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After his laughing fit, Ichiji pat Kurogiri to stop dragging and got up himself. Noticing that they stop before a set of stairs goes down. He cough to get a hold of himself and express the curiosity that he has been holding.

"So what are we doing?"

"Remember yesterday?"

"As clear as day."

"The reason why we're backing those pawns up is that they got a wonderful treasure for Sensei."

"Hoh, go on."

"It is a child with a wonderful quirk."


His voice echoed throughout the empty warehouse, alerting everyone within. Ichiji ignored Kurogiri's stare and continue.

"So what? Are you going to convince him to join our side? Or are we-"

Ichiji took a deep breath before finishing his sentence with dread, 

"Going to kill him and make him one of us?"

The silence was not a comforting answer. Ichiji's stoic face nearly break into dread as he stares into a lifeless pair of glowing eyes. Kurogiri break contact and went on ahead.

"Oh, Ichiji, killing kids just to revive them back for their quirk? We have standards."

Ichiji keep his mouth shut and keep his question within. Walking down the stairs in silence, they heard sobbings. Ichiji's heart sank.

It took every control in his body to prevent himself from speeding up or clenching his fist. Reaching down, they see a door. Kurogiri reach into his pocket and took a key, unlocking the door.

As he pulls the door, hot air confronts both of them, though it doesn't matter as both Nomus are not affected by such temperatures.

"Stay..*hic* Stay back!"

A kid with crazy red hair was holding his hands toward them with a mixture of snot, sweat and tears running down his pale face.

"Quite a brave one."

Kurogiri compliment while clapping approaching the kid with no fear. The kids wavered, step back and lean on the wall with fear in his eyes, stinging Ichiji. But despite that, to his surprise, the kid dares to talk back.

"All Might will get you, bad guys!"

Kurogiri flinched and stopped, quickly noted by Ichiji. 

All Might, the good guy? Must be a big threat too.'

"Well, unfortunately, he won't be here to save you."

Kurogiri creates a warp gate, and a shoe steps forward, putting everyone in the whole building under pressure. The trio above ground was on even high alert now, packing up and was prepared to escape. Ichiji for the first time felt weak and instinctively know who this 'Sensei', who this 'Master', who he was based on.

The man whose identity was still unknown was mentioned by the kid,

"All for One."

The poor kid was on his hind, his tears on full burst.

"Seems like you did your homework."

His voice increases the pressure tenfold to those who heard. As his full-body was finally shown. A man in a suit, with a gas mask on his bald and featureless face walk with a sense of majesty.


"Shokazi Kazuki, Quirk is Weather Power, having a different set of abilities depending on the weather: Fire on Sunny Days, Water on Rainy Days, Wind on Windy Days, Lightning during a Thunderstorm.

Due to its overwhelming power, it is very stressful on the body hence at most, he can make hot air, a water gun, a gust, or a weak zap."


All for One grunted in amusement as he walk toward the shivering child. Raising his right hand. Ichiji face finally broke, frowning and tightening his eyebrow and was about to step forward, when his voice boomed.

"Don't move!"

Ichiji has no idea whether it was referring to Kazuki or him but it worked, as both of them froze. Only when All for One's right hand palm his head did reality sit in as Kazuki scream in terror. Ichiji gritted his teeth and looked away.

Once the moment pass, the kid slumped. All for One stand in front of the kid quietly, before summoning Ichiji.


Ichiji flinched slightly and walk quickly toward All for One as the fresh dream remind him again and again,


"I want you to hold the power for me until I recover."

His head was held by All for One's left hand and he start feeling pain in his body. Something was entering him, the quirk Weather Power.

After he was released, Ichiji sighed in relief before the hand hold his head again. This time pushing him down.

He felt the ground beneath his feet crack and kneeled. His heart beats fast as he listens to All for One.

"Remember you work under me. If you ever think you're powerful, remember who is superior to you, remember who is above you. Don't you dare betray me."

Ichiji felt fear spread around his body and looked at his stitched arms.

Danger. Evil. Hatred.

Slowly bits of memories related to All for One appear in his head.

It's clear now, All for One is his number threat and enemy. That's what his instinct told him. He felt every single feeling his previous owners felt toward All for One, Pride, Fear but the strongest of them all, Deep Hatred.

'To be afraid, of him! How shameful!'

Every single cell in his body refused to feel fear. Not a single swear dare come out of his body.

But he still understood, for now, he must play along.



All for One finally back off, allowing Ichiji to get up. All for One was not down yet though.

"As a sign of loyalty, can you please kill the kid?"


"Can't have any witnesses now can we?"

All for One replied teasingly, his sadism showed.

Ichiji gritted his teeth and looked at the pitiful kid. Then back at him, waiting.

'What to do? What to do?'

Suddenly he hears a voice in his head. The familiar voice of his parent, shouting.

'Use my Quirk! Activate it! Trust me!'

Ichiji was surprised. The voice that always seems to right advice and guidance had just asked him to kill a child with his quirk!

"Go on then, kill him."

His thought was interrupted by All for One. Seeing at All for One looking all amused, for the first time, Ichiji felt unrestrained anger behind his emotionless face but he control it.

"Just give me a moment, killing a child and a man is two different things. It would be killing Johnny or Mocha."

"Hmm I see but you should get used to it, you will be killing more in the future."


Ichiji looked sadly at the child. Apologizing profusely in his heart, while it tore apart. He looked at his hand and looked at All for One before activating again. 

I will play with you for now. You, the monster in human skin. Me, the human in monster skin.'

As black whip came out of his hand


Original User: Daigoro Banjo

Known User: Daigoro Banjo, Ichiji

Description: Blackwhip grants the user the ability to produce energy tendrils from any part of their body and command them at will. These tendrils are black in colouration with a glowing light teal outline.]