Chapter 39 – Announcement
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Only two people from the Sage Council attended the party. Those two were Miklotov McMahon as the representative of the Sage Council and Bordeaux Zellgef.

Those two walked to the chairs that were located in the middle of the party venue and sat in that place.

Arturia looked at them while having complicated expressions.

“What’s wrong, Milady?” Reinhard asked Arturia with a worried tone.

Arturia looked at Reinhard and shook her head.

“Nothing. By the way, is Merlin able to free himself from the crowd?”

“I have, nothing to worry about, My King.” Merlin's voice rang from Arturia’s left, surprising her.

She turned to the source of the voice and saw Merlin lowered his hood even further with his right hand.

“That was intense, I thought that the noble in this party will be able to hold themselves.”

“H-hahaha. I know your feeling.” Reinhard let out a dry laugh and gave Merlin a sympathetic look.

Merlin smiled at Reinhard and let out a sigh of resignation.

“So you experienced those things too? My condolences.”

“That was in the past. Now, no girls ever approached me. Not since I got my power.”

Reinhard looked down at his raised right hand that he clenched. Merlin looked at Reinhard as if he understood what happened and patted him on his shoulder.

“I understand. But, I guess the situation has improved since my King made you her Knight?”

“Certainly. I am grateful to Arturia-sama for taking this inexperienced knight to be her first Knight.”

“Merlin, Sir Reinhard. It seems they are about to announce something.” Arturia's voice interrupted their conversation and both of them turned to look at the Sage Council.

One of the Sage Council’s members, Miklotov McMahon, stood up and raised his right hand.

“I hope for taking a little of your time to announce something.”

His voice rang out clear in the party venue. The guests immediately shut their mouths and their attention was focused on Miklotov.

Crusch made her way to Arturia and she stopped beside Arturia to listen to the announcement.

“There will be an extra announcement besides our achievement for taking down Hakugei.” Crusch suddenly said to Arturia without taking her eyes off Miklotov.

Arturia nodded her head. She knew about it because Merlin had told her, but she was still didn’t know what the other announcement was.

“We are gathering here to celebrate! To celebrate that one of the beasts that terrorized us for more than 400 years has been slain.”

A murmur from the guests filled the party venue in an instant. They have been informed about it, hence they were talking to the other nobles beside them to talk about it.

But Miklotov wasn’t done yet.

“Silence!” He shouted and the Murmur immediately died down.

“*Cough* Let me continue. This is a big achievement. The expedition of Hakugei, one of the three beasts, was led by two of our King Candidates. Please give your best applaud to Crusch Karsten-sama and Arturia Pendragon-sama.”

As soon as Miklotov said that, he raised his left hand and pointed it to Arturia and Crusch that stood a little bit away in her left. He also turned to them and smiled.

The attention of the party shifted to Arturia and Crusch as the guests clapped their hands to congratulate them.

Crusch smiled and raised her hand to wave at them. Arturia also smiled, but she didn’t raise her hand. She closed her eyes instead and gave them a little nod.

The applause lasted for a while until it was stopped by Miklotov. He lowered his left hand and said.

“There is something more.”

The guests turned their attention to Miklotov again. Bordeaux who just sat beside Miklotov earlier stood up and announced.

“We received information that the individual called Natsuki Subaru, the butler of Mathers house and member of Emilia Camp has managed to defeat one of the Witch Cult Sin Archbishop with the help of the Finest Knight, Julius Juukulius from Anastasia Camp.”


A shout of amazement rang out and filled the room. They were surprised that in one day, two big events happened.

“So he did it.” Arturia’s tone was filled with happiness. She was glad that the boy managed to defeat one of the Sin Archbishops.

After meeting two of them, Arturia comes to know the strength of the Sin Archbishops. For a boy that asked her help to be able to defeat one of them, it was truly a big achievement.

“I see, so that’s how it is. The informant, it was that boy, huh?” Exclaimed Crusch as she turned to Arturia.

“Yes, he somehow knows about the attack of Witch Cult. So he asked me to help him. I can’t help him directly, but when he said something about Hakugei, I decided to help him by defeating the Hakugei.”

‘And it certainly isn’t a coincidence. There is a possibility that Subaru has something like Clairvoyance. I must ask Merlin later.’

Arturia glanced at Merlin and he instantly understood and nodded his head.

“There is another one. This is still related to the Witch Cult.” Miklotov said and the guests looked at him with an expectant gaze.

Two big announcements have been announced, they were expecting another announcement that can surprise them again.

“Two Sin Archbishops from Witch Cult have made their appearance in our Kingdom. It was reported that Arturia Pendragon-sama managed to chase them away with the help of an Unknown Magician. It seems that the Unknown Magician is attending this party.”

Miklotov looked at Merlin who stood behind Arturia with a serious gaze.

“I hope you can introduce yourself to us. Unfortunately, I, as the representative of Sage Council can’t let Unknown Man with immense strength loitering around our Kingdom. Unless you have a clear identity, I must ask you to leave our Kingdom at once.”

From his serious tone, Arturia knew that he wasn’t joking. She then looked at Merlin and nodded her head.

Merlin nodded back to Arturia and looked at Miklotov. He took off his hood and smiled before putting his right hand on his chest and bowed a little.

“Nice to meet you. I am sorry for my late introduction.” Merlin said and then he raised his head.

“My name is Merlin, a Magus of Flower. I am serving as Arturia Pendragon-sama’s tutor in Britain. One day, I found her to be missing, so I made my own choice and search for her. When I come to find her, I noticed that she was attacked and decided to help my King fending her enemies.”

“Tutor, was it? How can a tutor hold so much power?” Asked Miklotov.

“Although I said tutor, I was more like a King Maker. In another word, I taught one how to become King.”

Arturia held her urge to facepalm. How can Merlin just say the truth that was hard to believe with a smile on his face?

He didn’t seem to be bothered by the gaze of the people that looked at him as if he was stupid.

“I see, so in other words, you are a Royal Magician from this Britain, Pendragon-sama’s homeland.”

Merlin touched his chin as if he was troubled. But then, he smiled and lowered his hand.

“That’s correct. Maybe that position called Royal Magician in this Kingdom.”

Miklotov and Bordeaux seemed to be satisfied with the explanation and nodded their head.

“Very well, I, as the representative of the Sage Council will allow Merlin to stay in this Kingdom. All announcement has been announced, the guests may enjoy the party to the fullest!”

Arturia sighed in relief and looked at Merlin.

“I have something to ask.” She said in a low voice.

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