Chapter 44 – Encouragement
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The first thing that caught Arturia’s attention when she entered the barrack was 10 men running around the field while being chased by Felt.

When Felt ran from Rom’s house earlier, she said that she will call the mercenary that acted as Subaru’s guard.

She never came back to Rom’s house and that worried Arturia a little. But, it turned out that Felt had chased the men around the field while running.

“Why did Felt chase them around?”

Arturia asked Merlin, the one who had visited the barrack.

She was sure that Merlin knew the reason why Felt was chasing the men around the field, as well as the reason why Felt didn’t come back to Rom’s house.

“She was training them. I had planned to take you here since the start, so I asked Felt to wait for us in this place.”

“As expected. Well, you are the one who loves boasting your achievement, so I had expected that.”

Merlin looked at Arturia and then laughed.

“Hahaha, there is nothing wrong with showing my achievement to my King, isn’t there? Naturally, I wanted you to meet the recruit too. I found some people from the slum and asked them to come here. Please give them a word or two and show them who their Lady is.”

“I guess that is to be expected. Very well, I will give them a word or two later. But, what do you think? How is their strength compared to those from Camelot?”


Merlin pondered while stroking his chin with his hand. His left hand was crossed and he looked at the people who were chased by Felt seriously.

“The majority of them can’t use magic. I had read the magic theory of this world, and I tried to apply it. But, the system is too different from Magecraft, and I can’t use it at all.”

“Gate, huh. Maybe Sir Reinhard can help you?”

Merlin tilted his head behind while still stroking his chin.

“Hmm. No, he’s a knight. We need a Magician from this world who can help us.”

That was a troublesome matter.

Arturia pondered a little. Both of them stopped a bit away from the field, and Felt noticed them.

“Ah, Nee-san!”

She shouted while waving her hand to Arturia. The men who were chased by Felt looked at Arturia, following Felt’s gaze.

They were stunned a little and stopped running when they saw Arturia. Confused, they were murmuring to each other.

Felt who heard the murmur of the people near her turned to them and shouted.

“Hey! Start running again. Do you want to be turned into a girl by Merlin?!”

The men in front of Felt got scared at the mention of Merlin. They then looked at Merlin who was still pondering deeply before starting to run around the field again.

“Nee-san, they still have 5 laps left! I will go to you after they are done!”

Felt chased the men again while shouting.

“Pick up your pace, you lazy bastard!! I will castrate you myself if I catch you!”

“”YES MA’AM!””

All men answered to Felt at the same time and they started running again.


Merlin let out a gasp as if there was an inspiration that came to him. He smiled and then looked at Arturia while spreading his arms.

“My King! I know the easy way. Why don’t we teach them how to use mana with our system. I had trained a lot of Knights in the past, so I can teach them the basic use of mana to use reinforcement. We don’t need Magic Circuits, we can make use of their gate and teach them how to utilize mana.”

Arturia’s eyes widened and she asked.

“Is that possible?”

Merlin nodded his head and lowered his arms.

“I believe that’s possible. I need a few days to see their progress, also…"

“What is it? Just say it, Merlin.”

“I need Sir Reinhard to teach them about how to use their gate.”

Arturia nodded her head seriously and then smiled.

“I will tell him about it. So, how many people are in this barrack?”

“There are 30 people under Rom, and I had recruited 20 people, including the one who ran in the field right now.”

“That’s … far from enough, huh.”

Arturia was a bit disappointed by the result. She had expected around a hundred men, but Merlin and Rom only managed to gather 50 people.

“Don’t be disappointed, my King. You must’ve known it yourself. In the world with Magic, a number didn’t mean anything. Individual strength often beats a number. Let’s say that we are facing a force of 5 thousand normal men, just the two of us are enough to annihilate them.”

“Well, that’s true. Call them then, I will be waiting in front of the field.”

Merlin put his right hand on his chest and bowed to Arturia.

“Certainly, my King.”


50 men wearing a grey shirt and brown pants lining up in front of Arturia.

All of them had a sword that was strapped to their waist. The sword was nothing fancy like Arturia’s Excalibur, but they were normal iron swords with adequate sharpness.

They were looking forward with a serious face. None of them dared to sneak peek at Arturia’s face even though she stood in front of them.

Felt was standing on Arturia’s left with a haughty pose and frown on her face, intimidating the men. Merlin stood on Arturia’s right while holding his wand and he was looking at the men in front of him seriously.

“Alright, all of you must’ve known the reason why I called and gathered you in this field!”

Merlin shouted at the men and all of them answered at the same time.

“””YES SIR!!”””

They shouted with all of their might with their hands behind their hips.

Anyone who saw them will have the same thought, ‘These men are a trained knight.’

Their level had reached that far with just a few days of training. That showed Merlin’s capability as a trainer, and Arturia once again was satisfied.

“My King, Arturia Pendragon-sama will give you a word after this. I hope all of you will hear it clearly! She will be the one you will fight under, make sure to follow her command as your first priority!”

“””YES SIR!!!”””

“My King.” Merlin said to Arturia and extended his right hand, gesturing Arturia to step forward.

Arturia stepped forward and unsheathed Excalibur. She stabbed the blade on the ground and then she shouted.

“Men! As you’ve heard, my name is Arturia Pendragon. I will say this only once, so hear it clearly!”

“””YES SIR!”””

Hearing the men’s answer, Arturia nodded in satisfaction and then continued.

“Maybe some of you are still asking, why are we trained this hard? The answer to that is, I wanted to build an army under me. An army that’s stronger than the Knights of Lugnica. Men, I promise you, that you will become strong.”

The men then looked at Arturia. They were amazed by her speech and were looking at Arturia seriously.

“I don’t understand your feeling, but I know some of you had left your loved one in order to come here. Don’t worry, I won’t forbid you to meet them again. On the contrary, bring them here! You guys are my men, my subordinates. But, more importantly, if we are in war, you guys are my comrade in arms. I will trust you guys with my life, so trust me with your life!”

Arturia’s energy in her speech managed to ignite the men’s spirit. Their fists were clenched behind their hips, they had a smile on their face.

“So men, are you ready for the harsh training?! I will promise you, you will become strong enough to pass Lugnica Knight’s examination right after the training.”


The answer came back louder than the previous one.

“Well then, men. Welcome to my army. I, Arturia Pendragon, will promise you. If I become the King of Lugnica, there will be no more place called Slum. We will reform it, for the better future!”

Arturia raised her right hand to the air while her left hand was still on Excalibur’s handle.

The men raised their right hand right after Arturia and shouted.

”””OUUU!!!! FOR THE FUTURE!!!”””

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