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Damian looked at the screen text soon appeared at the top of the screen that said please select a location before fading away, he looked at the map on the screen in front of him as he thought of the best location that looks better. 

cities would be nice, but he preferred a more jungle like environment with small cities for a little detail, so, he chose Africa, east of the Republic of Congo, just two hundred miles north from Mossaka.

Damian moved his mouse towards the location of his choice as he zoomed in on the location and clicked on the map, the screen went dark for two seconds before revealing the world he chose with his main base in the center and a few other units surrounding it, although there was no time where he is, the game clearly showed that it was day time.

like all other strategy games the camera is situated at an birds eye view, just like the strategy games back on earth, however the layout of the game was very much different, almost too complicated, but then again, Damian was no fool, so he explored.


[ Menu ] [ Code ] 


[ Upgrades ]


 Press [ P ] to [ Pause ] or [Play ]


Press [ A ] for    Press [ S ] for   Press [ G ] for  Press [ H ] for   Press [ P ] for    

[ Attack Move ] [ Auto Attack ] [ Hold Ground ] [ Hold Fire ] [ Patrol Ground ]



[ O ] [ O ] [ O ]

[ O ] [ O ] [ O ]

[ O ] [ O ] [ O ]

[ O ] [ O ] [ O ]



==================================== [ Power////////////////////////////////////    Normal [ - ]      ]

====================================[ Resources [ Iron ----- ] [ Currency ----- ] [ Materials ----- ] [ Minerals ----- ]      ]


[ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ]

[ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ]

[ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ]


[ O ]    [ O ]    [ O ]    [ O ]    [ O ]    [ O ]                                  [ O ] [ O ] [ O ] [ O ]


the layout of the game was rather simple for starters, you had power, resources and the map at the bottom, and a whole ton of buildings to build at the bottom, and other, buttons for teams at the right, but for some reason Damian felt that this will be to complicated, little did he know that the game that he's playing will become a whole lot more interesting.

the top had a button for upgrading, the name says it all, and on the bottom of it was two buttons that says pause and play and other buttons below them, the instructions were already in his face so he knew what they meant.

on his screen he had two builder bots that looks like a half mech and a bulldozer combined, it had two drills on its sides and a crane on the back while its front had an excavator, it also had an turret on top and it had tank tracks for wheels and was also heavily armored, his main base was also located next to the two, it had its natural entrance and had a radio tower on top with multiple satellite dishes always moving as time passes.

the HQ or the base seem to also have a parking space large enough to fit both the bulldozer and the transport vehicles and other vehicle units that he will soon discover later on.

next to them were four Soldiers, foot soldiers if you will, however they seem to be equipped with a rocket launcher and a heavy machine gun, they were also equipped with a large metal bag and were cladded in full iron armor, so Damian thought that they were actually all purpose units, he also noticed that they had two arrows that pointed upwards next to their names, they were called [ ASF-Infantry ^^ ] which stand for All Purpose Special Forces-Infantry after he moved the cursor on top of the name.

damn... that's one sick name... Damian thought to himself as he looked around to see well detailed trees and even the dirt and grass and tiny rocks on the ground despite the camera being nearly a mile away from the ground.

one thing Damian also noticed is that everything looked too realistic, sure it is impressive but even the buildings and units themselves are as clear as day, the building are far larger than the units, the doors are actually larger and can fit the soldiers that were next to it, even the insects and animals that live in the area were there.

that was it, Damian was sold, this is what he ever wanted from a game, realistic, great graphics, good idle and moving animations, everything was perfect, he smiled as his joy was overflowing, and even to the point that he had to shed a tear as it slowly moved down towards his cheek, and we all know how that feels don't we?

Damian soon clicked on the bulldozer, and as soon as he clicked on the bulldozer it made a power up noise as the sixty buttons for building on the bottom of his screen became a bit brighter, Damian became surprised as he didn't even know that the buttons were locked, he quickly calmed down as he moved the cursor above the generator and pressed it.

