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Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

"Hey, you're okay?"

"Don't mind me, just continue playing your card game."

Shuyo shrugged at Ichiji's answer and continue playing cards with his siblings. Shujinko and Kihon keep their mouth shut and try to ignore Ichiji. Their hearts were still racing and were playing cards to calm down.

People relieve their stress in various manners. The Shounenka sibling relieves themselves by playing cards, distracting themselves with games. Some release it through violence, like boxing. Guess where Ichiji fell at?

Ichiji had beaten up a couple of trees and is currently stomping on one.

'It was a close call.'

Ichiji remembered how he lack control of Blackwhip as it move fiercely and wildly. But it was actually a blessing as it acted as a signal for someone to come after them, though Ichiji doesn't know who came, at least he didn't kill the kid. Maybe the kid will survive.


1 hour ago,

Toshinori was cheering on his successor as he tried to move a fridge. He was going to clean a dump that used to be a beach a training for his body.

"Go! Young Midoriya! You carried me on a tire yesterday! This is nothing!"

The scrawny green-haired boy, Izuku Midoriya complain aloud as he tried pushing the fridge to its side instead of carrying it.

"But you are light All Might."

"If you can complain, you still got the strength to move it! *blegh*"

Toshinori snapped back and puke out blood again. Quietly wiping the blood off his face, he subconsciously touched his injury. Time is tight. The news he received earlier was proof. Looking at the boy moving the fridge inches by inches, Toshinori hoped that Midoriya will end All for One once and for all.

He suddenly felt a tugging his heart. Looking toward a direction away from the ocean. He was looking among the trees and within its shadows, was a pair of eyes. A dark silhouette begins to form beckoning him. He doesn't know where it comes from, but Toshinori knows to follow him immediately.

"Young Midoriya! I need to run off for a bit!"


Toshinori get into his muscle form and begin running, and jumped. Leaving Midoriya mouth agape behind. Eventually, he went into an understanding nod as he thought,

'Must be something to do with yesterday's incident.'

Now back to All Might, He ran across the buildings, following the shadow man. It was the first time he saw it, but he felt no fear but a sense of familiarity with it.

It leads him to a warehouse, in which he rushed in immediately. He met no one. No villains. No victims. Not a single person.

All Might then noticed stairs heading down and when he followed it, he found a room which he smashed immediately. He found a kid. He recognised it as the kidnapped kid. But there's something more concerning, it was his condition.

He hopes he is wrong, but he recognised it so easily. The state of immobilization, the feeling of weakness in the kid body.

"His quirk has been stolen."


A few minutes before All Might came, Ichiji release Blackwhip in which it behave wildly. He was actually having difficulty controlling the Quirk. And he can hear All for One muttering on the side,

"They're like roaches. Even in death, they refuse to make things easy."

The thing is, Ichiji usually has control over it, this time was an exception. So he was confused a while before regaining control unnaturally.

Looking at his calm whips, he turns back to the unconscious child. Hesitating and frowning.

He suddenly snapped up. Kurogiri notice his behaviour and quickly created a warp, being questionly gaze by All for One. It was answered by Ichiji.

"Something powerful is coming."

All for One then understood and went into Kurogiri's warp, talking aloud,

"It's too soon."

Ichiji look at Kurogiri's warp and asked about the siblings upstairs. In which Kurogiri reply neutrally,

"They're pawns, they're meant to be used."

Ichiji ran past Kurogiri and shouted toward the trio,

"We need to go!"

His voice surprising them, they went into disarray. They were trying to pick up their cards, but Ichiji could feel it coming closer. So out of desperation, he created a warp under them and jumped through it himself.

You see Ichiji's warp is different from Johnny's and Kurogiri's. Maybe because they were built for that Quirk, they can go anywhere as long as they know the general location. While Ichiji can only warp to the places he's been to. And the further the location, the longer it will take to create it. And since he created it immediately, it automatically went into yesterday's alleyway.

And here's the problem, that place was where the battle took place yesterday, so naturally, it has become the main investigation location.

The moment they arrive, the trio land on their butt while Ichiji is on his knees, heads down. The next they heard, was multiple gun clocking and multiple footsteps and the usual,

"Stop where you are!"

