Cycle 38 (1)
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Dear Diary,

The players get through the last couple floors fast now. The slime maze doesn’t ever change, so they know which way to go, and at the end they know what button to push. Anyways, it’s a new cycle! Woo! I didn’t get any new ingredients! Boooo.

Our floor was changed to be a jungle floor, like the Admin said was going to happen. It’s super pretty here now! My diner is made out of bamboo, with a kinda tiki theme. All the buildings are raised up on stilts like a foot, and underneath them is quicksand. Lilly and Aya started a bet on how long it would be before a player got stuck under there and died. Aya says about two hours after the first player arrives. Lilly says six hours (giving time for other players to arrive). Via has the longest bet, saying no one will die under one of the buildings until next cycle. My bet is twelve hours after the first player arrives, Mika thinks a full day, and Kimi thinks fourteen hours. 

My building is solid bamboo, including the tables and plumbing. There’s a lot you can do with bamboo, apparently. Mika’s shop just has the walls made out of bamboo, since she has to work with metal and needs things to be super hot. Bamboo is very flammable, so yeah, she’s still got metal and stone in her building. Via’s inn is mostly bamboo, but I think the walls have something between them to dampen sound. Sound dampening is important in an inn. The other shops are pure bamboo, like mine.

Oh! I forgot to say! Last cycle, my team won gold in the marble championship! They did a great job, and now sit on a shelf with all my winning teams. Aya and I were enemies for a couple days, since she won silver, but that was ok. I’m going to choose my team for this cycle tomorrow.

Anyways, now that that’s out of the way…

Kimi and Y are already setting up their walkway thing. The ceiling is covered in clouds, and the walkway is metal, so water will condense on it and make it seem like it’s kinda always raining here. They hadn’t realized that having metal up there would make water condense, and they’re both kinda embarrassed about it. I mean, they pretend to know all about science and stuff, and neither of them thought of condensation. They tried pretending they knew, but kinda over-compensated. It was sad.

The walkway looks super cool, though. Mika made spike step things that she shoved into a really big tree, to make a staircase. It’s kinda subtle, and when vines start growing it’ll be even harder to see, so I’m sure the players will think it’s a secret level or something. Everyone involved is really proud of it.

Via says it looks kinda like the walkway in the third Jurassic Park movie, and wants to bring one of the not-pterodactyls from the raptor floor over to live up there and reenact the movie or something. We all told her no. Well, we all convinced her the Admin would probably not like it if a pterodactyl got onto our floor and started eating players. Via is just obsessed with dinosaurs.

We might need to talk to her about that one of these days.

Goodnight, Dungeon!