Chapter 4: Getting Serious
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Days went by after Lily and Evangeline first met. As far as the latter was aware, Lily wasn’t very close to Chris at all, but she did know about his reputation. For now, she was going to meet up with Selene, who attempted to prevent Chris from knowing about it.

“Oh gosh, it’s been a while, Evangeline!” Selene smiled warmly at her as soon as she entered. “Yes, it has.” “How are things faring over there? I trust that you’re not having any trouble with your budgeting, right?”

Selene’s worries reminded Evangeline of the close relationship they’ve had, ever since she was adopted into the Ainsworth family. “I’m fine, working as a seamstress in general helps.” The fact that she would generally work from home was a good thing in her eyes. As a result, she didn’t have to worry about paying the Ainsworths back if she lived with them, too. She wondered if Selene’s idea of distancing herself from Chris had an effect by now.

“How’s Chris doing lately?” She stated. “Hmm… He tends to lament over you leaving, but it seems like he feels too awkward to message you, unlike before. I suppose he isn’t… the pushy type? He’s always been like that.” Chris’ behaviour didn’t really surprise Evangeline in the slightest, but she was thankful he wasn’t being overbearing. “There’s no change in his feelings?” “Doesn’t look like it, no.” Evangeline frowned, making her discontent slightly obvious.

“I’ll be willing to wait until he falls for me, no matter how long it takes.” “You sure are tenacious, Evangeline~” Selene gently patted her on the back, before the two decided to focus on the food they ordered. After the two finished eating, Selene showed a drawing she made of Chris and Evangeline holding hands that she drew recently.

Over the past several years, Selene had been drawing more and more, getting more skilled with every piece she drew. By this point in time, her colouring changed to a soft-shading type, with her art style improving when it came to anatomy and proportions. “Your art’s improved a lot, Selene.” Evangeline told her, nodding slightly.

“I’m glad you think so, I mainly do this as a hobby since daycare takes a lot out of me, but it’s nice to show people and such!” Selene chimed, clapping her hands.

Times like this were rather refreshing for Evangeline, regardless of how she cut herself off of talking to Chris...

“Hmm, so you’re the infamous rainbow-haired friend of Chris.” Harley confronted Evangeline during her break at university. “I’m pretty sure my hair is the only distinctive thing about me.” She answered. “You say that when you’re also too quiet most of the time.”

Evangeline wasn’t really liking his attitude so far, but she did recognise him as a friend of Chris. “Did you need something?” She asked. “You could say that I wanted to get to know you better.” Harley shrugged his shoulders. “There isn’t anything really interesting about me.” Evangeline answered.

“I wouldn’t say that, you’re the closest to the treasured school idol, after all.” Talking about Chris in this manner didn’t really strike Evangeline’s fancy, especially when she’s attempting to charm him. “I haven’t talked to him in a few years, but I do recall you being a friend of his.” “That’s right, did he tell you about it?” “...Yes, I felt you could take my place.”

“Do you really plan on staying like this forever? I wouldn’t know why you felt this way, but I feel you should be careful in general.” Evangeline was thankful that he didn’t figure out her intentions when it came to her relationship with Chris. “Be careful?” She was reminded of her first meeting with Lily. Could it be possible that the two knew each other? They had a habit of being ominous. For now, she wanted to go with the flow and see what happens.


Selene arrived back at the Ainsworth mansion after her meeting with Evangeline. Chris was spending time in the lounge room, noticing his big sister returning home. “Huh, where were you, Sis?” With a small smile, she made eye contact with him. “Ah, nothing special. Why do you ask?” He tapped his chin a little. “I have a feeling you’ve been meeting up with someone.”

She shrugged her shoulders, thankful that he didn’t figure out completely that she was hanging out with Evangeline. If anything, he might assume that she was with one of her daycare workers. “I really miss Eva…” He stated after, frowning while burying his face in his hands. “It’s been a while since she’s last left us… I’m sure she’ll be fine.”

“It was really nice spending time with her a lot, she’s always been like a sister to me.” Chris added, while Selene frowned a little. It was true that she missed hanging out with her a lot too, but she seemed very determined to win Chris’ heart. She felt that it was a good thing that he wasn’t aware of her feelings either, as who knows what would happen if he rejected Evangeline.

She went over to him and gently patted his head with a slight smile. “I’m sure there’s a chance she might come back soon. She probably needs to handle what her future will be like and what not. You know what you should do before she comes back, Chris?”

Hearing his precious sister dispense advice was a thing he felt that he should listen to importantly. After all, she was considerably wise for her age, which made sense as she was able to act as a tutor as well to many people.

“What should I do then, Sis?”

With a slight smile, she placed her hands onto his shoulders and took a deep breath.

“Why don’t you try and train to become a skilled fighter so you could possibly protect her in the future? That way, even if she gets into situations she doesn’t expect and all, you’ll be able to take care of her. Also…”

A slight smug grin appeared on her face as soon as that sentence ended.

“You could even charm her into being closer than friends if you two reunite~”

Chris wasn’t as aware of what Selene’s intentions were at this point. Right now, all he knew was that Evangeline was like a sister and they were very close together. When Selene mentioned being closer than friends, he assumed she meant best friends.

“Y-You mean like, if I was to be someone like a knight to her, then she might be more willing to hang out with me more?”

Selene found Chris’ naivety by this point to be rather endearing. Since she had heard things about a few dense Caladrians, like Nerisu Himenomiya on Dreilune, Chris actually reminded her of him because they were similarly dense and cheery.

“Sure, you can say that. I feel one day we’ll all become reunited, but it’ll just take some time. I mean, I’d suggest also expanding on your musical knowledge so you could also charm her in that way. I’m sure she’d love to listen to your music as well.”

He looked over at her, doe-eyed with his mouth open as he nodded eagerly.

“I get it now, if that’s the case, I’ll have to make sure I’ll be someone she feels even more comfortable hanging around with!”

“Exactly, that’s the way to go. Just remember that she needs to take her time as well.”

Selene still cheered for Evangeline on after this, she felt that her chemistry with Chris was very obvious and she felt that the two would be a very cute couple. Chris’ energy and Evangeline’s meekness was pretty much the opposites attract sort of thing, but at the moment all that was happening was Chris not realising feelings for just about anyone yet.

Depending on who he interacted with and what would happen with Evangeline, she felt that things might change for them soon.

After the conversation, they went on with their usual days.


“How did it go?” Harley and Lily were having a meeting at a lake. Usually people of their nature would handle this in a more private area, but they thought this might be okay. “She seems like she wants him to fall for her, but her method is pretty odd?” Harley told her. “Not what I meant, but she’ll have to reunite with her parents sooner or later… Maybe she already knows? If so, it looks like she’s keeping it a secret.”

“Keep me updated on how Chris behaves as well, he doesn’t seem to return her feelings, but he might in the future.”

“Her parents are desperate to see her again, we’ll have to let them meet sooner or later.”

“Reuniting a princess with her royal parents… It resembles a heartwarming tale in a snowy town.” He replied. “Keep me updated on how Chris behaves as well, he doesn’t seem to return her feelings but who knows what’ll happen in the future.”

“Got it, let’s meet up again sometime soon this week.” The two nodded, with a shadowy figure peering from one of the buildings at the lake. “Princess Evangeline, huh? What a hoot, I can’t wait until I see her suffer!” The figure soon disappeared, making sure to report their findings to the one they served.