Cause of Disaster
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"Dragons/Demon/Spirits" Dragons or Demons Speaking.

'Dragon/Demon/Spirits thought' Dragons thinking.

"Jutsu/ Magic"


Not Yet

Chapter 32

Cause of Disaster

"Congratulations, guys. You did it. You increased your mastery in your element and moved a step in mastering it," said Naruto clapping in appreciation.

"Now for your gifts," he said, taking all of them out of water and gave them a scroll each. They looked at it indifferently, not knowing what they held.

"Each of them hold your gifts. When you open them is your wish. Enjoy the day off," said Naruto, giving a scroll to Happy as well, and they ate the food that appeared in front of them happily.

They all ate with wide smiles as the achievement of their hard work are still in front of them, not leaving them, mesmerising their minds and filling them with pride and joy.

After the day off, they set to the next part of their jobs, choosing to open their scrolls after they went to Magnolia and continued on the ongoing jobs.

"Where is our journey next?" Asked Gray fully rested and in full health as they enjoyed the day off in the nearby town walking around.

"Well, we are going to the small island where this job came from," said Naruto, gesturing to the request in his hand.

"Is it difficult?" Asked a happy Happy as he is eating a fish.

"At your current level, no. That's why I made you go through all that training," explained Naruto.

"Is it the disaster one?"

"Ya. Let's see which disaster it is," said Naruto as they approached a railway station.

"They asked us to arrive at the North station from here, as they are no railway connections to the Island and one of their men will guide us," explained Naruto and Gray nodded in understanding while Natsu was lost in his dread.

"Let's board," cheered Naruto, pushing Natsu towards the train that was waiting on the platform after taking tickets for all of them.

"Aye sir," said Happy, pulling another fish from his backpack. He must admit, the fishes Naruto gave him are far more delicious than any he ate and became blonde's fan.

Gray was back to his pants as he didn't wear any clothes for the past 15 days and was accustomed to it while Natsu was puking with his normal gear on his back and a pale face.

The train journey went uneventful while all the members are talkative after their successful impromptu training with Naruto. Gray in particular started to open more and discuss ideas about his Ice.

While Natsu was trying his best to fend off the churning sensation he is getting, Naruto decided to help. He put his hand on Pinkett's shoulder as it glowed green.

"There, it will take care of it." Said Naruto, patting Natsu and he was up like a spring.

"Sweet land? How much I missed yo-" said Natsu, almost kissing the wood of the train floor.

"He is at it again," said Gray.

"Huh, where is the land? Why am I in this wretched thing?" Asked a confused Natsu.

"It's because Naruto did something and we are still on our way to the North Station," said a bored Gray.

"Really? Thanks, newbie. Now I can enjoy the journey," said Natsu as he started to roam across the moving cart, a luxury he never had. Happy observed something but didn't point it out in fear of missing his fishies.

Sirius was going through the attacks they created when they completed their training and the impact they had on the monster.

'They are amazing. I didn't see 4 elements working together like that,' he thought, replaying the sensation he felt when their attacks combined.

It was so rich in magic, he can still imagine the bright colours he saw when his Dōjutsu unconsciously activated and imprinted it in his mind.

Naruto observed Sirius's space outs but didn't disturb as he saw the serene smile on his son's face.

'They all improved a lot. After this job, I'll take them on the S-class job I promised,' he thought to himself, enjoying the journey.

Training them gave him great satisfaction and seeing their growth made him proud. Though he didn't train them much, he is satisfied with what he accomplished in 15 days. With a happy mode, their journey continued to the North Station.

At North Station

After a few hours on the train, they reached North Station in high spirits and Naruto sensed something wrong in the area immediately.

As soon as they stepped out of the station, a large gust of wind swept past them clearing a few shops in the process. Naruto was in front of the group, ready to shield them if something happens.

"Are you the mages from Fairy Tail?" Asked a person waiting by the side of the road and Naruto turned towards the man.

He is an average man wearing normal clothes with few dirt marks here and there. He also had a small badge to the side of his shirt which the flyer specified.

"Yes. We are from Fairy Tail," introduced Naruto, showing his Guild mark and the man nodded.

"Please follow me," he said and went towards a small dock where some ships were present.

"Are you sure we are safe in this if the wind blows like this?" Asked Naruto as his group can easily go across the water.

"Safe, they are not. They can manage," he replied.

"Then we have a better alternative," said Naruto, wings coming out of Sirius's back and Happy following suit. The villager was surprised but nodded in agreement.

Happy carried Natsu with Sirius carrying the villager while Naruto and Gray started to skate on the ice path Gray started creating on the Sea.

