Chapter 43 – Barrack
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Arturia and Merlin continued their walk.

Their destination was a place where Rom’s friends lived.

The two mercenaries that Rom sent to help Arturia to protect Subaru also lived in the place where they were headed to.

Felt had gone first to call them, but because she took too long, Arturia decided to visit the place herself with Merlin.

“By the way, Merlin. Have you visited the place where we headed to?”

Arturia asked Merlin as they walked out of the slum. The location of the house where the mercenary lived was a bit away from the slum, it was located in a decent place.

They were now walking on the street that was filled with the citizens of the Capital.

“Yes. I was the one who chose the house where they are living at after all.”

Merlin boasted as he puffed his chest arrogantly. He looked at Arturia with a grin on his face, it somehow irritated Arturia.

Her expression turned into a frown and looked at Merlin as if he was an eyesore.

“You didn’t need to boast like that. But, you are the one who finds the house? How? Technically, we have no money at all.”

“Huhuhu…” Merlin let out a creepy laugh before he spread his hands with a happy face.

“Do you think that this Merlin just playing around for a few days? I made a business in this Capital City and managed to gain some funds for our operation!”

Arturia looked at Merlin with a surprised gaze. She then had a big smile on her face and clapped her hands a few times.

“That’s amazing. So, what’s your business?”

The cheerful Merlin suddenly looked away suspiciously.

Arturia who saw that narrowed her eyes and asked again, this time with a cold tone.

“Your bu-si-ness?” She asked slowly, word by word to Merlin.

At her tone, Merlin sweated and then raised her index finger.

“Flower.” Answered Merlin bluntly.

“Explain in detail.” Still talking with her cold tone, Arturia ordered Merlin.

Merlin turned to look at Arturia slowly, gave her a big smile, and scratched the back of his head.

“I was given money by some flower.”

“I see I see.” Arturia crossed her arms and nodded her head a few times.

“In short, you are playing around with women. But, instead of paying them, you were the one who got paid. Is that it?”

With a big smile on his face, Merlin gave Arturia a thumb-up with closed eyes.

Both of them stopped on the spot. The pedestrians evaded them without minding too much because of Arturia’s knight uniform.

“That’s the simplest explanation.”

Merlin prepared himself to get slapped, punched, or whatever Arturia did. However, after waiting for a few seconds, nothing came to him.

He opened his eyes slowly and looked at Arturia who now had a serious face.

“So, did you gain anything? The women that approached you came from the noble house, right?”

“I did find something. It looked like, the Astrea Mansion you lived at was not the main mansion. It was something that your Knight bought a long time ago and now it was used to house you, My King. Your Knight, Reinhard, often visited the Manor after his patrol, but I thought it was not something worthy of concern.”

“Sir Reinhard has his own life to live, I won’t interfere with his personal life. But, I would like to visit the Manor someday to greet his parents. Any other thing?”

Both of them continued their walk and talked without looking at each other.

“I found something about one of the king candidates, Priscilla Barielle. The girls talked about her a lot of times that I found something interesting.”

"Hou, do tell me. That girl's way of talk reminded me of something unpleasant from the Fourth and Fifth Holy Grail war. After getting a lot of my memories back, I also remembered the time when the guy who trampled over my Chivalry with his command seal."

"Fourth Grail War, that's interesting. So you got memories of that time. Did she remind you of King Gilgamesh? If you got your memories of that time, soon, maybe, memories of the Lion King will come back to you?"

Arturia’s eyes widened in realization. Lion King, the Arturia in Singularity. She chose a different way to rule her people, but all of her Knights were still alive and served her, except for Bedivere who tried to stop her.

“Don’t joke around, Merlin. If I had the memories of me who became the Lion King in that singularity, doesn’t that mean I have that weapon?”

“Yes, you do have that weapon in your arsenal. But, for now, I am the one who holds the keys. Remember the 13 restraints? To use that, you need me to remove them.”

“I see. So that Lance is still sealed like the one that the Gravekeeper held. I’m happy that I have more arsenal but I am worried if my personality would change after I got her memories. Now, you can continue about your information.”

“Well, I certainly love all Arturia the same, and you know about it. Then let me continue. The candidate Priscilla’s origin is not known, but there is one thing that the Nobles know. Priscilla was sold to this country because of her beauty.She had a lot of husbands, and they had all died.”

“She came from an unknown origin, and all of her late husbands had died. However, that didn’t change the fact that she was chosen as the King Candidate.”

“You’re right, my King. How about we continue our conversation later, we have arrived.”

Merlin stopped in front of a big house with a wall around it. The courtyard was huge, and there were a lot of training equipment made from woods and rocks scattered around.

“This is not a house, this is a training camp!” Shouted Arturia as she pointed her index finger at the house, or rather, training camp in front of her.

“Hahaha, welcome to the Camelot’s barrack, my King.”

Arturia had a wry smile on her face.

‘He even calls this place Camelot’s barrack.’

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