Chapter 13
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23/1 Author Note EDIT. I didn't have time to edit the chapter to add space but I now I do. Hopefully it didn't ruined the chapter too much. And hopefully after the edit, it is more readable than before. ENJOY!


3rd POV


No, she wasn't, or at the very least, she was mostly teasing Carl but serious at the same time.

Silver dedicate a great part of her life obsessing over Carl.

From what food is best for him to eat, the amount of time he was able to "taste" food properly, to his favourite colour, like and dislike, his daily schedule and etcetera.

From cousin to surrogate brother to crush.

Silver intelligence might not be equal to that of Stark but she is intelligent enough to be categorized in the Gifted category. She is bound to realize Carl slight dependence on her for companionship. She wouldn't mind if Carl were to be possessive of her as well. No, she would love it as it means she can freely be possessive for him without feeling guilty.

She understands well enough her obsession for Carl isn't true love, or at least not the good type of love... This is why she does her best of resisting her dark thought of trying to kidnap Carl and other actions that cannot be considered normal.

She doesn't want to manipulate the person she loves as she knows it is not right and there isn't a guarantee that Carl will not resent her for her action.

She has no intention nor reason to manipulate Carl, at least not yet. But the temptation is always there and it will always be there.

"Don't worry about it Carl, when one of my friends know what happen, she scolds them for me and they properly apologize for their action." Silver reassure him.

"She sounds like a good friend." Carl thought out loud.

"Yes, she is, she is one of my best friends." When Silver claim she was her best friend, she notice a slight movement in Carl facial expression.

Despite Carl considering himself as the best poker face thanks to his high CHA attribute, Silver0 is still able to read him like an open book despites he tries his best to hide it from her.


Carl was jealous of Silver. Not because she can go outside without a problem, able to meet kids of her age and meet and make friends more than he ever could, but because Silver openly declares that someone is her best friend who isn't him.

It's funny when Silver thinks about it, of how Carl is jealous for such a simple thing when he has completely captured her heart and not a single less. But she is starting to love that part of him. As it makes him a more humane and less perfect human being that she cannot be with.

Silver can't help but grin as she leans her head to his to whisper to his ear as if she is sharing one of her secrets, "Do you want to know something interesting? She isn't my bestest friend."

Although Carl tries to hide, he already knows where she is going with it. He can't help but slowly smile as well as he plays along. "She isn't? Whose your best friend then?"


"Oh- Pfft." Carl has seen it coming from a mile. But he was still taken by surprise by it. He wouldn't doubt he have a stupid smile on his face by now as he try to wipe it from his face, much to Silver enjoyment as she giggle as she cuddle him into her arm.

He reminded himself about what she said a moment ago, specifically her asexuality.

He completely forgot the existence of asexual, or rather there people who like himself who have low libido or sex drive, sexual desire or are simply unable to have children but many of them still able to find love and make a family.

Carl suffered too much when he realize he can't have children, to have a family of his own, that he didn't bother to think about it anymore, locking the subject of love and marriage, away from his mind and heart. Only thinking about his grand plan to save the world from Thanos.

This was the first time in a long time that he even thought to himself about being someone he love.

Carl realizes this means that it is possible for him to find a lover, a wife, to have a family, to have someone to love, to be able to love someone.

Silver, reminded the existence of asexual existence should be a Godsend but yet Carl doesn't don't feel much different.

This information should reassure Carl that he can find love, yet he doesn't feel much better.

Carl realizes and he knows the reason.

He doesn't want just any other girl.
It's Silver.
He wants her and only her.
He wants Silver to be part of his life.
He wants her to be more than just a friend.

But he's afraid of losing his best friend if they were to cross the line.

"Would the relationship between us even work out?" Carl thought.

"Is the risk really worth it?"

There was a possibility that they can still become good friends even if their relationship won't work out. But it is never a guarantee. The chance of losing her will never be 0% and Carl realizes this.

Carl started to question how is it possible for people to be in a relationship when they used to be friends.

"Is there like a sign that I can see or a test that we both can take to see whether or not are we compatible as a couple?

