Book one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess Chapter one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess
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Evolution:humanity's path into despair

Book one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess

Chapter one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess

The girl takes a look at the goddess  and takes a bite in between her neck and shoulder the goddess screams and shots a magic bullet through her head but Alice just stands up.

(goddess)"how did you survive and what to my magic i can't use more of it"

6 hours later one fourth of the goddess is missing

The goddess says with a trembling voice

(goddess) reincarnation magic is not my power so i should be able use"

Then Alice disappeared

(goddess)"this can't be how is that even possible being possessed by your pass life's memories what the fuck even is she"

I wake up but i can't see anything but then i smell something and my hunger kicks in and i suck on it it tastes amazing then i fall asleep again a few hours later i hear some voices

(mum)"look at our daughter she look so cute"

(dad)"i will go pick up her older sister from the baby sitter and tell her the good news"

Oh yeah i got reincarnated by that bitch of a goddess

(mum)"i will name you Alice"

My eyes open and i start crying

Why am i crying then i see a completely naked woman who must be my mother and i stopping i try and wave and her

(Mum)"oh are you hungry again"

She picks me up and puts me in her arms i instantly go for the tits and start sucking  then stop after a minute

(Mum)"i should probably get dressed before your dad and sister get back"

2 hours later

Dad and someone who looked to be 7 mouths old girl at his side me and the girl lock eyes and she runs up to me and picks me up

(sister=Mia)"she's so cute"


(Mum)"it seems that she likes you Mia"

Wait now that i get a closer look my mum has elf ears and my dad has a tail and two big furry ears

12 years later

My dad is the 2nd generation and my Mum was the 7th generation or awaked super human

So that mean be and Mia are both 6th generation super humans that's why mia could talk(very well) at 7 mouths old Mia awaked last year she looks like long black hair, red eyes(she had blue before the awakening), pointed ears(a bit different than an elf), flat chest, skin is very pale, she's a half vampire half human well thats what they call her species.

I have also figured out that i can still use magic my from my past life but my magic circuits are extremely low quality and i don't that many only 5 but in my last life i had 7000 extremely high quality ones i so i can use simple spells like ra-on-die de il(Sparks) or de il com-in-de il(low heal) so yeah.the school i go to is full of supernatural people

Next week my school are holding a fighting festival i was planning on entering if i awaken which has less than 1% chance of happening wait how did i awaken before i was running away from someone then got grabbed by a stranger that's it i going go put myself in a life or death situation(awakening is different for everyone) i ran out of class as soon as i heard the bell.

(Mia)"where are you running off to this time sis"

(Alice)"none of your business"

(Mia)"well don't get your self in trouble"

(Alice)"But thats what i am planing on doing"

(Mia)"are you going to steal from the bakery again"

(Alice)"nope i gotta though"

I run down an Alleyway then see two drunk people who are talk i run right through the middle of them

(Drunk guy1)" watch where your going little girl "

As he slams his hand on my shoulder

(Drunk guy2)"dude don't damage her we could sell her in the slave market under the bank"

(Drunk guy1)"don't go leeking info like that man"

(Drunk guy2)"not like she's going to be leeking anything at all after i done her"

Oh god maybe i shouldn't have done this oh well let bet them up i should be stronger than them as a superhuman i punch one in the face then his gut then i kick the other guy in the balls as a start walking off then i hear something

[Conditions have been meet evolution into a Calamity witch has been completed]

[Transplanting mana Circuit completed]

[Focusing foreign power]

[Conditions have been satisfied]

1st off i evolved into a witch again
2nd off its a different type of witch?
3rd off thats not how i supposed to evolve/awaken
4th off i don't look any different well i guess i got this magic cycle on my neck
5th off i evolved

2nd, 3rd and 5th i am very surprised about but 1st and 4th not really

Wait are those two even alive nope well one is alive its the one i kick in the balls well thats super strength for you actually thats probably why i evolved in a Calamity witch because i am a super this time not a every day kid.i can't wait to go show sis this magic cycle.

2 hours later

i'm home that's strange the lights are off oh well mums probably just late and i think dad is actually working late and sis should be back at school still i walk into the living room only to vomit and scream at the sight of my mum and dad's Corpses i run to the phone and call emergency supernatural Services  then then call sis to get back as quickly as possible

1 hour later


(Mia)"what happened where's mum and dad"

I point to the living room Mia walks in and screem

(Mia)"what happened here sis"

(Alice)"i got home 3 hours ago a saw that then i called emergency supernatural Services then you.i so happy when got home because of"

I show her the magic cycle

(Mia)"when did you get that you don't even look different"

Then i hear a knock on the door

(Alice)"come in"

(Emergency services guy1)"what did you call me here for"

(Alice)"to inspect the dead bodys of mother and father"

(Emergency services guy1)"who that awakened over there"

(Mia)"i'm her sister and she called me just after she called you"

(Emergency services girl1)"where did it happen"

(Mia)"the living room"

We all walk back into the living

1 hours later (its now 8 pm)

(Emergency services guy2)"sorry we can't find anything"

(Emergency services guy1)"for now we will give you a place to stay as we check around your place"

(Emergency services girl2)" you have robed as well by the look of it

Me and sis got to stay in a hotel probably to get ow mind off it she asked me how i evolved so i told her the story but left some things out

The end