Chapter 38 – At the Party
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Merlin smiled when he saw the reaction of the participants of the party. The flowers were still in the air, and from the distance, Arturia saw Crusch looking at them with a smile on her face.

Arturia smiled back at Crusch and made her way towards her. No one greeted Arturia, mainly because they were still admiring the flowers that appeared at the same time as Arturia’s entrance.

But all of them were Merlin’s work. He made the flowers bloom on the path that Arturia took as if she was blessed by the nature.

That sight managed to gain aspiration from many, and they secretly admired Arturia and her group. A lot of girls admired Arturia. Even so, that was only a quarter of the girls that attended the party.

Because the rest of them were admiring Reinhard and Merlin.

Arturia was still smiling on the outside, but she was actually worried on the inside.

‘What if the girls wanted to target Merlin? Ah, no, they have targeted Merlin already.’ She asked inside her mind.

That would be problematic, at the same time that would benefit her. She has gotten used to this world, but she still has a lot of burdens that she hid deep inside her heart.

Arturia stopped in front of Crusch and gestured to Merlin with her hand to stop his show. Merlin tapped his wand twice and the flowers that filled the room disappeared in a mote of pink light.

“That was amazing.” Praised Crusch as she looked at the flowers that were in the middle of disappearing.

Crusch was wearing a green dress instead of her usual military uniform. Her hair was also tied in a bun, while Felix was standing behind Crusch, waving his hand toward Reinhard and Arturia.

“Merlin know one or two party trick. That’s why to entertain the guests, I asked him to show one of his best tricks.”

Arturia glanced at Merlin and he bowed his head to Crusch. He knew his position well, and he acted accordingly. Even so, he kept his hoodie on, even though he knew that it was rude.

“I have no chance to formally introduce myself. My name is Merlin, I am a Magus that served under Arturia-sama. It’s my pleasure meeting you.”

Merlin's bow was beautiful. He put his left hand on his chest and bowed his 45 degrees towards Crusch.

From the other’s view, he was bowing out of respect. It managed to increase Merlin’s good impression in the other’s eyes.

Merlin raised his head after a few seconds and smiled.

“It’s nice to meet you. I am Crusch Karsten, the head of the Karsten family and one of the king candidates. I am thankful for your assistance during the attack of two Sin Archbishops.”

Crusch’s voice was loud enough to be heard by everyone in the hall. Some of them let out a surprised yelp while the others were looking at Merlin with awe.

A single magician who managed to drive 2 Sin Archbishops away. That was a huge feat that not any average magician can do.

They were even skeptical whether Roswaal who was hailed as the greatest magician in Lugnica was able to do that.

“It was nothing. I did what I wanted to do, and that’s assisting my King.”

“Even so, you saved us from the destruction and saved our lives. For that, I am really thankful.”

Crusch nodded her head a little as she can’t bow to another candidate’s man. If she bowed to him in public, that would hurt her reputation.

“Well then, I will receive your gratitude.” Merlin nodded his head at Crusch.

Arturia then looked at Crusch and asked.

“By the way, Crusch-sama. How did you arrive at this party before me?”

Arturia was waiting for Reinhard because she knew from Merlin that there will be a party. But Crusch was different.

“It was because I knew that there will be a party from the start. So I prepared myself while waiting for Felix. Not to mention, my mansion was not that far from the castle.”

‘I see, so that’s how it is.’ Thought Arturia.

“Well then, Crusch-sama. I won’t impose on you any longer.”

“Yes, Arturia-sama. I heard that there will be an announcement about the expedition from the Sage Council later, please look forward to it.”

Crusch smiled at Arturia. Arturia smiled back at Crusch and said.

“I am looking forward to it.”

She then turned around and looked at the table that was full of food in the distance.

Reinhard who brought meals for Arturia every day has noticed the look on Arturia's face. She was focused on the meal and looked like she will jump to the food at any time.

“Milady, you don’t mean?”

He asked Arturia and her body stiffened while turning to Reinhard slowly.

“Whatever do you mean, my Knight?”

Reinhard smiled wryly and scratched his cheek.

“No, Milady. It’s my imagination.”

“Anyway, Merlin.” Arturia looked back to talk to Merlin.

But, unknown to both of them, Merlin was not following them anymore. Arturia turned confused and surveyed the room.

She saw Merlin was surrounded by a bunch of girls from noble families and looked troubled. When his gaze met with Arturia, he sent a signal of help by blinking his eyes.

Arturia smiled at Merlin and raised her thumb up. With her lips, she sent a message to Merlin.

‘Rope them in with your charm, Merlin! That way we can gain more connection with noble.’

Merlin who can read Arturia’s lips movement smiled wryly and let out a dry laugh.

Reinhard looked at his Lady and then at Merlin. Merlin saw Reinhard look at him this time and sent another signal.

Reinhard was about to approach Merlin, but he was stopped by Arturia who shook her head. He then looked back at Merlin and gave him an encouraging smile.

Both of them walked away and then Arturia saw a lot of nobles begin approaching Crusch in the distance. She had a rather bad feeling, and she saw that some of the nobles were looking at her.

“Well then, Sir Reinhard. It seems that we will be surrounded too before long.”

“Hahaha, it can’t be helped, Milady.”

True to her words, the nobles began to greet her and gave flattery words.

Arturia returned their greeting one by one. She was not bothered by them and can answer all of their questions without any problem.

She now had new memories and she understood the conduct of the nobles.

Before long, all the nobles were satisfied and the door of the party venues opened once again. Arturia looked at the door and saw the Sage Council enter the party venue.

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