October 1993
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The Quicksilver Sphynx
Miscellanea, October 1993
Nick 'Winter

Wow, Samhain's coming fast! Check out the list of Samhain-related events on the back page!

Anybody who missed Exotica's “Wild Hunt” deserves great pity. Covens Winter, Sundark, and Dandelion went together, and afterwards, being forever faithful to my readers, I quizzed them for opinions. Unanimous: Exotica has definitely recovered from “Maeve” and they're back on track. I even tricked... uh, talked Flynn 'Sundark into writing a review of it, it's on page 3. I couldn't have said any of it better myself.

The new coven I mentioned is actual fact. Coven Ailim (that's silver fir, for anyone behind on their Tree Calendar) has been born. Blessed be, cousins, and may you love one another long and well. And may you be only the first of many this coming year.

Eleanor 'Moonstone and Darcy's handfasting went marvellously. I'm supposed to thank whoever did the weather, and will whoever made that sinful chocolate cake kindly step forward and confess? Four covens (at least) would love to get the recipe. We'll run it here, if the guilty party doesn't mind. Other than one of Ambra 'Moonstone's cats deciding she wanted to be cuddled by Eleanor right in the middle of the invocation to the Goddess, all went smoothly. I don't believe I'll ever forget the sight of Eleanor swearing her love to Darcy with a grey and white furball in her arms.

There's going to be a pet show in December, like the one last year, it'll be on the weekend of Dec 4th and 5th, in the Community Hall. There are classes for domestic longhair and shorthair cats, purebred cats, a few classes for dogs including obedience, and a class for exotic pets. Judges will include Samantha, Peter 'Blackbird, and Ilya 'Prism. If you want to register for it, stop in at Sam's, there are forms there to fill out. Like any cat in Haven could give Samantha's Alfari a challenge for domestic longhair if she ever entered!

Gardens grew passably well this year, not as well as last year, but everyone who uses herb-magic should be all right for the winter. There are half a dozen people selling a wide variety of herbs, more details of who has what are up at the White Stag and the other usual places.

Other news, and I'm going to try to keep my anger on a leash while I write this: Coven Whitethorn has pulled their most insane trick yet against Coven Sundark. I won't go into detail, because Sundark asked me not to, but they gained a new friend out of the mess. Mid-to-late teens, male, dark, slender, likes to wear black, his name's Jesse. Take it easy on him if you see him around, he's completely innocent of magic and badly torn up psychically. As for you, Rebecca... give it a break already! What are you trying to prove, anyway?

Historical notes: Lindsay opened Venus Alive, our very own store for the erotic arts, four years ago on the ninth, despite many people telling her Haven is too small to keep such a place open. Also in October, seven years ago the 23rd, Coven Artemisia took over White Stag, everyone's favourite place for all the necessities of ritual and ceremony. And last but far from least, Solomon's Seal, the best bookstore ever, was opened thirty-nine years ago the 25th. October must be a lucky month for opening new businesses! The nineteenth is the birthday of one of our Adepts, but I've been strictly forbidden to tell you which one or how old. I'm sure you can figure it out, you only have two to choose from.

I've been informed that Trista 'Merrymoon will be writing an article for us in November's issue about magic in traditional and historical blacksmithing. Sounds fascinating to me! Since some mages can work soft metals without needing a fire, would a mage blacksmith need a forge at all, I wonder?