The journey was up in few minutes as they arrived on the North Island in just after half an hour. Everyone knew it would have been an hour or two because of unfavourable weather.

"Please, follow me," asked the villager as Naruto and he explained about the job to the group.

"There is a cave in the sea, it started to produce all this out of the blue a month ago. Then it was a strong breeze here and there and everything was silent.

But things started to pick up after that and we thought it was an earthquake. But it worsened from there with large shock waves releasing from the sea often.

We tried everything possible. But no result. So owe increased the job difficulty to S-class to get it done and you arrived in time. Thank you," said the villager, bowing in respect.

Naruto's group has a different reaction. Naruto and Sirius had a knowing expression while Gray was sighing, blaming everything on Natsu's trouble magnet nature.

While the Pinkett was laughing like a fool. Now he can fight someone strong. Completely unaware of this, the villager continued. Happy was being happy, eating fish.

"According to legend, there is a mythical sword in the sea bed and we suspect its imbalance is the reason for it," continued the village elder, an elderly woman.

"Did you go there to check?" Asked Gray.

"No, we tried, but couldn't. The gusts became strong as you approach the cave. That's why we hired you. We want you to stop whatever that is happening inside the cave,"

"Do you want us to bring the sword back?" Asked Naruto.

"It is up to you. But whatever you do, make sure that you stop these tornados or it could lead to a disaster we can't face," she added.

"Yes, ma'am. We will make sure to stop these tornados and see what's causing these," promised Naruto and the woman nodded.

"May ancestors help you and bring victory!" She prayed and left Naruto's group.

"Interesting case this is. I think we are back to our routine, Siri," said Naruto with a knowing smile and Sirius nodded in agreement.

"What routine?" Asked a curious Gray.

"Well, we would go on misranked jobs and they tend to be a rank or two higher difficult than what we get. It seems this is the same. They wrote about the disaster. Now they are talking about Mythical Swords. This is what a misranked job means. Who knows what is causing all these," said Sirius and Gray nodded after thinking about it.

He is happy that he has improved in his magic, and this misranked job also gives him experience on how to deal with anomalies like this.

"Where is Natsu?" He asked as he observed everything being awfully quiet.

"Here," said Naruto and with a snap of his finger, a flying cat and a pink-haired Dragon Slayer fell to the ground, losing balance.

"Huh, what?" Asked a confused Natsu while Happy was trying to get out, as he was stuck under Natsu.

"Naattttssssuuuu," whispered Happy in a low tone. Though he can lift more weight than before, that doesn't mean he can endure that much.

"Stand up you idiot," Gray said and pulled a confused Natsu off of Happy who started breathing heavily.

"Did you two seriously think you can escape me and go on your own?" Naruto asked with raised eyebrows and Natsu looked around nervously.

"Aha, well, um…" dragged Natsu, unable to come up with a plausible reason.

"Anyway, we should plan this. If this is only that wind storm and tornados, it won't be difficult, but since we have a sword to deal with here, I want you all to pay attention.

We'll go in and see what is causing it and if it is dangerous, you are going to leave the area while I take care of the threat. Is this clear?" Asked a stern Naruto and all nodded.

Natsu gulped at Naruto's look but nodded nonetheless. He is very interested to see what is causing it but is willing to listen to the blonde as he taught him something to improve himself and Natsu can feel his fire stronger than before.

Naruto and co started to follow the plan and started walking into the sea and the cave into view. They entered and slowly swam in its direction.

Naruto is using his Water Dragon Slayer magic to sense his surroundings and found some interesting things about the sea they were in.

It is called the North Sea as it is located to the North of Fiore. From his scan, the sea acts as a breaking point for 2 large earth plates.

From what little geography he understood, it is a connecting or intersection point of 2 large earth plates that form into very large masses of land.

The Earth Plates are huge with one stretching till the Pergrande Empire while the other stretched so far North, Naruto can't sense where it ends.

He knew that one plate was reaching the Pergrande Empire because of the familiarity of the area as he recently fought there.

So in essence, this is the hot spot for 2 big plates and it seems earthquakes and tsunamis are common here due to the constant movement of the Plates.

Naruto sensed a large burst of energy release. 'Water Style: Water Chain,' he thought, performing a Jutsu to connect all the 5 members with a water chain as the pulse released was a strong one.

It sent their group a few meters back due to its sheer power and if Naruto didn't make his chain, they would have scattered.

"Guys, we need to hurry. I think it is going to release another wave soon," called Naruto as he went towards the cave-like structure like a bullet with a small burst of water at his feet.

