Cycle 38 (2)
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Dear Diary,

So, last cycle Via tried to get the dracoraptors to accept a kinda bridle thing. They mostly figured it out, and now allow her to put the cord around their muzzles. Snouts? Noses. Whatever. This cycle she’s determined to make a saddle and get it on one of them. She talked to a couple kobolds who know how to work with leather and others who know horses, and she’s working on making a saddle. At first Via tried to make it on the raptor’s floor, since that would mean they’d get to see it a lot and wouldn’t freak out when she pulls it out. But she needed help to make the saddle, and the kobolds absolutely refuse to go up there.

Which is fair. I mean, the raptors accept us because we bring them food and are around basically all the time. But they still see everyone who isn’t a catgirl as an enemy. They even attacked Staab when it was just us and him.

Oh, I didn’t write yesterday. Meaning I didn’t write about the marbles! I ran all my marbles through the prelim track, and got a good team. At least I think it’s a good team. I hope so. When the race started with all like three hundred or however many marbles I have, five marbles immediately pulled out ahead and stayed there the whole race. Then in the next race (with just the top ten), four of those five made up a front pack, while the other six clumped together behind them. I know it was them because I marked them after the first race. We only take the top three into the official races, so the fourth marble will be stuck out. I left the mark on him, and I wonder if next cycle he’ll get in. If he does, that would make me feel good.

Maybe I should just set him aside as automatically qualifying for next cycle’s races. I mean, staying ahead of all the other marbles for two whole races takes effort, and in the real races coming in fourth isn’t all that bad. He did a good job. Yeah, I’ll set him aside and use him next cycle.

The kobolds want to have another cooking competition this cycle. We did a pasta competition last time, so this time we’re going to do a sandwich competiton. We’ll have the same three judges as last time, since they did a good job. A lot more people are entering, since they don’t have to make the bread themselves. I mean, I will. Because I can. But bread is admittedly kinda hard to make, and if we forced everyone to make bread there would only be like five contestants. The ruling is we have to either show up with bread or accept the pre-made bread. The contest is in four days, so I’ll make the bread in three days. I want it to be as fresh as possible without having to stress about messing it up.

I might mess it up anyways, in which case I’ll just use the pre-made stuff. No worries.

Although I should really focus on what type of sandwich I want to make…

Goodnight, Dungeon!