Cycle 38 (7)
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Dear Diary,

The players got here today! They spent an hour in my diner before heading off, but before leaving one decided to try climbing under Kimi’s shop to see if anything interesting was there. 

He died in the quicksand. Aya won the bet. The players can be pretty stupid sometimes. 

Anyways, after that guy respawned and the group left, another couple of groups arrived. They found the walkway! They climbed up it and seemed pretty excited to have found it. One lady was convinced there should be a treasure chest or something up there. She wanted to spend a couple hours mapping the walkway out (they talked about it in my diner), but the rest of her group said no. They said they were too close to the end to waste time. 

I told Kimi and Mika about what she’d said, and they’re going to make a treasure chest to put up there. Then all they have to do is decide what to put in the chest. I think they’re leaning towards making it a lethal trap, but Aya suggested putting something so useless it’s annoying in there, and I like that idea. Aya said origami frogs would be funny, but I want to go further. So my idea is to draw smiley faces on a bunch of leaves and fill the treasure chest with them. Well, smiley faces and stars and messages like “you did it!” and “good job!” and stuff like that. I’m pretty sure Via likes my idea. Lilly is kinda on Mika and Kimi’s side. 

So, of course, there’s only one way to settle this. Marble racing. 

The race will be held as soon as the cycle changes. It’ll be a special race, with one marble each, so I’m going to use the marble I set aside. Mika wants to end it with a jump, meaning the marbles will all explode at the end. It’ll be a shame to lose such a promising marble, but it’s for a good cause. 

In other news, I put Gin’s prize-winning tuna melt on my menu, and it’s been a huge hit. I didn’t put my reuben sandwich on the menu, because it takes too long to set up the ingredients, but I pretty much have all the tuna melt ingredients available. I only have the tuna out of sushi, but taking sushi apart just gives me more rice. Which means I can make stuff with rice for myself and the girls without worrying about waste. 

I know it’s silly to worry about wasting ingredients, but a part of me will always worry. I guess some habits never die. I know Nat worries about wasting food, even though we give all our leftovers and scraps to the ants. I’m not sure Gin cares, but then I don’t think she ever really cared. 

More players just showed up! Time to cook!

Goodnight, Dungeon!