Naruto used Water Breathing Jutsu to allow them to breathe freely in the sea and they could normally, but the words take time to be heard.

The chain dragged others as well, while Gray and Sirius followed in grace, Natsu and Happy lost their balance and were forcefully dragged towards Naruto without an inch of dignity.

Naruto reached the cave in minutes and saw it rumble again and decided to stop it as the repercussions will be catastrophic for his boys.

"Water Dragon's: Gentle Wave," said Naruto and sent a small pulse of water towards the incoming shockwave, nullifying it in the process. The constant attacks damaged the external part of the cave a little and Naruto noticed the sorry state it was in and hurried in.

He knew from experience that these types of caves can't stand long if the shock waves continue to hit them at their current intensity.

"We must hurry," said Naruto, dragging others inside and made temporary support walls to stop the cave from falling immediately.

When he went in, he saw a bright flash of light and ate it without thought as it would blind others and he doesn't want them missing now. They saw a small piece of land higher than water and swam towards it and when they reached the surface, they got a surprise.

"What?" Asked a surprised Gray as they came face to face to a teenage girl, pulling a sword from a large man.

"Who is she?" Asked a confused Natsu, scratching his chin.

"Aye, sir. Do you think she wants a fishy?" Asked Happy eating fish.

"Wait. The sword. I think it is what the elder woman is referring to," realised Naruto. He also noted how they both are trying to take the sword from themselves.

'She was fighting against a large man who is pulling it strongly and those pulls are the reason for the shockwaves as each pull they made is releasing an inch of the neatly wrapped sword.' Naruto observed

"Leave it. It's mine. I found it." Said the girl as she pulled harder.

"This sword would fetch me a good sum. I'm not letting this go, especially for a little bitch like you." Said the man as silver magic started to form around him.

"Fire Dragon's: Iron Fist," yelled Natsu as he charged towards the man with a flaming hand. Naruto stopped before he could move further with his hand.

A small silver bullet hit the place Natsu stood and vapourised it in a second. "Wha-"

"No, Natsu. There is more than what you see. He is surrounding them with some kind of barrier and there are more people than you can see," said Naruto, scanning around.

"Naruto, why is the area they were in like a forest?" Gray asked and Naruto turned around, they were surrounded by a forest. He looked around to see a small puddle to the side exactly at the area where they came from. 'A teleportation spell?' Thought Naruto.

"It appears to be some kind of teleporting water, Gray. We should escape the area before that cave collapses," he urged them. Though he can teleport them any time.

"Come on, girl. Give up. You can't win against me," said the man as he pulled harder. Naruto knew why the man is not attacking with his magic.

"Ok, here is the plan. We are going to divide into groups and attack. Happy and Natsu, you go to the right. Gray and Sirius, you go to the left. I'll take care of the guy in the middle. Remember, there are many hiding and we don't know some also be waiting," ordered Naruto and they nodded.

"Good, now disperse," he said and all of them dispersed. Naruto sent one clone each behind 2 groups just to be careful and moved towards the sword.

He can feel the immense strength of the sword. Though he doesn't know whether both of them are feeling the shockwaves, he know they are destructive.

He is also curious how this teleportation puddle formed and why the shock waves are not affecting the puddle and travelling and affecting the village.

He walked closer to inspect what they were fighting over. "Stop your futile effort, girl. This sword won't save you. My men are waiting for my order." Said the large man with a cocky smile.

"So what? It chose me and this is mine." She argued and Naruto observed them closely. The thug, he assumed to be, has a massive build with his body being round with relatively thin limbs.

He has a big mouth with several broken or missing teeth, a pronounced crooked nose and a very large and hairy chest and torso. Long, thick, woolly black hair falls down the back of his neck, underneath a black bandanna, and a small scruffy black beard.

He wore an open buttoned white shirt with rolled-up sleeves, green trousers with black line patterns, a yellow sash around his waist and classic black swashbuckler boots complete with large bronze buckles.

He also has holders for several knives, daggers and guns to use at short notice and a small gold pendant to a chain around his neck.

As for the girl, she wore a light purple dress with black edges with some pins and a grey overshirt on it. Naruto saw a small holder for the sword they were pulling and understood that it belonged to her. Understanding what was going on, he slowly walked towards them, silently, to not get noticed by either of them.

"It seems you won't relent. Attack, men," called the thug and several magic bullets were sent towards the teenager with the thug tightening his grip on the sword, locking her in place.

The girl was frozen still as she saw her death approach. She can't move as the thug's vice-like grip held the sword in place and is restricting her movement. If she wants to move, she should leave her hold on her sword.

