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Dear Diary,

Yesterday Aya and Via went down to Floor 100. With a couple of the mosquitoes who used to be ants. I guess they wanted to see if they could make friends with the dragon? It didn’t work. The dragon isn’t like Lewis, it isn’t a person really. It attacked them as soon as they woke it up, and even though they didn’t attack back it killed them. 

Lilly and Kimi were pretty upset they went down. I mean, the Admin did specifically tell us not to. Aya said he just didn’t want us to press the button, so making friends with the dragon should be fine. Via just muttered something about feeling left out since she’d never seen the floor and we all have. 

I think Lilly and Kimi were the most upset because if we get trapped on this floor again they won’t be able to see their boyfriends. Mika and I agreed Aya and Via shouldn’t have gone down there, but we didn’t yell or anything. 

Anyways, they promised to not go down again. Via seemed pretty shaken by how Kimi and especially Lilly acted. I mean, Kimi yells a lot, but there’s usually a sense that she’s yelling because it’s fun for her. There was no fun in the yelling today. It was closer to snarling, really. And Lilly… Out of all of us she’s the most even-tempered. The more upset she feels about something, the calmer she acts. I’ve only heard her yell in anger like… twice. So for Lilly to yell at Via, it’s a big deal. And Via knows it. 

I’m sure we’ll all be friends again by next week. I mean, they didn’t press the button, so the Admin has no reason to trap us here again. Right? Besides, we’re connected in that we’re the catgirls. Nothing can keep us mad at each other too long. 

Although Lilly, Aya and Kimi didn’t show up for the marble race this afternoon. Via went back to her inn to practice for the music competition, but Mika and I tried to find Aya. We were scared she was trying to make friends with the dragon again, but Lewis said she hadn’t passed through his floor. So we went up, and we’re pretty sure she was on the mosquito’s floor. The giant rat things killed us when we were wandering around there, but we don’t really know where else she would have gone. She still isn’t back. Hopefully she shows up soon or I’ll start to be really worried. 

Mika and I didn’t bother looking for Kimi or Lilly. We agreed it was pretty obvious Lilly was with Staab and Kimi was with Y. 

So anyways, yep, there’s been drama. I hate drama. I hope it goes away soon. 

Goodnight, Dungeon!



Recipient: Admin
Subject: Re: Mosquitoes

As requested, I asked the mosquitoes to not go up through the floors this cycle. They agreed, on the condition that I take them to Floor 100. They promised to not push the button, so I took them. 

The dragon guarding the button killed us. They say all the mosquitoes that entered the floor died in the attack. I believe them, but you may want to verify. 

Since you specified I only ask they stay on their floor this cycle, I think they’re planning something insane for next cycle. They haven’t told me what yet, but if I find out I’ll let you know.

In return I request you not even consider locking us on our floors again. 

Thank you. 

 ⭐️ Aya ⭐️

Recipient: Aya
Subject: Re: Re: Mosquitoes
……….How the heck did you get those star emojis?