New Life Sucks
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Why me (QAQ) ! 

I might be a bad person, but I don't think I deserve this !! 

But It's been 5 years already, huh. 

And I still don't understand shit. 

I really should have had paid attention on my language class. 

Well can't really regret something once you've 'died'


Never mind that, but why do I have to learn manners and writing!? 

I'm fucking five!?!? 

Arghhh, this's too different from other isekais!? 

Well at least I'll be not like other 'girl's ( - v -) 

Barf, never mind my rant. 

I'll suppose I need to recollect what I learned from the past 5 years. 

I'm temporarily named Alice, till I'm old enough for my 'naming ceremony'. I'm betting it decides what my name is if it wasn't so obvious. 

Pretty sure it's when I'm 6 ! Which is 1 year away!?!? 

I seem to be in another world, and wait wait before you think 'of course you're in a another world, dumbass! ' I meant another world that's an omegaverse. 

You heard me, fucking omegaverse. The verse where there's all of the horrid smutty fanfic, and don't get me started on all of the BL mangas. 

"Miss Alice"


"Yes Madam Delacour?" That was too fucking close! "How may I be of assistance?" 

"Have you finished your assigned exercises?"

Ah right, I ranted about me learning manners and writing before this right. 

Let me introduce my teacher, well tutor since I seem to be going to an academy when I reach of age, it's 15.

Madam Delacour! 

Why madam you might ask? It's cause I didn't pay attention when she introduced herself. 

She seems to like it, it's either I'm inflating her ego, I'm a good student for paying attention to titles, or she has a teacher-student kink. 

The last one I would not ike to be true. 

"Hah, at least you're much more obedient than my other students, why couldn't everyone of my students be like you"

"Thank you for the praise, Madam Delacour, but I'm only doing the bare minimum so I do not think I deserve it"

Yeah!!!, Fuck the other students! 

Oh right, the info I got from my 5 years of effort (half assed) 

I was (re)born into the Amare household, I seem to be the 2nd child with my older brother being in the academy, never really seen him so his information are just theories. 

He's an Alpha from the gossip I got from the thirsty maids that never seem to shut up about his pecs. 

Then there are my parents. 

Duke Amare, and Duchess Amare. 

I only seen them when I was passing the hallways for my daily walk. 

They're not shit parents, from the contact I got with them. 

They're just like every rich parent ever, give the children tons of things, but never give then quality time. 

Not that I mind though, I don't even know their names. 

Ah, and last but not least me! 

Alice Amare! Well temporarily. With the naming ceremony, and other shit. 

"Miss Alice do you kno-"

Fuck!, I forgot I was still being tutored! 

Fun fact: Madam Delacour is a Beta. 

Also thank you for reading my novel~ I'm a total novice so this keeps my motivation going. There will be some spelling or grammar mistakes with me not being born in Europe