Chapter 101 – Leaving The Training Hall
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Arthur stood in front of the 197 survivors, including Sam. Behind the director Arthur were the other administrators was Marisol, Nasha, Kylie and Angelo

"Your one month of training is over! I hope you used your time here productively. 

From now on, if you die in Fantasia, you die for real. It's not a training mission!

If we do meet again out in Fantasia, it will be as equals, so I wish you well

When you pass this door, you will be transported to a city called Russelbarr.

There are no goals here. You will be free to do what you want.

You can be a mercenary at the mercenary guild and do missions for gold, or you can open a shop once you have enough money and live a peaceful life. 

But the possibility is there for you to become a creator, like a god. 

Your choices will determine your destiny. 

So I bid you good luck" he said as a huge double sided wooden door opened. 

"That was vague! How did Merlin and the rest become creators?" Sam wondered

The 197 people slowly walked towards the door curiously. 

Many of them moved in groups like the Roughnecks and the War Maidens. 

Sam was pulled by Tyler to exit with them, so he complied. 

Going to a new world together definitely was better than going alone, as he experienced before. 

As they exited the Training Hall, they seemed to be teleported to another place, as they seemed to exit a portal stuck to a city wall. 

The Roughnecks bade their farewells and went off on their own while Sam was pulled to join the War Maidens to explore the city.

He actually didn't mind. They were all quite beautiful, and he didn't mind the attention, not only by Tyler, but also by the others

They found themselves an inn, and the girls booked 5 rooms to be shared and Sam got his own room separately. 

As they met back at the lobby, they saw the Roughnecks booking rooms too. 

Both teams were ranked 1st and 2nd respectively in the Training Hall, so they did have a decent amount of gold to start in Fantasia. 

Of course, everyone knew Sam was the number 1 in finishing missions, so they all assumed he had money. After all, he could afford a storage ring on his hand (though nobody knew about his other hidden ring). Furthermore, nobody knew about the dragon loot. 

Brad told them that they had just registered their team and gave them directions to the mercenary guild headquarters. 

The whole atmosphere was like a vacation as tour groups met each other. 

Their new life in Fantasia hasn't fully hit them yet. 

However, Sam was not sucked in by this mood. He had experienced the endgame of this life. 

He wondered if Fantasia was perhaps another creator's world, like Merlin's before. 

They had a meal together, Sam with the Roughnecks and War Maidens, before Sam and the War Maiden left to register themselves at the guild too. 

They left after that to check out the shops in the city and broke into smaller groups. 

Tyler wanted to follow Sam, but he had already disappeared into the crowd. 

He entered several blacksmith shops, enquiring about the creation of a dragonscale armor. 

Most of them chased him out, thinking he was an overambitious newbie. 

He eventually found a blacksmith shop, manned by a dwarf. 

"So ye want to forge a dragonscale armor do ye? Do you know where to find a dragon?" he asked gruffly. 

"Do you have a large enough space?" Sam replied

The dwarf brought him to the backyard. It was fenced with a tall wooden fence and it was barely large enough to fit the dragon. 

Sam gestured and the huge dragon appeared from within his hidden ring

"D...d....dragon!" the dwarf blanched

"So, can you do it?" Sam asked

"Y..y...yes" the dwarf answered

"How many can you make from this?" Sam asked

"At least 20 armors!" he answered

"And weapons from the bones?" Sam asked

"What do you want? Axes? Swords?" the dwarf asked excitedly. 

"What can you make?" Sam asked

"From this body, I can make 4 great axes, 4 great swords, 20 swords, and over 40 daggers from the fingerbones and the 4 hands. From the other bones and tendons, I can make 4 to 6 bows and multiple arrows. Although I can't make wands, but the heart strings can be made into the cores of powerful wands." the dwarf said excitedly. 

"And how much will all these cost?" Sam asked

"100,000 50,000 gold for everything! It will be my pleasure" he said

Sam took out 100,000 gold from his hidden ring, leaving the 10,000 in his normal ring untouched. 

"I can trust that you won't disappear with my dragon right?" Sam said

"No, you can trust me. My name is Dorgon" the dwarf said, not wanting to offend somebody that could kill a dragon. 

"Ok. My name is Samsara. How long will it take?" Sam asked

"You mean everything? If everything, it will take several months! But if you come in regularly, I can make one weapon or armor per week" he said

"Ok, make the first armor for me, and I will bring in my companions to measure them every few weeks" he said

"Do you need a sword too?" Dorgon asked

"No. But I want you to look at this" Sam said, bringing out Dragonslayer.

Dorgon frowned as he looked at the sword with the black handle inside the black scabbard. There was gold carvings into the scabbard, but it didn't look impressive as compared with other magical swords. 

He unsheathed the sword and slashed it at one of his half made swords on the anvil. 

The sword went right through the sword and even the anvil!

"Wh....what? That's a orichalcum anvil!" Dorgon gasped 

"What do you think the sword is?" Sam asked

"I don't know. But I've never seen anything cut orichalcum before, and so easily. This is a powerful sword!" Dorgon said

"I know" Sam said, taking back his sword. 

After being measured, Sam left and went shopping. He bought several extra boots and shoes for his familiars as well as cloaks for the mages and leather bikinis for his warriors, both for easy and quick wear. 

After storing them into his common ring, he went back to the inn to meet up with the rest of the War Maidens.