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Dear Diary,

Kimi and Y got permission to make a walkway maze on our floor today! They’ve been petitioning for one for a while, and the Admin at first was like “heck no” but since we know we can reason with him now they’ve been adjusting their plans and designs, and he finally agreed. He said that next cycle our floor will change to a jungle floor, and the ceiling will be covered in clouds, so they can put stuff up there then without any of the players noticing. So for now they have one cycle to prepare all the pieces and make the design perfect. 

Mika and a bunch of the kobolds are helping to make stuff. It’ll mostly just be reinforced chicken wire netting for the floor, with steel bars holding it up. Since the clouds will make it impossible to see very far, that makes it so they don’t have to make walls. Which saves everyone a ton of work. Via suggested they upgrade the wire to be diamond, since then it would never break or bend, but Mika said she wasn’t sure that was possible on a non-weapon. She’s going to try, but the wire has to be in place before she can change it. There’s a reason for that, but I kinda didn’t pay attention to the answer. I’ll admit that at that point in the discussion I was getting bored. 

Oh! I got chips this cycle! Things that totally aren’t Doritos and totally aren’t Cheetos and totally aren’t Lays. Gin was super excited about the potato chips, and told me and Nat that she has a couple recipes that use them. I’ve had Doritos in a kind of taco salad thing, so I’m going to try and make that. And since that only leaves the cheese puffs, Nat has taken it upon herself to figure out a real recipe that incorporates them. And not just a thing that already exists but with cheese puffs, but a recipe that is legit made better by their addition. Like my taco salad thing; it’s fine without the Doritos, but if you add them it gives the salad a distinct crunch and extra salt and flavor that makes it amazing. 

Actually, I should make that salad tomorrow for lunch. It’s pretty easy, so it’ll free up time for us to experiment. 

Wait, when did I stop writing? Was Gin a part of the cooking team yet? Let me check…

She wasn’t! I mentioned her, but she was still a solo cook! That’s changed! It took a cycle or two, but Nat and I convinced her to join us full time. And Mar, she was a judge for the cooking competition, joins us from time to time. Gin knows how to cook and knows a lot of good recipes. Mar doesn’t really know any recipes, but she knows how to make the recipes we have better. And she’s good at chopping and mixing and stuff. Mar has a lot of techniques that make her a really good help in the kitchen, even if she never wants to take control and become master chef for the day. 

I’ll have to talk more about Gin and Mar, but another time. For now I need sleep. 

Goodnight, Dungeon!