Cycle 38 (3)
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Dear Diary,

The walkway is done! They finished it this morning, and invited all the kobolds and everyone to come check it out. 

Nat and I stayed at the diner and cooked for everyone. We had a party, because it’s been a week since the last party and the kobolds need one like every three days. 

Anyways, the walkway is epic! It isn’t really a full maze, just a winding path with a couple dead ends and random splits. So if you’ve never been up there it feels like a maze. It has thin, light guardrails that are mostly there so people don’t walk off the edge. If someone tripped or leaned on the rail too hard they’d totally fall off. It’s the thought that counts, I guess. 

The clouds up there really make it creepy looking. If we knew when Halloween was it’d be the best place for a Halloween party. Although if we did that Via would insist on getting some dinosaurs up there. Which, ok, might be cool. Especially since the raptors are black, so all you’d see would be this dark shape stalking you through the mist, and you wouldn’t be able to figure out what it was until it was half a foot away. At which point you’d already be dead. 

Some of the kobolds hadn’t ever been up here before, and a bunch hadn’t been here this cycle, so it was all new to them. It was pretty cool. I mean, we’ve gotten used to their floor, and know where everything is and how it all works. Now it was our time to show off where we live and how it all works. Mika’s shop was a huge success, and Via might start getting kobold customers. Kimi’s shop was open, but she wasn’t there, so mostly people just found out all of what she sells. Lilly and Aya don’t really have shops with stuff in them, so they didn’t bother staying in their shops. My diner was mostly exciting because I have a menu. Nat and Gin don’t have a menu, they just hand out whatever they feel like cooking, so having options on what to eat was totally mind-blowing. 

Aya asked about making a marble track starting at the walkway going down. The first couple of cycles we really had a problem with getting the marble race to last longer than like three seconds, and a walkway up by the ceiling would have solved all our problems. Lilly wonders what would happen if we made part of the track out of cloth, since we don’t have to worry about height. And I kinda wonder how complete drops would affect the race. Although they do explode if they’re dropped far enough, so it’d have to be a short drop. 

I wonder exactly how far the drop can be. That seems like something Kimi and Y would love to experiment with. They’ll probably make a specific winch thing with marks every centimeter, and dedicate a whole notebook to registering measurements. They do stuff like that. 

I’ll go ask if they want to check. 

Goodnight, Dungeon!