Ch. 3 A sudden revelation
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"The person in the recording was the hunter 'Blood Moon Wolf', mom and dad told me about her when I was a kid; they told me she was a strong and kind hearted person with blood red hair." Fryn says to herself. "Who could have guessed that she was my aunt but then again mom and dad told me they were once high ranked adventurers before they settled down."

Fryn wondered why she was given these things and what the notes meant.

"I should probably eat." She said with a growling stomach.

As Fryn walks down the stairs she sees the hooded man walking into the tavern.

"What a coincidence that you're also here" The hooded man said with an annoyed tone.

"Why does it matter to you anyway?" Fryn tells to the hooded man when going to the front door.

"It matters to me since you have the name and look of your dear aunt" The man tells Fryn.

"I haven't even met my own aunt. Who are you anyways?" She asks.

"My name is Bizulth, a hunter and a man much older than you." The man answers.

"Well mister Bizulth can you move out of the way since you're blocking the door" Fryn tells to Bizulth.

"Why so?" Bizulth questions her.

"Well you're blocking my way and others behind you." Fryn answers.

"There's no one that can enter this place without being either a vip or strong." Bizulth tells Fryn.

"Wait if that's the case how did I enter?" Fryn questions Bizulth.

"Since you're the daughter of Teyla and Orith, whom are recognized as the hunters 'King and Queen of True Demise' it makes sense that you can go through the magic barrier."

Fryn wondered if the things Bizulth said about her being strong and being the daughter of two hunters was true. When suddenly the doors open to four people all wearing golden dog tags.

The one in front seems to be the leader, a man with black hair wearing a Lagiria1A type of material that is harder than steel and improves magic control, it has a bluish tint breastplate, steel shin guards and boots, and a sword in its sheath on his left hip; the one behind him was girl with blue hair holding a staff with a claw with a floating orb on the top end, she's wearing a leather coat with some type of runes and leather boots also with some type of runes.; the third one beside the magician girl was a tall person wearing a helmet covering his head, a full plate armor made with Lagiria, and a sword and shield on his back; the fourth one was a woman behind all of them, she's wearing some pieces of leather armor, she's carrying a Styrith scepter2A gun shaped weapon that uses mana as a bullet. There are various models that uses different amounts of mana with various degrees of effectiveness with a long barrel on her back with a shoulder strap, she's also carrying a small Styrith scepter with a large barrel on her holster.

Bizulth almost instantly disappears, avoiding the group.