Cycle 39 (3)
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Dear Diary,

Drama continues! Ughhhh…

Ok so, Via and Aya went to Floor 100. Kimi freaked out thinking the Admin would trap us here again, and ran to Y. I don’t know what the thought process was, but they’re engaged now. 

Lilly is mad because she and Staab have been dating way longer than Kimi and Y, and she thinks… I don’t even know what she thinks. They should have waited until she and Staab got engaged first? Whatever it is, it’s stupid. 

Other than that, Via is back to being friends with everyone. Yay! And Aya is mostly back to being friends, but she’s now constantly followed by a swarm of mosquitoes. …Yay?

It kinda feels like Mika and I are the only sane ones in the group this cycle. Which means Mika and I have been spending a lot of time together. She’s trying to teach me how to draw mandalas, since I’m not very good at other kinds of drawing. It’s pretty relaxing, I’ve been having fun. 

We finished drawing on the leaves, and she finished making the treasure chest, so we put it on the walkway. The next players to find the walkway will be rewarded with a treasure chest full of useless but encouraging leaves. I can’t wait. 

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention that my roof is back! The cycle reset put it back on after Kimi burned it off. So that’s good to know, in case something burns down again. 

Falling asleep to the sound of rain on a roof is awesome. Falling asleep to the sound of rain on your blanket is annoying. If we didn’t have another house on the kobold’s floor for me to sleep at last cycle I would have gone insane. 

In other news, Floofles the dire wolf hurt her paw somehow. We think the wolves were playing, and she got her paw stuck in a door. A couple of the kobolds said we should just kill Floofles and have her respawn all healthy. Which, that does make sense. Being hurt here is a bigger deal than being killed. But there’s still this “death is bad” feeling we all have. So that started an argument about how to handle the injury. Lilly and Aya have a spell that lets them talk with animals, so Lilly asked Floofles what she wanted to do. But, see, death is bad. So obviously Floofles didn’t want to die. We don’t really have a med kit or anything that could help (Kimi has med kits, but they didn’t work on Floofles), and none of the kobolds were vets, so the best we could do was wrap the paw in a strip of cloth. 

Lewis told us to just leave Floofles be, not kill her, and maybe get her a better name. I’m pretty sure he just said that “Floofles” is a dumb name to get everyone to stop arguing about, y’no, the ethical morality of murder. He doesn’t like it when the kobolds get into real arguments. Lewis is a good leader. 

Aaaaanyways, hopefully tomorrow everything will be back to normal. 

Goodnight, Dungeon!