Naruto saw this and went towards her and pulled her out of the way of the bullets, becoming a human shield as he doesn't have time to make a barrier due to the close proximity of the bullets.

All the magic bullets hit the foolish blonde who came out of nowhere. He didn't care much. He looked in satisfaction as the girl finally let go of the sword and it is in his hands now, fully.

"Yes, yes. We did it. We finally took the sword. Now, men deal with them. We shall party after this," called the leader only to get a muted response as no one replied.

"Men?" He asked, turning around. He saw no one in their designated hiding spots and heard explosions of predominantly fire and ice from his surroundings.

A few Minutes Ago

With Gray and Sirius

"How should we do this?" Gray asked. Though he is older, he knew Sirius has good experience in fighting as he was always on jobs with Naruto.

"It's a divide and rule. We can attack them one at a time until we are noticed and charge upfront when we are noticed.

This way, they have fewer numbers and we can make a surprise attack as soon as they notice us, this will decrease their numbers more," said Sirius and Gray nodded in acknowledgement.

"That's a sound plan. Let's go then," they both decided and went to attack the goons of the leader. As they planned, they knocked the goons one by one and when they tried to Naruto, they attacked, significantly decreasing the numbers of the goons.

"Water Style: Raging River,"

"Ice-Make: Frozen River," called Sirius and Gray.

Sirius made a large wave of water similar to a raging river while Gray used Ice-Make to freeze the whole river after some time it was released.

This effectively managed to freeze the goons who didn't carelessly move thinking it to be just water coming from the puddle. The attack froze at least 10 members.

"That's a success," called Gray and Sirius nodded.

"We are being attacked, men," they heard a loud shout as people started to shuffle in the thick bushes of the forest.

"Ready Gray?"

"Bring it on," said both of them as they prepared to face the rest of the thugs.

With Natsu and Happy

"Let's kick their ass, Happy," said Natsu cheerfully and Happy nodded and they sprang into action.

Unlike Gray and Sirius, all their opponents are out in the open, guarding the rear side of the fighting area from any passersby.

By the time Natsu and Happy landed and decided to fight, they sent their attacks towards them without hesitation.

"Poison Cloud,"

"Dust Storm,"

"Iron Bullets,"

"Wind Splitter,"

"Broken Shards," were a few of the attacks that were charged towards Natsu and Happy.

Seeing this, Happy took Natsu to the sky as his improved speed allowed him to dodge all attacks with ease.

"Thanks, Happy,"

"Aye, Sir,"

"You bastards, how dare you to attack us!" Natsu exclaimed and released his signature attack, taking in large gulps of air.

"Fire Dragon's: Roar," yelled Natsu, releasing a hot fire blast towards all the thugs who were surprised by the heat of the attack. It managed to injure some while others used some shield magic to protect themselves, but their numbers were cut down marginally.

"Shit. These 2 are real threats, men. Bring out the weapon," called the apparent leader. Natsu and Happy saw all men rummaging through for something instead of attacking.

"We are prepared, sir," said one of the men and the leader nodded and pointed a small gun towards a floating Natsu and Happy.

"Huh? Do you think that can injure us?" Natsu laughed at the gun. Happy nodded along and the leader smiled.

"That cockiness will be your downfall," he muttered lowly and shot a small bullet towards them.

Happy dodged it easily, but the bullet started to follow him and Happy didn't notice it. It struck at the back of his neck and his wings disappeared.

They started free-falling and Natsu used his fire to cushion their fall by blasting the ground they were going to land and decreasing the momentum a lot.

"Happy, happy. Are you okay?" Asked a panicked Natsu.

"Ay-ee, sir. But I can't feel my magic?" He said in a confused tone and Natsu got enraged by this. Though he didn't understand what happened, Happy losing his wings is not good.

"You bastards! How dare you injure Happy. I'll make you pay!" Natsu yelled.

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame," Natsu said, igniting both his hands in flames, punching the nearest thug and sending him towards others who were scared by the increased temperature in the area.

"Don't be scared, men. He is just a kid. We can do it. We must succeed in this and bring the lost glory to our Guild," called the leader and everyone cheered.

"Charge," he yelled and everyone started using whatever they could and charged towards an angry Natsu who wanted to pay back for whatever they did to Happy.

"Fire Dragon's Roasting Bath," said Natsu, engulfing his entire body in flames, heating the surrounding area even more. Unaffected by the obvious show of power, all men in the area charged towards him and attacked him without a second thought.

With Naruto

"What happened to my men!" The thug exclaimed.

"It's all because of you, bitch. How dare you stop me from taking what's mine!" He started yelling.

