Chapter 5: Royal Unition
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Today was an important day for Evangeline. She was going to have a meeting with Lily and Harley, concerning her status as the princess of Caeldori. The two were going to have a meeting in a few hours, they were hoping everything would go well so they didn’t get in deep trouble with her parents.

After all, if she was found to be dead or something, it wouldn’t be very pretty for either of the pairs. “How do you think she’ll react to this?” Harley asked Lily. “I have no idea whether she’s aware or not, but it wouldn’t be surprising if she was~” He let out a sigh, while Lily smirked a little.

“Have you heard about those guys who are after Evangeline’s role as the heiress? Maybe to get revenge on her parents, something like that.” She changed the subject, to a degree. “Hmm, that explains why her parents consulted us, I guess? If someone were to murder her, they wouldn’t bother having her take over and all. Even if they went after us, I’m pretty sure we can handle a few goons.”

The two entered the white hybrid car and made their way to the area they’d meet Evangeline at.

“True, we could possibly use Chris to our advantage if he gets involved. He’s really skilled with ice magic, isn’t he?”

“He’s… somewhat eager to reunite with Eva, helping them return to getting closer with each other could be a good thing too.” Lily pointed out. “Better drive over to the spot, or else those lackeys could really make a mess if they find out.”


Some of Evangeline’s concerns were starting to surface. She always had a slightly bad feeling about the two bodyguards, but she wondered what they needed to talk to her about. Maybe it was to do with Lily mentioning the future. “It’s a very important matter.” One of the main matters at hand, something she remembered, was why she was abandoned in the river near the Ainsworth estate with distant memories of being the princess of Caeldori.

Could it be something to do with that? She never asked, likely because she felt she wouldn’t get a good answer from either of them. Sooner or later, the pair arrived at their destination spot, a lake, waving casually at her. “Good to know you’re not the tardy type!” Lily flashed a grin at Evangeline. “I doubt many would be.”

“Oh my, what makes you say that, oh quiet one?” She teased. “You said the matter was important.” Lily nodded, with Evangeline slightly narrowing her eyes. “Well, how should we put this… Do you remember much of your past?” Harley inquired. “Not much concerning my parents.”

“That helps! What were your memories with them like?”

“Umm… They called me their precious princess?” Lily’s eyes widened as soon as she heard her. “You’ve known this whole time!?” She exclaimed. “Well, I haven’t really thought about it much since then.” She rubbed the back of her head a little. “Well, that makes things easier! You see, we were sent by your parents, the king and queen of Caeldori, to reunite you with them!”

Evangeline’s eyes shot wide open upon hearing that her parents are still alive. She placed her hands over her mouth and covered it. “M-My parents… they’re alive…” Lily patted Evangeline on the back, with a small smile. “It’s a nice, happy story! Now then, time for us to--” All of a sudden, a few bullets were shot at the three, with Harley activating a water shield.

“Shit, I got them at a bad time!” Yelled the male stranger. The trio entered Harley’s car and sped off, driving around the city in an attempt to divert the stranger from chasing after them. “Lily, use your fire magic against them, I’ll call someone who can help us out!”

“Got it, don’t waste too much time~”

Evangeline felt that her heart almost stopped upon being shot at by the stranger she didn’t recognise at all, while he did on the other hand. “Hand her over, so no one gets hurt!” He shouted. “No way, you just want to use her to negotiate with her parents concerning their status as royalty!” More bullets were being shot using a rifle as the car chase went on, Lily was shooting fireballs while summoning shields so they could all prioritise getting away.

However, the shooter managed to avoid a good deal of Lily’s blasts, to the point where she was trying to make fire blasts appear, which at least managed to decimate the bullets.

“Harley, it looks like he’s not as incompetent as we thought!” Lily told Harley. “Crap, looks like we’ll have to make sure a certain someone gets here soon!” Evangeline wondered who this was. “A certain someone?” She asked. “Uh, yeah. It’s a secret, so--” As soon as Harley replied, Evangeline was nearly hit by a bullet. “I don’t think now is the time…” Suddenly, a bullet was frozen by what appeared to be an ice spell.


