Chapter 100 – The Last Week of Training
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After returning from the Impossible mission, Sam was congratulated by Arthur, the director of the Training Hall, he was informed that the Impossible mission was now closed. 

There was only one dragon that they prepared, and there were limited number of high orcs or dark elves too, as it was unexpected that the trainees would be able to kill so many of them, mainly because of him,

The lower levels were still ok due to goblins and kobolds breeding like bunnies

"So you're telling me, I cannot do these missions anymore?" Sam asked

"No. I am sorry. There is only so many of these monsters prepared" Arthur answered

"Prepared by who?" Sam asked

"By them. The beings that brought us here. I am sorry, I don't know more than that" Arthur answered

"Even you don't know?" Sam asked curiously. 

"I am a mere human like you. I was tasked to do this, in order for more karma points. I am far from becoming a creator. Perhaps they would know" Arthur said apologetically. 

"No they won't. Merlin certainly didn't" Sam thought to himself. 

He went to the forge, hoping to forge the dragon parts into armor and weapons, but was told that they didn't have that level of skill here.

He would have to do so in Fantasia. He decided not to cash in on his jewels and other stuff from the dragon's cave, but spent 15 gold coins, an extravagant amount, on another storage ting.

He kept his hidden ring a secret, but purposely had another ring to distract from his main ring.

In it, he moved all the average weapons from the survival tutorial as well as 10,000 gold coins, a fortune, in it.

In actuality, the amount in his hidden ring under his kilt was over 250,000,000 gold coins, which was the total wealth of the dragon, not including the jewels and other enchanted items, including his sword Dragonslayer.

Since he could no longer do the Hard and Impossible missions, he decided to train himself in the final week.

He did multiple tomb raiding mission, emphasizing his agility and movement

He trained with all his different familiars, from Lara Croft to Mindy McCready (Hitgirl), from Selina Kyle (Catwoman) to Kate Kane (Batwoman)

He learned techniques from all of them, even if his stats were limited.

As he checked his stats, he added the tumbling and parkour skill

[Name: Sam Serra
Class: Magic  Swordsman
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Level: 17
Strength: 11 Speed: 11
Agility: 11 Durability: 12
Intelligence: 12 Charisma: 10
Life: 137 Mana: 137]

[Skill - Swordsmanship Lvl 5]
[Skill - Parry Lvl 3]
[Skill - Cleave Lvl 3]
[Skill - Dodge Lvl 3]
[Skill - Pierce Lvl 1]
[Skill - Parkour Lvl 1]
[Skill - Tumbling Lvl 1]
[Special Skill - Summon Familiars]
[Special Skill - Heal]
[Special Skill - Magic Missile]

He continued training melee skills as well as tumbling and agility skills with them, even if he was still far from a match for them.

Especially with a sword, Sam was getting quite formidable, being able to beat his melee familiars that were not sword specialists. '

"Ugh" Sam crashed on the ground as Max (Dark Angel) sat on him.

Both were sweaty after an intense workout. 

Sam had disarmed her sword, but she moved instantly tripping him and pinning him to the ground, her enhanced strength pinning his sword arm, leaving him defenceless 

"Getting cocky Sam" she giggled as she sat on him.

She leaned down to kiss him, but he flipped her, getting on top of her between her legs

Since they were naked, one thing led to another and the obvious thing happened

Inside the Nexus, the other familiars booed and hissed jealously. 


Sam exited the tomb mission only to find the War Maidens waiting at the missions hall

"How come you take so long with the tomb mission? It's only rated Moderate?" Jessica asked

"Yeah, we've done this mission with you, so you should already know the solution" Tina said

"Oh, I do my physical workout inside. The tomb has a nice layout which allows me to do a full body workout" he answered

"Makes sense" Tyler said and added "Hey, do you want to join us for a Hard mission?" 

"Sorry I can't anymore" Sam answered

"Why not?" Tyler pouted

"Our Samsara here, has been banned from all Hard missions since he finished the Impossible mission" Brad, the leader of the Roughnecks answered for him. 

The Roughnecks were also here for a mission. 

"So what was the Impossible mission like? I hear it's no longer available" Brad asked as the Roughnecks and the War Maidens surrounded him. 

"It was a dragon. It was the toughest fight of my life, harder than the hydra!" Sam answered

"So how did you kill it?" Tera asked

"You have to peel off it's reverse skale, located under its chin. But the scales are extra tough! I bent over 4 swords trying to pry it off. And even after getting it out, it took several attempts to pierce through it's muscles to finally kill it" Sam lied. 

"That's crazy!" Kobe said admiringly. 

"Anyway, are you guys also going to do more missions?" Sam asked Brad

"Yeah. We failed the Dark Elf mission earlier, so we're going to try it again. Too bad you can't join us anymore. I heard you helped the War Maidens clear the High Orc mission" Brad said

"So what? Samsara doesn't belong to you" Tyler said and hugged Sam's arm again, rubbing her breasts on it. 

"No, no he doesn't does he belong to the War Maidens then?" Brad asked

Tyler stuck out her tongue at him and let go of Sam's arm. 

"We better get going. See you around Samsara" she said, fluttering her eyes at him. 

"Good luck girls" Sam smiled then faced Brad and the Roughnecks

"Good luck to you guys too" he said

"Thanks man. See you after" Brad said as the Roughnecks also went to take up another Hard mission. 

Sam returned to his room. He was barely here as he trained constantly. He undressed and entered the showers, enjoying the hot water as it rained on his body. 

While bathing, washed every bit of his body, before he transformed into Sharon. 

"Hey! What are you doing with my body?" Sharon said inside his head

"It feels nicer to touch when I bathe" he said, rubbing and himself all over with his eyes closed.

"Hey! Why am I out now?" Sharon asked, standing under the shower. 

"I'm going to take a nap. Enjoy the shower. Just make sure nobody sees you" Sam said inside her head.