Chapter 56
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They had argued about the secret getting out but finally, Theanore had won and had gotten up her negotiator skill to expert. She hadn’t gotten a new level thanks to it but she has gotten the option to get things from the sales catalogs of both grandpa Thinker and Alina. And Theanore hadn’t even known that they had them.

But, as underhanded as it was, Marinus has talked Theanore into simply giving the news to the newspaper instead of publishing a new book. He had managed that by pointing out that they have discovered only two new things, how to use both their hands for the enchantments and the clovers that could be absorbed into the enchantment fountain.

Marinus wrote the two small notes and sent them with Larriel to the chief editor of the newspaper of Mirstone. They also sent a letter to grandpa Thinker telling him the secret since it was his book that had thought them about enchanting. 

With the newspaper being regional, and four-leaf clovers being so rare, there was no way that the markets will become bloated with the merchandise. But Marinus’ little plan backfired when their findings, backed by the level 400 four enchantment scarf, reached the front page.

The newspaper had a two-page long paper written by the chief journalist stretching the little note. The scarf was bought by a famous adventurer for 40000 coins and many enchanters got to searching for clovers. 

Theanore found she could upgrade some of the normal crimson clovers into four-leaf ones, but she needed 40000 mana. They placed a survey on how much a single clover could sell in the newspaper and they got the astronomical price of 10000 coins per one.

Crassus counted the money they had and found they had 40001 gold coins. It would be a tight few days after Theanore absorbed almost all of them but the 10000 steady inflow of coins per day would more than makeup for that.

“We can also sell some of the raw silk. We have too much to store it at the grotto.” Said Crassus as he watched the coins disappear in front of his eyes. 

“Is Miss Larriel coming today?” Asked Theanore as only one coin was left in the safe. 

“I can send her a missive. Do you children have one mana crystal for the missive?” Asked Crassus. Marinus nodded and they all went to the mana fountain that was replenished. Theanore rushed to the nearest clover patch and upgraded a single clover for 40000 mana. Then she picked it up and carried it over.

“We can send it ahead with the missive. That way Miss Larriel would be able to sell it.”

“I just hope none of the other dungeons start to enchant their clovers too.” Said Crassus. Then a message appeared.

They will not. At 40000 mana it is not worth it for them. They have much more profitable business models.

Wrote Tania and Theanore wondered what this business model was and she voiced her question.

Killing adventurers and absorbing their wealth and mana.

“No, thanks! I will grow my clovers and enchant items. And after I pay my taxes, I will still have enough to go by.” Said Theanore. Even though she was exempt from paying taxes. Seeing as she was only four months old in truth and two years old in appearance. She still had to pay as the entire business was under Crassus’ name. No toddler could own a business, after all. 

Crassus breathed a sigh of relief at his daughter’s words. For as long as he lived he would make sure she got the wealth both she and Marinus needed through peaceful means. But he was worried about the future. 

They sent the missive and went back inside to begin preparing some cookies. People still wanted a box. They said that they got a cookie after each chapter of Theanore’s leafy friends and how to grow them as a reward. 

When Larriel saw the blue light she knew that a missive was sent. She picked inside and saw a four-leaf clover and a note. Recognizing Crassus’ handwriting she began to read.

Miss Larriel,

Please sell the enclosed clover for 10000 gold coins, as per the survey of the Mirstone newspaper. The cut for the guardians for this sale is 1000. We can’t go any higher as we are broke right now.

I wish you luck,


Only 10000? That was laughable. Larriel was going to make an auction for the clover. There was an adventurer’s guildhall in Mirstone and plenty of mages that would need the clover to power their secret spells. Plus, more than one tank would surely like a little insurance when he is in the thick of the battle.

Larriel didn’t know who proposed such a small price but she was sure this someone hoped to resell the clovers. No one was going to extort Theanore and her family! And the forest of fireflies’ guardians would still get their 10%, just from a much bigger amount. 

Gathering the rest of the party, Larriel showed them the clover. Immediately Lena reached out towards it. 

“I’ll pay four times the amount! Let me have it, Larriel!” Said Lena, but Larriel put the clover out of reach.

“We will have an auction, Lena. If you participate, then you can’t get a cut from the sale.” Said Larriel. But Lena was unmoving in her desire to get another special skill and a boost to her mana.

“This clover can make our lives easier, Larriel. You are being unreasonable.” Said Lena, again reaching out to the plant.

“I want it too.” Said Jasper. “I’ll pay six times the amount!” 

With all the money they have been making from the enchantment items the guardians could afford such an amount, but barely.

“I’ll take it! Ten times the amount here!” Said Lysandrus and then Brandon snorted.

“There are people who will pay more than fifty times the amount. Larriel, it seems like we will be the only ones organizing the auction.” He said and Larriel blushed. This was the perfect opportunity to get to know Brandon better!