Chapter 6: Invitation
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Heroes are automatically level 100 in this world. Some have to grind for that level while others are exceptions and are level 100 the moment they come to this world. No one besides the heroes have reached that far.

Most would be able to ascend to level 50 if they cut off their social life and dedicate themselves to becoming strong. Heroes are existences who broke the norm in this world back when they were first summoned.

Literally one hero can take on an entire kingdom’s army without rest for two days. They do, however have limits. I wouldn’t say Abel has limits since no one has ever seen him lose in a fight against anyone. 

Not all heroes have the same level of strength even if they are the same level. Maybe they have more skills, abilities and experience than others. 


‘How could I be a threat to the heroes that she would kill me using her divinity?’

I still couldn’t understand why she killed me or more like would’ve killed me. I can barely defeat a low ranking soldier. How was I suppose to be a threat so large that a hero would be sent after me?

‘Fuck, should I run away?’

I touched the slave mark under my shirt on my lower back. The heat of the magic circle was still there so I was still a slave.

I was so scared that I was willing to risk it. If the slave runs away then the master has the option to activate the slave marker. It would slowly deliver poison into the slave’s body, thereby killing them.

“I gave you a simple order. Get her clothes and medicine then meet us at the plaza.”

I knelt on the bedroom floor with my head lowered. She’s been preaching for a while. I was lucky that she didn’t hit me like last time.

“…I’m sorry…”

“Who were you running from? I won’t punish you since you managed to bring back Celeste at least.”

“Err…” My eyes wandered, “Well…”

Her one eyebrow went up but then she sighed.

“Haa… forget it. Go draw my bath.”


“But master, aren’t you being too nice to him?”

Bitch Beatrice said unhappily on the bed. She bought a puppy with permission from our master.

“He disobeyed you so many times–“

“Beatrice, I only need your eyes not your opinion on everything. You have been working on my nerves the last few days. Can you two not sort out your issues before I do it?”

I hurriedly nodded my head. 

Who knew what terrible things we had to do when she takes matters into her own hands. The worst thing that happened to me was being dragged by the carriage that was pulled by a ground dragon. Ground dragons are much faster than horses so I fell a few times on the road. My entire body was bruised that night.

Thank the gods our master is always in a good mood after buying things she loves.

“Very well.” Lady Sylvia stood up and put her blue mana rose on the bedside table.

Blue mana roses are very rare in our world. Many conditions have to be met in order to grow one on your own property. The rose has medicinal value, the mana dust it gives off can clean the mana in the atmosphere and the price it can be sold for is enormous.

I think it was five million gold. By the way, Lady Sylvia got it for seven million at the auction we visited last week.

‘I will never understand rich people.’

She was poisoned by miasma when she visited a holiday resort a few years ago. Miasma is dangerous for a person who can use magic. That means she cannot absorb any more mana in the atmosphere on her own.

The Blue mana rose would act as the medium to helping her absorb the atmosphere mana, I guess. That would also mean her mana veins would get restored and her illness would vanish. Miasma poisoning can’t be cured with healing magic. Only traditional methods work.

The blue mana rose was always kept inside her office which had 7th tier magical defenses for intruders. It's weird how she's putting it in the bedroom where all eyes can see it. 

Shouldn't that item be precious because of its rarity?

Beatrice grumbled at our master’s retort and went out of the room with her dog.

“Why are you still here? Prepare my bath.”

“Ah, on it!”

I left the room as well.



Lady Sylvia’s sweet voice called out to me.

In the giant bathroom of Lady Sylvia’s manor.

I stood there with towels at the side of the bath while the maids were busy washing Lady Sylvia. They had unhappy expressions knowing that I was there.

By the way, they were also naked so I had some eye candy.


I was so preoccupied with glaring at everyone’s bodies that I replied only a few seconds later.

“Do you want to enter the Knight order?”


She chuckled.

“Yes, you heard me right.” She turned towards me, “I know that you have been training secretly.”


I stiffened.

“One of these days my body may become weaker if the poison doesn’t disappear even with the Blue rose’s petals. If that happens then I’d need strong people to protect me. Money means nothing if I cannot live to spend it by dying by someone’s hands or dying from this illness. Since the illness won’t immediately kill me, I can make amends until that time comes.”

“But I’m…”

A slave. Society’s lowest trash.

