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Dear Diary,

The cooking competition is tomorrow! I made a bread that’s… well, ok, it’s aged pizza dough, but it kinda sorta tastes like sourdough. If you’ve never had real sourdough. The dough is light and fluffy and has a good flavor. 

Oh, the judges decided that they weren’t accepting sides, only sandwiches, and hamburgers weren’t going to be allowed. I guess too many people said they were going to make burgers and fries. 

I’m going to make a reuben sandwich. I’m pretty sure no one else is going to make one, since we don’t have access to corned beef or Swiss cheese. Or sourcrout. Sowerkrout. …Souerkrout…e?

Ok, how the heck do you spell that word? Be right back, Staab knows. 


Wow that’s a weirdly spelled word. I need to just learn German.

…Why was I talking about sauerkraut? Oh, right! The sandwich! Ok so, since we don’t have three of the main ingredients I’m pretty sure no one else will try making one. If they do, it’ll be hilarious. 

Anyways, Swiss cheese can’t be helped. We have mozzarella and cheddar (and bleu cheese in a dressing), so I’m going to just use mozzarella. But! I dried slices of it out by the lava on Staab’s floor today, and tonight I’m soaking them in vinegar. So hopefully by the time of the competition it won’t be recognizable as mozzarella. 

Corned beef is different though. Mar says corned beef is beef chopped into pieces the size of corn kernels, then preserved using brine and spices. I don’t know what spices, so I just use rosemary and basil. And hot pepper flakes. Can’t go too wrong with that combination. Oh, brine is just salty water. It’s not salt water, like in the ocean, but salty water. There’s a difference. So I’ve been soaking the beef kernels in spiced brine for two days. Then tomorrow I’m going to press it together super hard and get all the liquid out, then slice that into sandwich slices. 

Lilly says she has a spell that can compress things, and a spell that can get water out of non-living things, so hopefully if I cast them on the beef at the same time it’ll be perfect. 

I should probably check that spell combo before I use it on all my meat… But there isn’t really anything I can use it on. I mean, fruit would turn out weird, and nothing else really has liquid in it. 

Oh well, let’s just hope for the best. Not much else I can do. If it goes horribly wrong I’ll just use ham. Ham is close enough, given the other ingredients are also “close enough”. 

In other news, Via has lent Kimi and Y a couple sheets, and they’re busy trying to find the perfect angle and tension to make a good marble track. So far only three marbles have exploded, and they swear the one that landed on my roof was an accident. Since Kimi dropped it, it was red. Meaning it exploded into fire. 

Bamboo is very flammable. 

I don’t have most of a roof any more. Hopefully that will be fixed when the cycle restarts. 

Goodnight, Dungeon!