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The Admin rubbed the bridge of his nose, sighing. The mosquitoes had traveled all the way up to Floor 47, scattering keys and shuffling creatures around. 

The cycle reset put everything back where it ought to be, but it hadn’t removed the keys. And now, not half an hour after the reset, the mosquitoes were already on their way back up through the dungeon. 

If he didn’t figure out how to stop them, at least for one more cycle, they might seriously screw things up. They were becoming more of a nuisance than the catgirls…

He frowned, rolling his chair to a different screen. After scrolling through archives for a bit, he found what he was looking for. The yellow catgirl had spent a lot of time with the mosquitoes when they were ants. A lot of time. She was, at the very least, friends with them.

The Admin pushed his chair to a different screen. He pulled up a message box, setting the recipient as… Aya. He started typing, asking for her help.



Dear Diary,

Guess what catgirl has access to carbonated drinks now! That’s right, me. The diner got a soda machine!!! Root beer is one of those sodas, so root beer floats have been the dessert of the day. 

Is it dessert or desert? I’m pretty sure it’s the one with two S’s. If I’m wrong, no one will ever know. 

It kinda sucks that I can’t take the soda machine with me to the kobold’s floor, but oh well. At least I can put the soda into glass bottles and take those down. 

Gin says she knows a couple recipes that involve soda. At this point it shouldn’t have surprised me, since all of her recipes are stupidly unhealthy and usually involve junk food, but it still surprised me. Tomorrow she’s going to make something with the generic lemon-lime soda that totally isn’t Sprite (it’s totally Sprite). I’m pretty interested to see what she comes up with, really. 

I kinda wonder if Gin and her whole family had diabetes before she came here. Given what she cooks, it wouldn’t surprise me. But then, maybe she only cooks like this now because she knows we can’t die of heart attacks, so we can eat literally any amount of unhealthy and delicious crap and be fine. I’ll have to ask her about that one of these days…

Oh! We had the special marble race! My marble won!!! I knew he was going to be a good marble, and his sacrifice will forever be remembered. 

After the race we went around and picked up a bunch of leaves off the ground, and put them on a table in my diner. Over the next week, whenever we have time, we’ll draw smiley faces and stars on them. And write congratulatory messages on some. Mika still has to build the treasure chest, but she says it shouldn’t take her too long. 

The kobolds want another music competition this cycle, so Via and Mika are practicing for that. Which means I get to hear the same song over and over and over again. Yaaay…

I shouldn’t complain. I mean, how would I feel about someone complaining I’m always cooking? They’re just having fun, and it’s harmless. Besides, they’re good at it. At least I don’t have to listen to someone learning how to play the violin or something. 

I just realized, I haven’t seen Aya since the marble race. She was standing pretty close to the finish line when the marbles landed, maybe I should go make sure she’s ok. 

Goodnight, Dungeon!