Chapter 46 – Report
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After lunch, the troops were gathered in the field for afternoon training.

Arturia joined them to boost their morale even further, and Felt also joined the training while they were supervised by Merlin who stood on the side of the field.

Right now, they were running while wearing full plate armor. Arturia and Felt were the exceptions, as Arturia wore Lugnica’s knight outfit, and Felt wore her usual clothes.

“C’mon! Shout louder!”

Merlin’s shout could be heard from the side and the troops answered him by shouting.

“””YES SIR!”””

“One two, one two, one two!”

Arturia was the one who led their shout and the troops matched their steps with Arturia’s instruction.

“””One two, one two, one two!”””

Because Felt was trained to be a scout, she went ahead of the troops, even from Arturia. She ran at full speed to build her stamina and agility.

“Ouuuu!!” Felt shouted louder than even the troops as she passed them from behind.

“You guys are slow! Run faster or you will be punished!” Merlin shouted again and the troops began to run faster, they had almost passed Arturia.

Arturia was not running at her full speed, but when she felt the troops get closer to her, she increased her pace to keep her position in front of the troops.

“One two, one two!”


Their running training lasted for an hour before they got tired and collapsed on the ground.

Almost all people in the troops were now collapsed on the ground, leaving only two men who can stand in their legs. Although they were able to stand, they had a rough breath.

They were the mercenaries that Arturia met in the subjugation of Hakugei. Both of them were the ones who were tasked to protect Subaru that day.

Arturia gestured to Merlin and both of them approached the guys.

“Frederick, Ryan. It’s nice to meet you guys again.” Arturia greeted both of them and they saluted to her.

“”It’s an honor!””

They didn’t act like mercenaries now. Instead, they had acted like a Knight. All of that was because of Merlin’s training in the past few days.

“Be at ease. We are on the training ground right now. We are here because we wanted to ask that matter. Do you mind following us to my office?”

Both of them looked at each other for a second before nodding their head. They then looked at me.

“”Yes Sir!””


Now the four of them were in Arturia’s office.

The office had a desk and an extravagant chair behind the desk. There were two couches in front of the desk for the guest to sit on.

Frederick and Ryan stood in front of the desk though, as they were Arturia’s subordinates, not her guest.

Merlin stood behind Arturia and looked at Frederick and Ryan with a smile.

Arturia was sitting on her chair with her elbow on the table. Her hands were joined and she put them near her mouth.

“Can you tell us what happened in the attack against the Sin Archbishops?”

“Yes, I will tell you about it. At first, we are going to the meeting place normally.” Frederick started to tell Arturia the story of their subjugation with a serious face.

Their hands were resting behind their back, and it was a formal report so Merlin took a note of their report behind Arturia in a notebook that he took out from his robe.

“After we arrived at the meeting place, we greeted Natsuki Subaru. He was peculiar and there was a blue-haired maid who accompanied him. My first meeting with Natsuki Subaru was normal and then we were talking about the strategy to hunt the Witch Cultist with the Finest Knight, Julius Juukulius.”

Arturia nodded her head in understanding. So far, the story of Frederick was something that she had guessed.

“The situation was normal at that time. Julius Juukulius suggested to us about evacuating the villagers from the danger and then he will command the troops to kill the Sin Archbishops. Natsuki Subaru also clenched his fist and supported Julius’s idea.”

Frederick continued.

Hearing the strategy, Arturia smiled a little.

“That’s the best strategy at that time, I guess. So the troops finally evacuated the villagers after the strategy meeting?”

Arturia was waiting for Frederick to nod his head. However, he didn’t nod his head but shook it instead.

“No, Milady. After the Finest Knight suggested his strategy, the look of Natsuki Subaru changed. He instantly looked down on the floor with his eyes bulging out, as if he was afraid of something. It was strange because earlier, he happily supported Julius Juukulius’s idea.”

Merlin stopped noting the report and narrowed his eyes. He looked at Arturia and she also narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

“Continue.” Asked Arturia in a serious tone.

“Yes. I didn’t believe my ears at that time, but Natsuki Subaru suddenly shouted and denied the strategy that he supported earlier. He said that it was not going to work and slammed the table that was used for the strategy meeting with both of his hands.”

“What?” Arturia let out a surprised sound.

If he did that, then as she thought.

“Sorry about that. You can continue.”

Frederick gulped his saliva. He was a bit afraid of Arturia after he heard what she did in the subjugation of Hakugei.

When facing her directly, he actually didn’t dare to even look straight in her eyes and just looked at her forehead or nose.

“Natsuki Subaru then proceed to propose a new strategy which was ridiculous. He said we need to kill all of the Witch Cultists first before we took out the Sin Archbishop. His eyes at that time radiated a strong will, and he strongly said that only Julius Juukulius could kill the Sin Archbishop. He didn’t tell us his reason, but we reluctantly followed the strategy because it didn’t really different from the previously suggested strategy.”

Frederick paused a little and then Ryan continued his story.

“I was the one who accompanied Natsuk Subaru at that time. We met the Sin Archbishop of Sloth with Julius Juukulius. The Sin Archbishop was strong, and he was crazy. His name was Betelgeuse Romanee-Conti. Something strange happened again when we were facing the Sin Archbishop.”

“Tell me about it.”

Ryan nodded his head and then he said seriously.

“Betelgeuse had a strange ability. His ability was called Invisible Hands, and it was a dangerous ability that cannot be seen by Naked Eyes. He said that only the loved one could see the hands, and Natsuki Subaru definitely could see Betelgeuse’s invisible hands.”

Arturia’s eyes narrowed even further. She then looked at Merlin and saw him nod his head.

“I will look over him, My King.”

“I am counting on you, Merlin. Be careful though, he’s still mysterious.”

“Of course, My King.”

Arturia then looked at Frederick and Ryan. She lowered her hands and smiled at them.

“That’s enough, you may leave. Get a good rest and keep your training tomorrow.”

Frederick and Ryan were confused, but they saluted at Arturia and then answered.

“”Yes Sir!””

They turned around and exited the office, leaving Arturia with Merlin.

“Then My King, I will call Sir Reinhard. I will not be able to accompany you for a few days to observe Natsuki Subaru.”

“Yes, Merlin. Once again, be careful.”

Merlin smiled at Arturia before disappearing, leaving petals of pink flowers behind.

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