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Ichiji shooked his head.

He felt like he was able to read them perfectly. Of course, there is a possibility that they, same as him, can hide their true expression.

But he's about 90% sure about them when he remembered them fainting when he transforms. They weren't veterans like the one he met, All for One, Kurogiri, and lastly his 'Father'.

And with how shaky they were, it's safe to assume they are shallow into the underworld. Limiting themselves to only robberies. Then who else could it be?

Sitting on the bed, Ichiji watched Johnny wrestling with Mocha. Adorable in his eyes. Unease intrudes its way into his heart, as a thought in the back of his head surface.

'All for One, he's playing with us.'

It wasn't a good thought to have as it set paranoia into him. But was also a very safe assumption when he failed to prove his loyalty.

He looked at his new phone, very reluctant to use it. Would it cause suspicion if he didn't use it?

He even began suspecting the two smaller Nomus but shake it off confidently. Because they're completely instinctual, like animals and he can be considered the Alpha.

In fact, most Nomus, other than Kurogiri would be loyal to him.

Looking at Johnny's tail of wire. Ichiji thinks if it is possible if there's a chip in him, but deny it as he explodes in heat to transform.

But one thing is very clear, they need more help, preferably from outside.


In the dead of night, Johnny and Mocha waddled into the office of Doctor Garaki. Doctor Garaki was working on another Nomu. As soon as he notices them, he stopped and spin around on his chair.

He pats his lap, and Johnny jumps on immediately.

"That Boy is asleep now, huh?"

Receiving dead stares as his answer. He spoke his thought aloud, to no one in particular.

"Ah, Ichiji, I thought I raised you well and will be like Kurogiri. I guess I was wrong. It's that pest's fault again.

Ahhhh, I'm so tempted to just put you down, Ichiji. How dare you, really? But you'll learn as if it would matter."

Johnny and Mocha suddenly act restlessly. Mocha walks back and forth in front of the door while Johnny jumps off his lap and onto the table which has parts of the new Nomu.

He misunderstood them as being curious about their new brother.

He smiled happily and pick up a chip from his drawer, and stuff it into a fresh loaf of bread, Ichiji's breakfast for tomorrow.

Making his way to Ichiji's room. He looked at Ichiji's sleeping body disapprovingly as he squished the bread through the hole.

'He's no son of mine.'


In another place at the same time, in a park were the Shounenka sibling, still awake. After Kihon alert them on her speculation, they plan to head ahead against the doom that will be coming for them.

They were ready to die.

They were on full alert, sipping cans of coffee they got from a vending machine, of course destroying it in the process. So right now, they have a black bag filled with cans.

They only hear the crickets but did not lose focus. The situation was so stressful, they couldn't even play cards.

They were camping around a set of a bench and table.

They've stayed at the same place for a few hours yet their defence was never lax once.

Soon a black figure was running toward them. The figure was huge and intimidating, but the trio still prepare them for a battle. And when they recognise it, they were even more aggressive.

"So you're going to kill us too, huh Ichiji!"

Bellowed Shujinko, raising his fist, ready for the fight of his life, with his brother and sister backing him up. On the contrary, Ichiji turn back into his human form and raised his arm in surrender, raising their eyebrow.

Keeping his mouth shut, Ichiji create the hand sign for a phone and gesture to throw it away. They keep their guard on for a while and gently put their phone a distance away, keeping their back away from Ichiji.

Seeing things are clear, only then did Ichiji speak, beginning with a question,

"I assume we went to the same conclusion?"

He receives no reply, but still continue his explanation on what most likely happened.

"A game, please. There's no one that stupid in the underworld, where you can lose your life so easily. Tell me what kind of omnipotent person he is to have the leisure to play games!?"

Shuyo shouts angrily. Ichiji is stunned and answers with a question.

"Did you not know who you are working for?"

"What are you talking about, it's Mr Kurogiri."

"...were you not aware, that Kurogiri work under All for One."

Mouth agape, their bodies tremble at the mention of the name. Even if offered a trillion dollars, they would still refuse to work under All for One.

That's a line they won't cross. Turn out, they already did.

However, there is still a straw to grab on.

"How can we trust you?"

Shujinko asked, not even raising his fist anymore as he start to believe the facts already. Ichiji quickly reply.

"Don't your Quirks rely on trust and friend or whatever? If I do trust you, shouldn't you all be stronger?"

The twin look at Kihon. Between strength, physical speed and thinking speed, the very latter is the easiest to confirm.

"What's your usual speed?"

"7 seconds."

"Okay, when was World War?"

4 second,

"July 1914"

"Who was the first superHero?"

4 second


Shuyo ask next,

"What's 17,355×4?"



"So I can be trusted?"

"Oh yeah, that too."

The joke flew over his head as Ichiji turn his head to the side, while the other two looked at Shuyo as if they had enough. Shujinko looked at Kihon, and she nodded confirming that it was a real improvement.

Remembering what happened earlier, the trio sighed and swear simultaneously. They realize that they are now in deep trouble for being associated with All for One.

"Oh, we're fucked. We're just Playing toys to that man."

Shujinko grumbled.

And raise the question of how Ichiji found them, to which he points to his nose.

Now that thing settle down, the four sat on a bench and drank some cans in silence. The siblings decide to just leave their phones alone.

"So what now?"

Kihon spoke the question on everyone's mind. Escaping seems harder now that they got caught. Even if they succeed, doesn't mean that they will survive for very long.

Because they can't turn to the Heroes/Government, they also can't just stay in place.

They can't even go out of the country as H.P.S.C is in every part of the world.

"Well, if I learn from history, sometimes it's better to create another group,"
Ichiji suggested.

"Easier said than done, the reason those succeed is that they got power and something to monopolize.

Kihon rejects the idea almost easily. If they do create one, it will be swallowed by others.

"And we can't even escape yet."

Shuyo added on.

Ichiji recognized these problems and tried to think of any historical event that could help. This felt like a rebellion.