Chapter 10
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Rose looked out the window and she was too hurt beyond words. She felt as if her nightmare had just started and this was not how she thought her night would go.

So she wasn't in his thoughts at all but she actually missed him and why would he invite her just to hurt her feelings. What had she done so wrong besides be with him no matter what through thick and thin?

"Are you okay?" Ryder's voice came out softly as if he wanted to comfort her and at the same time not be intruding in her business.

Rose sighed, "Yeah, and how did you find me?"

"I saw most of it, I just couldn't leave you all alone," Ryder replied sheepishly.

Rose nodded, she couldn't care any less. The humiliation wouldn't make a difference, she was already full of it. They were silent for the rest of the ride home.

When they got there, Rose climbed out of the car and she dragged her feet into the house, Rose went to her room and she sat on her bed and couldn't move.

There was a light knock on her door, "Come in."

Ryder walked in tentatively, "Do you want to play baseball with me? I need help. Someone to throw for me."

"Right now?"


"It's at night Ryder."

"I know, the better."

Rose needed something to take her mind off her thoughts and sitting here wasn't helping at all, "Give me five minutes, I will be right there."

"Great," Ryder replied as he left and closed her door.

Rose changed into tights and a top. She put on some tennis shoes and tied her hair into a ponytail and she went outside and found Ryder dressed in his baseball attire.

Ryder showed her where to stand under the night sky and she threw for him. Over and over again she focused on throwing properly and Ryder would hit.

"Let's switch, I want to throw now," said Ryder.

Rose nodded, "Sure why not."

Rose took the bat but she would so much no matter how slowly Ryder threw the ball. Rose's shoulders drooped as she felt hopeless.

Ryder came and he stood behind her, his hand went around hers on the bat and so did the other hand, he helped her swing, "Like this steady but with enough force to hit the ball." said Ryder.

Rose nodded as Ryder carried on going back and forth with her and when she felt as if she got the hang of it he let her go and went to throw the ball.

After a few misses, Rose finally hit the ball and she was glad. Ryder threw many times and Rose hit, after hit after hit.

"Don't you want to take a break?" Ryder asked as he seemed to be concerned about her.

"Nope I'm okay, keep going,"

They went on and raindrops started to fall. Rose stopped hitting and when she tried to take a step towards the house, her strength was gone.

She sank to the ground, and let the water hit her. Rose saw Ryder come and sit next to her and he didn't say anything. Rose was too tired to say anything or to tell him to get back inside.

They just sat there and let the water pelt them.

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