned to Cecil, a gun in his hand pointed at Cecil. 

“We decided to arrest you for now. It is obvious that you are causing a disturbance here. You are dangerous, and you caused this whole crowd to have to defend themselves. Try some crazy shit, and I'll shoot you down. We have snipers on the rooftops, so you better not dare."

There was no resistance from Cecil, who now felt hopeless and depressed as he was handcuffed and lugged into the police car. Fatima tried to protest, but it was to no avail. Instead, she was met by another officer who handcuffed her.

“You are under arrest, ma’am, for being his cohort, and helping him cause the disturbance.”

“What?! I didn’t do anything!”

It was too late, and she was placed in another police car headed toward jail. Cecil sat in the police car. On the way to jail, they passed a decrepit-looking nursing home, among other things. Cecil didn't take notice of the events outside the car and wept silently in despair.

...and you thought YOUR world was HARSH!!