Ch. 2.5 Memory Stone recording
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Sis and Orith



Sis and orith selected.

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"Is this recording? Ah, now it is. To my friend Orith and sis Teyla, how have you two been doing? I heard that sis was pregnant congrats! I hope the baby will be born safely, I'm not really sure if I'll be there to see her since I'll probably be away but I'll send memory stones to record your kid when she's growing up and I'll probably give her a gift once she's of age, I wish you could probably name her after me! Wait, I almost forgot I finally got in the Hunter guild, they said that I got the name 'Blood Moon Wolf' probably cause of my red hair and color of my clothes. I finally fulfilled our promise before you retired."

Recording ends

To avoid confusion, Teyla when marrying Orith changed her surname to Aventgard hence the "sis" part it isn't a representation of sisterhood since they are actual sisters