Evangeline and Lily looked back at their foe, but in front of them was Chris, blasting ice spells at the antagonist. “E-Eva!?” She turned away as soon as he exclaimed her name, focussing on Harley while annoyed with how awkward the situation was now. “H-Him, of all people?”

“Hey hey, he’s been pretty sad because of how you distanced yourself from him.” Evangeline stayed quiet. “I’ll protect you no matter what, Eva!” Chris yelled as he shot multiple, small icicles along with a large one to freeze the shooter. Afterward, Harley and Lily stopped the car and invited Chris in. “I had no idea you two also knew her. Now it makes sense that she’s the princess of Caeldori, and all.”

She stayed awfully quiet as soon as Chris entered the vehicle. “Well, I think it’d be nice if you two knew her parents. They’re pretty sweet, in reality.” Lily responded. “I’ve… always wanted to meet them again. Thank you.” Evangeline smiled gently with somewhat flushed cheeks, endearing enough to charm certain people. “Does talking to me make you feel that awkward, Eva?”

“I-I… I’d rather not say.” Harley let out a deep sigh, facepalming as well. “Eva, I’m pretty sure that reuniting with Chris will make you feel better, compared to what you’ve been doing for the last few years. However, let’s focus on reuniting yourself with your parents. “O-Okay, understood.” In reality, Evangeline really appreciated how Chris was still fond of her, but she was unable to tell whether he liked her in a romantic or platonic manner.

At the very least, she was now reunited with her parents.


At one point, the group ended up taking a break before arriving at Evangeline’s parents’ house. Lily and Harley were going to give them an update on the situation, given that they had planned accordingly with them about picking Evangeline up and reuniting her with them. The villain who pursued them wasn’t a big surprise, but certainly a pain in the neck.

Lily decided to call the two up on her mobile phone, and they managed to answer rather quickly, since she decided to text them beforehand to tell them about what happened with them and Evangeline… Along with Chris’ unexpected appearance.

“Hello! We managed to pick Evangeline up, some guy ended up chasing us, but thankfully someone helped us out when it came to this!” Lily cheerfully started the call, prompting an audible gasp coming from Evangeline’s mother.

“Oh my, she’s with you two? That’s great! My dear and I are very happy to hear that.” Her mother replied, in the background her father was gently wrapping his arm around his wife, but there’s no way Lily and Harley would be able to tell.

“That’s right! I’m not sure if I should let you two talk to her right now, but… Well, things are a little awkward at the moment, I’d say.” As she finished her sentence, she looked over at the back to see Evangeline and Chris awkwardly sitting together. It would probably be better for her to talk to them in private, or at least without Chris being so close to her. Mainly the latter.

“Is this to do with someone you all know?” Evangeline’s mother questioned, with Lily giving her a quick response.

“Ah, yes. We can talk about it more in person, I’d say? I think you two might be happy about it though, ahaha.”

“That’s perfectly fine. I’ll see you all when you get here, in that case.”

“Of course! See you later!”

Lily ended the call after saying goodbye, looking back over at Chris and Evangeline.

“So… What would you say Eva’s parents are like?” He asked while trying to not look at Evangeline herself.

“Good question. They’re definitely doting and kind, but since they’re also royalty, they give really good pay! That’s one of the awesome parts about working with them.” Lily answered.

“Pretty sure you could’ve answered that question better.” Harley interjected. “They might come off pushy at times, I guess? They really want Evangeline to become the next princess.”

Upon hearing the words relating to her officially becoming royalty, Evangeline wasn’t sure how to feel. So far, she was only used to living by herself lately, but being a princess sounded like a very tough job.

Maybe she would be able to get the hang of it from her parents, but for now, she just wanted to live her life as a university student who is also the type to sew clothing for others. She also had no idea about whether she had powers either.

All this would hopefully be resolved soon, however.


When the large icicle with the villain defrosted, he immediately knew what to do next. “Boss, they got away and they’re reunited now! Damn, what do we do?” The reaction he received was less than stellar, but they were planning what to do next.