The siblings quickly showed their back to them to hide their faces and raise their hands in surrender. Ichiji didn't know what was going on but instinctively freeze and covered his face.

It was a deadlock. They can hear the police talking among themselves and asking for backup, then they hear this.

"Show us your face, or we will shoot!"

The police in the Hero society are mainly used for investigation purposes or to transfer criminals. Their Quirks are usually not the best battle wise, so the best they can do, is identify them and leave the arresting to Heroes.

Ichiji and the others remain rooted.

The police quickly request again. Still, they didn't move. The siblings didn't move as they were trying to remember yesterday's alleyway to see a way out and also to wait for Ichiji's movement. After reaching the dead end, their only hope is in Ichiji's transformation and kindness to help them.

And they were right to hope that, as Ichiji was focusing the heat in his body as it start to envelop him.

The trio didn't know how long Ichiji will take so they were planning to buy time. Looking at each other, the brothers look at their little sister nudging her. She nodded and shouted,



The twins giggled.



Fire erupts from Ichiji creating an explosion, as smoke clouds appeared shocking the police. Ichiji grabbed Shuyo and Kihon with his hand and bit the clothing of Shujinko. And he jumped off. Running in a random direction.

The Police were dumbstruck looking at the back of Ichiji as one of them radioed,

"I think we found the Monster."


And here they are now, Ichiji ended up running toward the mountain forest. Still, in his Nomu form, Ichiji started nibbling on a fallen tree. That was the most stressful moment in his short life.

"Say uh Ichiji why don't you just relax and play card with us?"



The deer skull shifted and stare at the trio frightening poor Kihon.

"Cards? How?"

"Uh, we'll teach you if you stop looking like that."

Said Shujinko. Ichiji nodded his skull head and return back to his normal form with his upper body exposed. It shocked the siblings bringing out a question from Shuyo.

"What happened to you?!"

Ichiji's torso was muscular but with a lot of stitches, so it seems fake. There were a clear difference in colour from his skins.

"What? Do you mind it?"

Ichiji asked and sat on the space created by the three for him.

"No, it's just freaky."

Said Shuyo, earning a nod from the other two. Shujinko shuffle the card while explaining the game of 'Go Fish!' and handing Ichiji five cards. Holding his card awkwardly, Shuyo decides to start it off.

Ichiji quickly forget about the events and were engrossed in the game. While playing, he let out a relaxed sigh that misunderstood the twin, thinking that he was about to get another set.

Kihon was attentive enough to ask albeit afraid.

"Stressful day, huh?"

"Hm? Yeah, yeah."

Don't know where she got the courage from, Kihon asked,

"Want to tell us about it? It'll make you feel better."

"Does it?"

"It does. It will be like a weight off your shoulder. But if you don't want to, it's fine."

"Why wouldn't I?"



There was an awkward silence for a while as they continue their game. All three Shounenka noted that Ichiji was a bit strange and was more stressed than the three of them combined.

"I was close to killing a kid."

Ichiji suddenly spoke up. They freeze and looked at him with grave expressions. With Shujinko the one asking,

"Did you?"

"No. Luckily."

A sense of relief and question arise up as they looked at the monster beside them in wonder.

"Why luckily?"

Shuyo this time asked. 

 "Didn't sit well with me, there was like pain and heaviness in my heart."



"! You were feeling guilt?!"

Ichiji looked up at their shocked face and narrowed his eyebrow, almost growling,

"What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing! We-"
"Just thought it-"
"Was something you're used to."

Ichiji widened his eyes and looked at the siblings with shock. The three of them looked away, fidgeting and muttered at the same time,

"We thought you were like one of the vices leaders."

"I hope not."

"So you're a good guy?!"

Exclaimed Shuyo. Followed by Kihon,

"Then why are you with them?"

"Uh, you see,"

Scratching his head, Ichiji begins explaining his circumstances. He doesn't know why he let his guard down easily, maybe because of the card game or maybe they were in the same boat a few minutes ago. But he didn't hide a lot from them.

Their faces turns pale as they looked at each other. Dead bodies combined together to create monsters, but their biggest concern was,

"Are you even you?"

"I..I don't know?"

Shuyo and Kihon pat his back, forgetting their card games. Shujinko looks at Ichiji, reading him. Before taking a deep breath and beginning telling their story.


Hope you don't mind the long convo