“Hmm… it’s almost been more than two years since you came here…” She put her finger on her chin, “It’s early but I will head to the slave market to fetch your papers so I can release you.”

My throat gulped audibly.

“You can choose to stay here or leave. If you stay then I will employ you as my guard as soon as you leave the knight academy. With more than the average salary of a beginner knight, of course.”

“B-But why now…?”

She smiled.

“I may die with this illness. I heard that people change before they die so maybe that’s the case. I'm sorry for my behaviour towards all of you. I'm showing my sincerity as a lord so I don't leave behind any grudges."


A maid gasped. Another one was crying.

“But I would like to do something before that time comes.”

She looked at me again.

“Prepare the bed and go wash yourself in the servants’ bath.”

My eyes opened wide again.

That could only mean one thing.

My heart and something else was throbbing as I thought about her words.

“Hurry up before I change my mind.”

Why did she change so dramatically? Was her day that good that she would say such things to a slave?

I didn’t know. I only did as I was ordered.


I laughed like a perverted old man when I exited the master bathroom.


I wiped the drool from my face.

“I always wondered what she would feel like. I can’t believe it’ll actually happen.”

I was like a dog in heat as I scrubbed myself repeatedly and brushed my mouth. I also cut my hair which I haven’t done in awhile. The many silver strands clogged the sink a few times.

“Ohoho~ what are you up to, mister?”

When I was finished dressing myself, a sly tone came from the door.

‘Why are you so everywhere?’

It’s like she was born to taunt me.

Beatrice strode into my room and looked around.

“Hmm~ it’s weird how master invited you to her bed but I was never invited.”

“You’re delusional like everyone else thinking she’s a lesbian only because women are around her.”

Beatrice sat on my bed without permission.

She had a cheeky smile on her face.

“Let’s make a deal.”

She lifted the edge of her dress.

“Refuse Lady Sylvia’s request to have sex with her and then…” I saw a cleanly cut slit underneath her dress, “And then you can do what you want with me. I love Lady Sylvia so I want her to be mine alone. Won’t you accept? Fuck me for the rest of your stay here or fuck her only once and never again. Who knows? She might not let you have her body again and just buy a younger, handsomer man.”

Beatrice spread her private lips. I saw the inside of her cave which was pinkish in colour.

“Men like women with tightness, right? I’m confident I’m tight enough. Just don’t go into her bed tonight. It’s a win for both of us–“


I laughed. I couldn’t keep it in anymore.

“You’re really crazy in the head. How does that brain of yours work? Are you that simpleminded that you would trade yourself just to have someone you love?”

I shook my head as I saw her frown deepen.

“You look like a 13 year old girl with that body. There’s nothing to grab either. Plus your breasts are the size of peaches.”

“I’m 16, you bastard!”

“Yeah, yeah. Point is, why would I take a developing girl to bed when I can get a mature milf in my arms tonight? I always dreamed of feeling that massive ass of hers."

“You better not…!”

She ran towards me with a knife in hand.

"What the fuck!?"

My body moved on its own when I saw the knife with purple poison on its blade.


I slapped her hard on the face and pushed her aside making her crash onto the ground with a pained scream.

I sat on top of her back as she flailed.

“You’re one crazy bitch. Why are you so fixated on her?”

“She was the one who took me in when I needed someone the most! Why the fuck do you want to take her from me!?”

“She’s only using us. Why are you so delusional? Even if I don’t accept her invitation, there’s no telling if she’d accept you. And hey, the dick is always better than fingers.”

Beatrice stopped flailing.

 “Don’t come at me with a knife again. Otherwise, I’m hitting you as if I would a man.”

I forced her to stand and threw her out of the room.

It’s weird how I was able to act so quickly when she came towards me with a knife. Did my training finally pay off? I felt giddy inside when I thought of the possibility.

‘Psycho bitch.’

It’s a miracle I haven’t been killed in my sleep by her.


“You’re here.”

The room was dimly lit as a sweet fragrance entered my nose. It was the smell of scented candles.

I stood at the door with an awkward expression.

Lady Sylvia was different from usual. Where is that brash woman who talked down to everyone? Where is that woman who had the elegance and coldness of a noble?

All I saw when she was sitting on the bed was a mature woman with a gentle smile.

‘Did she really change?’

That was the last thought I had before moving closer to her.