Cycle 38 (6)
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Dear Diary,

Well, I haven’t talked about the marble races a whole lot this cycle because… I’m doing really badly. I guess my marbles spent all their luck or energy or whatever on the prelims and had nothing left for the real races. I’m still going to use the marble I set aside next time, hopefully he’ll be ready for some real races by then. 

It just stinks cuz I was super excited about the races this cycle and they’ve been a total letdown for me. Just goes to show, marbles aren’t people and can’t be relied on for consistency. They’re just little blobs of glass with no thoughts or emotions. 

I mean, I’m still going to treat them like they have thoughts and emotions, but I know they don’t. 

Via’s raptor saddle thing is done, and she’s been trying to get the raptors to wear it. It hasn’t been working. Watching her try has been super fun, though. They know she wants them to wear it, so they’ll stand still and let her get close. Alpha and Charlie let her put it on their backs, but as soon as she lets go to buckle the straps they take off. It’s a game for them at this point. See how close Via can get to strapping the saddle on before running away. 

It’s frustrating to Via, but I think she has fun, too. I tried a couple times, and they did the same thing. Maybe by the end of next cycle they’ll get bored and see why she wants to put that weird thing on their backs. 

Oh! So, the yeti who has a crush on Mika, Cynoe, finally told her he has a crush on her. It… didn’t go well. For him. At all. She kinda pushed him off a cliff. Then when he respawned the yetis told him he was dumb for even trying, and something racist about interspecies relationships, and he was temporarily banned from their clan. Or cult. Or whatever they call themselves. 

I feel sorry for him. He’s staying at Via’s inn now, just until the players get here. It isn’t his fault Mika didn’t catch on that he was totally falling in love with her, and she’s one of the more violent catgirls so he really should have expected to be murdered in some way if it went wrong.  

I should take him a cake to cheer him up. Should I take him a normal cake or an ice cream cake? It’s pretty warm here now, and he is a yeti, so he might like something cool. But then he might think I made ice cream because he’s a yeti and I presume he likes ice. Hmm. I know! I’ll just make two cakes! Plus, that way if he doesn’t like chocolate, he’ll have another option. And then I can ask what kind of cake he likes, in case I ever have to make him a cake again. I should ask about all the yetis. Even though they’re weird and I don’t want to make them cakes. 

Anyways. I have cakes to make!

Goodnight, Dungeon!