Damian then moved the cursor next to the HQ as the outline and faded building followed before he clicked on the empty land as the builder moved towards the construction site while the health of the generator slowly filled up as the builder did its magic making the generator somehow slowly rise up from the ground while he watched.

funny... I guess some things never actually change, Damian thought to himself as the construction soon finished while the builder quickly backed away and spoke in a robotic voice.

ATCV: construction finished General!

Damian: wow, I'm a general? sweet, seems to sort of makes sense since I'm the boss anyway...

the construction was finished, at the cost of a few iron though, Damian was content, he then moved his camera towards the other parts of the map, but as he looked towards the map on the down left cornet of the screen he soon realized how large the map was, there was only a single dot on his map which represented where his camera was, and low and behold, the map showed the entire landmass of the African continent as well as the water that surrounded it.

well, crap, Damian thought to himself as he quickly returned his camera back towards his base as he calmly explored the game mechanics while building up his base as it slowly grew and grew, but due to his lack of knowledge that this was actually earth, America, Russia, the UK, Japan, and India, soon noticed the presence of the amassing base that he built, with Russia being the first while the rest will soon follow and soon the world.


Russia, Moskva, the Grand Kremlin Palace, the President's office.

President Dimitri sat in his office as he reviews the papers for approval for the new solar power project, the night was getting darker as his head felt extremely dizzy, he took the cup from his desk as he drank the coffee contained within.

nothing made him more dizzy than pile of papers on his desk that he has to look carefully and pay close attention to, Dimitri had to read each single one of the papers to know what they were for before he signs and approves them, each and every one.

this is torture... Dimitri thought to himself, as two hours passed by Dimitri was nearly finished as he read and finally signed and approved the last of the towering papers, he placed the last piece of paper on top of the pile of papers as he sighed and rested his head on the chair as he laid back and rested his entire body.

President-Dimitri: damn these papers, their a bane to any presidents existence...

as he slowly fell asleep somehow his body automatically woke up as his eyes opened wide, he slowly sat straight as he looked around to find out that it was day time, his body was also in good shape, he never felt this alive since last year, he looked at his desk to find no papers whatsoever, not a single one.

he smiled as he got up from his seat and straightened his tie.

President-Dimitri: I think Ill go for a walk.

Dimitri smiled as he looked towards the door in front of him, however his luck ran out as fast as he could say, you have got to be kidding me, as the door opened and two figures in military uniform walked inside with serious faces.

Borkov removed his cap from his head as he held it while giving a straight face to Dimitri who was once smiling before now looked like a tired and angry person who looked like he could snap at any moment, Borkov sighed as he soon spoke his president, but before he could, Dimitri raised hand before telling the tw0 to sit as he lowered hand and sat back at his seat.

Dimitri then knew what this meant, he was very much still alive, and very much still awake, the two people in uniform stood in front of him as they both gave salutes before finally talking, the one to his left was the first to talk, he is General Borkov, and to Dimitri's right was the Defense Minister Valenski.

Borkov removed his cap from his head as he held it in his arm along with a folder containing papers while giving a straight face to Dimitri who was once smiling before now looked like a tired and angry person who looked like he could snap at any moment, Borkov sighed as he soon spoke his president, but before he could, Dimitri raised hand before telling the tw0 to sit as he lowered hand and sat back on his seat as the two sat on the two of the three chairs in front of the desk.

General-Borkov: my leader, I've received reports of an unnatural storm that had appeared in Africa just two hours ago...

Borkov placed the folder on the desk in front of him as he opened it revealing pictures of light taken from a satellite and a few more pictures below, Borkov looked at Dimitri in the eyes as he continued to speak before looking back at the folder.

General-Borkov: you need to focus my leader, I believe this will interest you more than signing papers.

Dimitri's mood became a bit brighter as his curiosity took over.

President-Dimtri: you may continue general.

General-Borkov: we believe that this was a cause of an alien presence in the area.

Dimitri slumped back as he rested while he chuckled.

President-Dimitri: aliens? what is this, some sort of joke?

Defense Minister-Valenski: I'm afraid not my leader...

Dimitri looked at his defense minister with a confused looked as Valenski continued to speak while showing a few more pictures taken from the Russian satellites in space.

