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Dear Diary,

Lilly and Staab decided to take a vacation. …I know I ended last night’s entry saying no one gets a vacation, but that’s different. That’s a vacation from the players, not from the rest of us. Staab and Lilly decided to just move up to Floor 86 for a week. 

We asked if they wanted our help to clear out all the mimics, but they said they could handle it. And Lilly didn’t respawn here, so I guess they managed it. I mean, the mimics weren’t exactly the most difficult of enemies to beat. They just sat there until you got into agro range and then try to bite. I almost wonder if I could solo that floor. 

Actually… I wonder how many floors I could beat by myself. I’m pretty sure the slime maze wouldn’t be a problem for me, now that Y has perfected the mayo ranch balls. The wolves and raptors don’t count, since they don’t attack me any more. The yetis… I don’t think they would fight against me alone. It’s not something they’re likely to vote for. I couldn’t beat the air elementals, but I might be able to successfully fight against the ghosts on Staab’s floor. Other than that we’ve kinda been beating all the floors as a team, and I don’t think I could do all the jobs alone. Well, with training I could. But not as I am now. 

I bet Aya could get through most of the floors by herself. She’s a couple levels above the rest of us, since she helped the ants beat the giant worm thing while we were goofing off. Plus her magic is better suited to solo players than group players. Lilly says the different colors focus on different things, so the players get options on what kind of player they want to be. We didn’t get to choose, but I think I would have gone with green anyway. I like being helpful, and I don’t like hurting people. Green is the perfect magic for that. 

I’ve kinda been thinking about starting a garden when the cycle changes and we become a jungle floor. Plants don’t really grow in ice and stuff, but they sure grow in jungles. I mean, that’s how jungles become jungles. Usually I’m kinda bad with plants, I don’t understand how to make them all happy and stuff. I only know how to make them taste good. But in an environment where plants grow like crazy I might not instantly kill a tomato vine. Plus green magic has a couple plant spells, so I might be able to magic the plants to life. Magic is pretty neat.

That only leaves the question of what plants to grow. I don’t have any actual seeds, just the seeds that come in food. Like jalapeño seeds. It might take some experimenting and a lot of fiddling around to get a jalapeño plant to grow, but I think given enough time I should be able to do it. If I don’t manage to grow anything I won’t be all that sad about it, honestly. This is just something new to try. I mean, I tried drawing and music and sculpting, and I guess I’m just not all that artistic. I’m good at food, and that’s about it. But who knows, I might be ok at plants if I try hard enough.

But that won’t be for another week or so yet.

Goodnight, Dungeon!