Carl value Silver too much as a friend that he's truly afraid of losing her to even take their relationship to the next level, that he isn't sure what to do next.

Carl knows they probably have already crossed the line between friendship and lover when he kisses Silver. but to be officially in a relationship is a... to say it is a big leap to jump is an understatement.

If he fails, he will lose one of the most important things he has in his life.

While Carl is thinking Silver confession as he calculates the risk. Silver was playing with his cheek by poking it to bring his attention as he calls to his name. "Hey... Carl?"

"Hmmm?" He hums in response.

"Before- Can I tell you something?"

Despite the physical age gap between those two, the difference in their height isn't much as Silver is only a head taller than Carl. So they were able to comfortably hold the other in their arms and vice versa.

"Go ahead." Carl said as he made both of themselves more comfortable.

"I will be honest with you... I thought I know the reason why I love you. I thought if I were to be asked by someone, 'Why do I love Carl', I would be able to answer that question with thousand different kinds of answers."

Carl isn't sure where this is going, so he decides to stop thinking about what to do next and just listen to what she has to say.

As Silver talk, she places her ears on Carl's chest, as she is trying to hear his heartbeat. "But the more I fall for my adorable cousin."

"The more I realize I do not know why I love you..."

"If I were to ask by that question again, I would answer... I just do." Revealed Silver as she close her eyes as she continue listening to Carl's heart, beating, at a faster rate.

"I just want to say... I love you, I am hopelessly in love with you. I really don't know if I can live without you. I love every single thing about you. " As Silver confesses her love to Carl one last time.

Carl doesn't know the reason why Silver decides to confess to him again.

He isn't sure if she realizes there's a possibility of her getting rejected just by looking at the expression on his face.

But one thing for sure is that her confession helps him think more clearly.

"Thank you... Silver..."

That simple gratitude from Carl was genuine, he was amazed by Silver beautiful confession.

He has been confessed by her more than several times, yet he was truly touched by Silver confession for the first time ever.

Carl thought he know about Silver through and through as he takes pride in his semi-max CHA stats. Because of how high it was, Carl gain many abilities that are primarily influenced by CHA attributes and gain many more as he lived his life after the System appear in his life. But Carl began to realize such a thought is arrogant as it is obvious that he does not know about her as much as he thought he would.

Silver is Carl's most important friend, not because he doesn't have many friends thus he value Silver more than he would have if he has more friend but because Silver is genuinely a good friend.

Despite Silver sounding like a spoiled cousin who only wants to do what she wants and only wants Carl's attention for her only, there is a time where she were selfless and decide to do what Carl want to do for the day.

But no one can deny Silver wish to be spoiled by Carl.

Friendship after all is a give and take relationship.

Carl is genuinely touched by Silver words, which is he decides to risk it and pursue his own happiness, even knowing there's still a chance it might not work out.

Carl understands the danger of making promises when one is too emotional, as one might not be able to think properly thus failing to keep the said promises. And he realizes he might be overjoyed and will make a grave mistake simply because he is too emotional at the moment, which then will lead to foreseen (and unforeseen consequences) where friendship will be at risk of being ruined (and he will end up dead and the other will end up in a psychiatric hospital).

But in reality, it was the opposite.

He began to realize his mind wasn't in a proper state, to properly decide, whether should he accept Silver confession or not, whether or not he deserves his own happy ending.

Carl would rather be hurt right now than in the future, this was caused by the horrible things he have to endure in his eight-year of living.

And this fact was something that Carl started to realize.

And Silver, whether or not she knows it, she pulls Carl from the abyss that he didn't even know he was in the first place.

If he didn't know any better, he would suspect Silver would be the one who had 15 CHA attributes to be able to successfully convince him to change his mind, to be able to pull him up from the dark place he was in a moment ago.

"Very well. I have decided to accept your confession, Silver. And I will do my best to return the love and affection you have for me."

Author Note: Unfortunately, I lose a small yet significant percentage of my work, I thought I have already written it and published it in the previous chapter, so I am afraid that I may have written it twice already, but I can't seem to find it with CTRL+F, so let me know if you find a similar sentence.

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