"Ok, ok, man. Calm down. We can talk this out-"

"Shut the fuck up. Lousy brat. How dare you interrupt my noble quest to revive my Guild!" He exclaimed again.

"You have a guild?" Naruto was interested now.

"Now that I have this, I can bring it back to its previous glory," the thug continued in a dreamy tone.

Naruto sensed the girl standing up beside him, looking at the sword in affection. Her gaze turned cold as soon as it reached the man and Naruto felt something change.

"Give back my sword!" She yelled, charging mindlessly towards the dreamy thug. The thug didn't notice as he was far submerged in whatever dreams he was in not even minding his missing men. Naruto had enough.

He caught the girl and decided to ask what was going on as this is going on around the sword.

"Wait. As he is in his dream, tell me what happened," said Naruto, catching her before she could disturb the thug.

"Who the hell are you?" She questioned in suspicion.

"I'm a mage from Fairy Tail," said Naruto, showing his Guild mark and she seemed to relax a bit and mulled over for a minute.

"Thank you," she whispered, but Naruto heard it.

"For what?"

"For saving me from that attack. My name is Kagura," she introduced and Naruto nodded.


"Tell me, what happened?"

"When I-"

"It's time to celebrate, men!" The thug called and started to look around. A piece of ice struck him in the face, pulling him out of his delusions.

"Huh? What?" He looked around and after realising that it was his dream, he turned to see the bitch and the brat who was stopping him and decided to attack.

"Crescent Slash," he said, slashing with the sheathed sword, making a crescent moon shape and sending it to the talking duo.

'Hiraishin,' thought Naruto, teleporting to a tree he marked when he sent a clone with Sirius and Gray.

Kagura felt disoriented because of the sudden teleportation and wanted to spill her guts out.

"Sorry," apologised Naruto while rubbing her back, sending a bit of healing chakra. She glared at him but didn't stop him.

"You escaped? I must admit, it is fun to swing around," said the thug with a cackle.

"Oh, how rude of me. My name is Marsh. Marsh Mello, Guild Master of Cliff Crystal," Introduced the thug turned Guild Master.

Naruto was surprised by this. He couldn't believe the man in front of him to be a Guild Master and going by the name of it, it would be some kind of Treasure Hunter Guild.

"Ok. So you want that sword, I understand. But it is dangerous. You can see that, right?" Asked Naruto in a placating manner.

"Heh, are you kidding me, brat? You are severely underestimating this baby's powers," said the man and swinging it on a whim.

The swing released a large shockwave, destroying the forest in front of them in an instant. Naruto's eyes widened at this.

'What! How the hell does that thing able to destroy the forest like that?' He yelled in his mind.

Though he did more destructive feats than what the sword did, its raw power is to be noted as he knew the swing was a half-hearted one.

"Ok, it's dangerous. I admit. What do you want to do with it?" Naruto asked, turning serious.

"I'm going to sell to the highest bidder," replied Marsh as if it were the obvious answer.

"What if this bidder was a member of a Dark Guild or a mass murderer, a wanted criminal?"

"So what? I don't care. I want money to repair my guild and its reputation." Marsh said callously and that ticked Naruto off.

"What do you do with it?" He asked Kagura who was glaring at the man for swinging the sword senselessly.

"It's mine and I'm going to use it to kill the person who separated me from my brother and parents," she said resolutely and Naruto can see the burning desire and determination in her eyes and nodded.

"Then we have a problem, Marsh. I can't allow you to take that sword. Hand it over, now," he commanded, the aura around him changing.

Kagura felt the drastic change and the difference was evident. The ground around the blonde cracked at the pressure he was exuding and Marsh looked at him in interest.

"Hmm, I think not. What will you do?" Marsh asked cockily.

"As I said, you are going to face me to take that," said Naruto and Benihime appeared in his hand. Marsh smiled wickedly at this.

"Yes. This will be a good test. Let's see if you stand up to your talk," said Marsh and sent a test swing at Naruto.

With a mere thought, a Blood Mist Shield formed in front of him, protecting him and Kagura from the attack.

"Yes, yes," said Marsh and continued sending slash after slash at Naruto. All slashes were shielded and Naruto had enough and sent one of the light slash towards Marsh.

"Ooh, resistance?" Marsh said and lazily cutting the light slash and wanted to have more fun as the blonde's shield is not budging even a bit.

"Let's see how you do when I unsheath it!" Marsh exclaimed loudly and started to unwrap the clothing around the sword.

"Idiot, don't do it!" Kagura yelled, only to be ignored as a blinding flash filled the area.

And Cut

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