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My head hurts like shit, and a baby crying isn't something that's helping!

Urgh.. My eyes are so blurry.


Who's stupid baby is that!?

I tried moving my arm to rub my eyes, but then realized that I couldn't move any of my fucking limbs.

I blinked, once, twice, and three times.



Did they have to kidnap a baby too!?

As I try to understand the situation I'm in, my field of vision began to clear, and I saw a bunch of people cosplaying (?) as maids, they seem to be speaking in another languange.

Where am I? , I asked or rather tried to but it only came up as a


What. The. Fuck.

Don't tell me I'm going to be like one of those cliche reincarnation mangas !!


While our MC (???) was trying to adapt to her new environment, a beautiful woman laid tiredly on a luxurious bed. 

She looked at ??? coldly, and said "She shall be named Alice, until she reaches the age for the naming ceremony."

The maids (??) quickly moved, and put our MC, now temporarily named Alice, into her fancy ass crib.

Alright @#%* stay calm!

Remember doc's advice, breath in, and breath out.

Let's put my thinking hat back on! 

Let's see, last night I was partying with my friends, got passed out drunk, and woke up like this. 


Fuck!? This is really just like every cliche reincarnation manga isn't it!?! 

I didn't get any cheats I understand that, but at least let me understand the fucking language!! 

Argh, Is it just me cause I suddenly feel really tired. 

Fucking babies and they're need to sleep half the day off.....


New author here~, don't expect me to update daily though, I'm doing this as a hobby. But I'll try my best albeit they'll be like this