Book one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess Chapter 2 fighting festival/tournament part 1
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 "Sis wake up" 

"come on Alice let me sleep more" 

"today is the fighting festival though" 

"your not getting me with that trick again" 

"I'll let you have some of my blood and not that bottled stuff i will let have it straight out of me" 

"give me now" 

"sure it actually feels nice sometimes" 

I show her my neck she quickly grabs me and bring me into a hug and sucks on my neck

I moan in Delight

"whats with you and your love of vampires sucking your blood i don't even have an ability to make you feel pleasure like others vampires do"

"You say that with blood dripping down your"

"true your blood is the most delicious" 

"wait what" 

"you didn't hear anything" 

"oh ok, you know i wasn't lying about the festival right?" 

"oh god whats the time we gotta hurry" 

"8:22 and it will take us 28 minutes to get to school from here because of yesterday" 

"come on we gotta get dressed and go" 

"I'll be there in a sec" 

32 minutes later 

"Where finally here" 

"um hay sis" 

"whats up Alice" 

"well do you know where i go to register as a 7th generation" 

"student council room number 8" 

"thanks see you at the tournament" 

I speed walk to the student council room and knock

*knock knock*

"who's there and what's your business in student council room number 8"

"Alice white and i just Awakened into a 7th gen" 

"come in your Mia's sister right" 


"well just wright your Evolution under your name" 

He hands me a book with all of the names of the students and their evolutions

"yes sir, what now" 

"just run back class and say ina-inan to the the teacher and she will let you off for being late" 


I walk to room number 2 and open the door

"you're late" 


"Awakened huh" 

She said under her breath 

I walk to my seat and sit down

"ok let continue roll call" 























"ok as you know the tournament is today i only get to choose four of you to enter though and they are-"

"thats no fair because your only go to choose people like mia who have been Awakened for ages" 

"thats not exactly true if you would listen to my people" 


"wait she isn't even awakened" 

"well she is now but i was going to choose her even if she wasn't" 

The class started talking about Alice and when did she awaken

"can stop talking over ever little thing especially you max" 

"yes mam" hole class



"and max i didn't want to choose you but the principal told me to" 

"his own mother did want to choose" 

"shut up Ilena" 

My teacher look like she want to cry for some reason 

The hole class just stared at Ilena 

"well it was fun having a new transfer student but they always piss off miss kae" 

In the next second Ilena's head was disconnected from her body

"far-deon teo teon" (quick immortality)

As soon as i said that Ilena's head grew a new body

"lar neon teo deon de-il" (weak barrier) 

Then a blue semicircle curved Ilena

"Far De-on de il(god bullet) (stole from the goddess Emma)

A red bullet appeared in front of me pointing at miss kae

"Don't dear touch my best friend again" 

The hole class look at Alice like she's a psychopath

"wait what fuck doing why am i pointing a god bullet at miss kae"

"oh there you go personality switch again" 

"yeah yes severe multi personality disorder" 

"well everyone in that family does even mia" 

"at least her personalities aren't as bad as mia's" 


"very much so" 

 I give them a death glare and they shut up

"ok as i was saying the four that i just mentioned please go to student council room number 5"

"yes mam"


"come sis we don't wanna be late" 


"wait did she just switch again or what how does yes remember that but not what she just did"