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 In the familiar darkness, the memory of the outside world remains as the light for him. Chewing the tough bread in his mouth, Ichiji smiled.

Doctor Garaki was not happy with his destruction, but Ichiji didn't mind it. He may call him father, but he never treats him like one. Plus Doctor Garaki can't stay mad at him for long anyway.

Ichiji doesn't understand a lot of things. Knowing how to read and speak but blissfully unaware of the outside world or its common sense. He lived purely on instinct, with his only sort of logic or personality being to not kill unnecessary, contradicting his purpose of existence.

Finishing his last slice of bread, he went back to re-reading his book. It was his only source of entertainment, but it's entertaining enough.

"Civilization, eh?"

Gazing at the many rectangular drawings, Ichiji sighed. He's yet to find any sign of existence, and today's location had the same result.

He suddenly looks up in full alert.

It's too late at night for someone to be awake. 

2 seconds went by when footsteps can be heard echoing down the hallway.

Ichiji was at ease.

The footsteps were too heavy to be from Doctor Garaki, but it's still recognizable. It's been a while since he met him.

"Hello again, Ichiji."

Ichiji smiled looking at the black fog with glowing eyes through the hole in the door. He got up, open the door and look down at the fog with a metal collar.

"Bit too late for a visit eh, Kurogiri?"

Kurogiri, in his suit, ignores Ichiji's rease and start walking, signalling with his hand to follow him. Ichiji got questions, but decide to wait for his explanation and just enjoy the quiet.

Past the row of empty rooms. Past a rotting rats body. And past the graffiti on the walls. Kurogiri leads to a small room. A room that was mostly used to warp out.

"You got a mission."

Interest piqued. Mission was an interesting word for Ichiji. It was always mentioned by his 'father' that he will do a ton of those in the future, but he believes Ichiji's not ready yet.

"From who and what?"

"Just know you will be backing up someone. So get ready to attack."

Kurogiri answered as a warp gate began to form from his body. Ichiji began stretching his body and cracked his neck, feeling the heat in his body rising.

"Does father know?"

"Don't worry, Doctor Garaki is more than aware."

"Alright then."

Ichiji muttered and took a step through the gate.


Ichiji observes his surrounding with excitement. It was the things he has been looking for. The rectangular drawing a reality. It is,


His eyes wander everywhere with curiosity. And found himself disappointed. The place was narrow, with trash visible everywhere. And the smell smells similar to his 'home'. There's still the oh so familiar graffitis on the wall. There are buildings, but it's in worse condition, with plants invading the walls and cracks here and there.

"How disappointing."

"It's an alleyway, what do you expect?"


"And please put on this mask, they shall be here soon."

Kurogiri passed a gas mask to ichiji, in which he observed it in detail before trying it on, failing a couple of time. While wearing it he mentioned,

"You know this thing is going to break when I transform."

"It's fine, it's only to cover your human face, when we escape, just don't revert back and remain as a Nomu."


Ichiji stops his sentence and looks forward in full alert. Kurogiri didn't doubt his instinct and prepare himself too.

'2 or 3...no 3....and 1 more behind?'

Soon 2 men and 1 woman ran toward them in hope. But despair fills their eyes when they see their backups is only two people. One in a suit and one in raggedy clothes. Cursing under their breathe as a presence is hot on their tail.

A man in regular with a green trench with a simple black mask tie on his head was chasing behind them. He was suspicious of the trio when he was doing his patrol and give chase. Seems like he was correct as the trio had just kidnapped a child with a powerful quirk.

He was concerned as he found them running toward a dead-end which reveal to have two more accomplices. But he'll punch first and question later. He can reach one of them already.

Brass knuckle ready, he grabbed the collar of one of the men in the trio, and was about to punch when he heard an explosion. And he suddenly saw black.


In his office Doctor Garaki was sweating in worry as he spoke to the caller on his computer. Johnny can be seen rolling around with another abomination behind him.

"Master, don't you think it's a bit of a waste to use him?"

"I have my reasons, and you should understand them."

A deep voice came from the computer. Even through the computer anyone would have been paralyzed and soaked in sweat from hearing the voice, even if the person, respect and look up to the voice.

"He was your first creation, and I'm just putting him to the test."

"Master, but he's more than capable. He's probably the strongest, second to you and could destroy every pest in your way."

"I don't doubt that, but he has a conscience like kurogiri. I just want to see his loyalty."


"After all, you also put a part of him in him too."

Doctor Garaki understand immediately. Making Ichiji was a complex experiment. Mixing in DNAs and bodies from multiple people, even All for One himself. Of course, out of fear, Doctor Garaki that Ichiji is still at least inferior to All for One.

However, there is one key difference between the both of them.

"As far as I've noticed, he has no personality similar to that man, he even treats me as his father. The only thing he receives from him is his quirk."

"We will see, depending on his actions, he could be a key role in my plans. At best, he will be as loyal as Kurogiri with my strength. If not we can manipulate him or show him who is he under. At worst, I will get rid of him myself."