Book one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess Chapter 2 fighting festival/tournament finals
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Book one:The possessed dead girl who ate a goddess 

Chapter 2 fighting festival/tournament part 2

Me, sis, jack and max

Walk to student council room 5 we open the door  and talk to the person at the desk he give us each a number either one or two depending everyone how got the same number would be on the same team we all walk to the waiting room and get given a sheet of paper that tells us the rules of the first part of the festival 


1:no familiars/team mates 

2:no attack for both side if one surrenders

3:no drugs 

4:no killing anyone how isn't involved in the Fight

Round one 1v1

Mia c2 vs Kyle c4

Jack c2 vs Conway c3

Max c2 vs Brodie c1

Alice c2 vs Alice c4 

Maximus c4 vs Sara c4 

Mi c1 vs Elijah c3

Dan c3 vs exdue c3

Ami c1 vs exdue c1

"first up we have got mia the vampire princess from class 2"

(vampire princess is her alnor name(title /nickname) which is given to you by the government abit after you awaken) 

"and she will be versing kyle of the crimson wolf from class 4"

"now let the battle begin in 



In the blink of an Kyle's head disappears and standing in front of him was mia blood comes out of him and goes everywhere. 

"and the winner is mia" 

In the second everyone can see time rewind back to before kyle dead 

And the both walk of the arena,mia walk up to me and asks 

"do you know about Jack and his awakened ability" 

"let me check" 

"Mo eil con-stone" (awakening check) 

Name:Alexander (Er! ROr!) 

Fake name:Jack death throw brown



Awakening LN:8th generation, 2nd generation? 

Awaken:dark elf

2nd Awaken:dream god



I tell mia what i just saw then i look at mia and use on her when the crowd is loud enough that she won't hear

"Mo eil con-stone" (awakening check) 

Name:Mia danafall


Species:super human

Awakening LN:8th generation

Awaken:half human half alner vampire 

2nd awaken:Princess of the blood god

Status:cursed, multi minded

Titles:you murder your own mother so i give you this Title, double personality someone who has two or more personalitys that they were born with

"next up we have got jack of the dream wolf Alexander" 

I look at my sister in pure shock not even listening to the announcer first when did she become an 8th gen and she killed why why 


"what's wrong sis" 

"go away y-you moster" 

"Far De-on de il"(god bullet) (stole from the goddess Emma)

I point it at her

"wait sis just cam down and tell me what happened" 


Everyone looks at me like i'm more of a psycho than before 

"did you..." she whispers but everyone here has enhanced senses so they heard her

I fire than god bullet at and she instantly dies but then my guilt takes over i start crying as i rip my own heart out whats the point in living without my sister why did i do that i don't if she killed mom as long as i had her i would be but then remember something who killed dad where my thoughts as i heard this


[you have slain an 8th generation being called princess of the blood god] 

[conditions have been meet evolution into an 8th generation will commence] 

[you have evolved into Princess of the magic god] 

[congratulations you are 100% compatible with Princess of the blood god] 

[Princess of the blood god and Princess of the magic god will begin the fusion process] 

[You have evolved into Princess of ancestral blood Ouroboros] 

[waring changes to your body are commencing] 

[transplanting new mana circuits] 


1 years, 5 Days and  2 hours later 

I thought i was dead is this the after lifei hope sis doesn't hate wIt no this feels like earth wait was i buried alive