Book one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess Prologue two:hungry girl
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Evolution:humanity's path into despair

Book one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess

Prologue Two:hungry girl

(james) "Hey Alice what you holding"

*The boy snatches the piece of bread *

This boy's name is James,he has a thing for Alice even though he bully's her every day

Alice looks extremely angry even though when james normally bully's her she doesn't care.You can here the screams of james as Alice breaks his arms and leg then punches him in the face


*Drops breed*


(still screaming) 

Alice immediately stops beating him up and catches her breed then goes back to her normal emotionless expression

*Starts crying*

(Guard)"Alice this is your 4rd fight this week i am sorry that i have to do this to such a young girl your at strike 5 so you know what that means" 

(for kid in the world if they start a fight there is a strike system the last three only gave her one each but this one two gave because she went to far so that mean she's at 5,4 is solitary confinement 5 is death)

The guard didn't look human he looked like a black shadow creature that mean he's the 2nd generation 

Alice immediately starts running she turns a corner and find the shadow guard she runs in the opposite direction only two find him in front of her again this repeats its self again and again until someone starts fighting the shadow guard for her.she runs and turns into a alleyway and bumps into an old man she quickly runs in the opposite direction only to be stopped by the man as she looks for a way to Escape she feels her body changing. 

[Conditions have been meet evolution into a chaos witch has been completed] 

[transplanting mana Circuit completed] 

[Conditions have been satisfied] 

(Alice)"did you just here that" 

(Unknown person)"you can't fool me that easily" 

*foot steps*

(Guard)"their you are"

(Unknown person)"oh were you looking for this kid" 

(Guard)"even though she is a criminal i am charging you with assaulting a minor" 

(Alice)"what with all these words Appearing in my head its telling me to say this" 

(unknown person)"i think she's gone made" 

(Guard)"both of you are under arrest" 

(Alice)"Con-stone line-far deon le-i-far"meaning (outrageous lightning)

You can hear the thunder as lightning hits both the Guard and other guy(it kills him) making a massive crater in the earth but where Alice stands the earth looks normal 

(Guard)"when the fuck did you awake and what even did you awake as magic isn't meant that strong even for a witch or wizard" 

Alice falls into the hole and dies

(Guard)"well i guess you used your magic circuits until they broke man i am gonna be in trouble because of you, you literally destroyed the hole city" 

Alice wakes up in a room

(Alice)"i am so hungry and where even am i" 

(goddess)"well your in some sort of after life" 

(Alice)"hay do you have any food i am starving" 

The goddess looks annoyed

(goddess)"know we don't i have some questions for you before i reincarnate you oh and just so you know you will have no memorys" 

Alice walks up to the goddess 

(goddess)"what do want to be in your next life" 

(Alice)"a superhuman oh and before you reincarnate you i can have something to eat" 

(goddess)"sorry i can't do i have two more questions" 

End of chapter