Defense Minister-Valenski: although we do not know if these are indeed aliens, however the evidence of alien like structures and even what looked like solders are here.

Valenski points at a picture with a small futuristic base along with a few more that showed different parts of the base.

Defense Minister-Valenski: they are amassing an army as we speak.

President-Dimitri: are they hostile?

General-Borkov: unknown my leader...

Dimitri sighs as he slowly massaged his forehead and continued to speak.

President-Dimitri: is the US involved with this?

General-Borkov: no my leader, we have contacted the Americans but none of them know who they are...

Dimitri looks at the picture of an armored soldier as he picks it up before looking back at the two.

President-Dimitri: then send a team to investigate, this just got interesting...

the two stood up from their seats as they saluted their leader before turning to leave the room, Dimitri put the picture back at the desk as he turned towards the picture of him and a mini rocket hanging on a wall during his teenage years.

President-Dimitri: sigh... I guess I have to be more careful for what I wish for...

two hours later, birds flew above the bright cities of the free land, or so many thought, the so called free land was rich in criminal activity like any other nation in the world, people live in poverty and racism was on the rise, not the place that one would actually call free, but a place for those who have money, rules all.

America, Washington DC, the White House, the President's Office.

ironically, President Walter was also busy with signing papers and reviewing them thoroughly, but the difference was not to approve for solar powered projects, but instead for approving or not approving for switching to solar powered cars instead of the gasoline powered cars, this made him quite dizzy.

the value of solar powered cars would have to be lowered for people to be able to purchase one, and electric cars are sure as hell expensive, just look, infinite power, no need for fuel, that scares the people who own fossil fuel industries, car manufacturing companies, and especially the high people who own both of the two.

its either they lower the price for their products in order to prevent people from buying electric cars or face bankruptcy, both are scary, however fossil fuels will eventually run out, and the vehicles who relied on those fuels will soon follow.

and eventually all gas and oil powered products will soon have to be remade to rely on electric power coming from solar panels and other facilities that produce power from an nearly infinite source.

President-Walter: funny, the Russians are nearly beating us to our own game, soon enough America will be the second super power... instead of being the first...

Walter was busy checking the papers on his desk until the telephone next to him rang, the constant rings comin from the telephone annoyed him a bit but not as much as the papers he had to review in front of him.

Walter took a few seconds of break as he looked at the telephone next to him for a moment before answering it as he clicked a button on the telephone and raised the phone next to his ear as he soon spoke.

President-Walter: this is Walter, what is it?

Walter spoke in a bored tone as a familiar voice spoke on the other side.

President-Dimitri: hello Walter, its been a while...

President-Walter: oh Dimitri! how long has it been? four, five months?


although they were from different nations they were actually pretty friendly with each other, even with all the capitalist and communist nonsense, they became friends when they were both at the age of sixteen, though they were separated when they had jobs, but when they reached the peak of their career they were finally reunited.

they were both nervous at first when they didn't know who the person they were meeting since that was their first time, but when they finally met they quickly recognized each other as they quickly made an alliance between the two nations, at first some objected, but upon learning that they were friends people started to support the two leaders, and the huge tension between the two nations were silenced, erased in an instant.

though some greedy fools did not like the two leader on both sides, they were all purged from office, each and every single one of them, and were replaced with more effective and dependable people. and thus the ties between the two nations strengthened even further, the two largest super powers allied with each other meant bad news for the organizations who fed from the war and corruption, so they ran, out from the sight of the two super powers.

without money and support from the two, the organizations disbanded one by one, and thus those organizations simply disappeared, not to be seen ever again, the two leaders rarely chat wit each other since they were both busy with their jobs, although they were honest that does not mean their jobs will get easier.


Walter laid back on his seat while Dimitri quickly replied.

President-Dimitri: four and a half to be exact.

President-Walter: well... it does not matter now, what is it old friend? what do you need?

President-Dimitri: well... its actually complicated...

Walter raised an eyebrow as they both continued to talk to each other.

President-Dimitri: well... its funny really, do you believe in aliens?

Walter became confused as he sat in his seat silently, not knowing that as they speak, our Main Character-Damian, has already amassed his army, over a thousand strong.