Chapter 107 – Rothuroc
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The small team consisting of Samsara, Nasha and Steven walked up the rocky hills that seemed endless

They were glad they didn't bring their wagons as the terrain was too steep and rocky 

As they ascended the next hill, from afar, they saw a gigantic dust storm which was covering the tallest mountain!

The dust storm flashed with lightning, and from within, 3 large dragon heads could be seen and a pair of wings, all attached to the same body.

The storm seemed to be generated from the dragon's wings, and the wind was strong enough to blow them off their feet even several kilometers away.

"What the hell is that?" Samsara said in shock

"It reminds me of King Ghidorah" Steven said

"I've heard of this dragon. It's name is Rothuroc the Evil. Each of its head can shoot a different breath, which are lightning, poison and acid" Nasha said

"Tha...that's Rothuroc?" Steven stammered, recognizing the name. 

"What have you heard about it?" Sansara asked

"It's a natural disaster, more devastating than a volcano. Everywhere it appears, cities disappear in ruin with very few survivors. No one, no hero, adventurer or whatever, has managed to defeat it" Nasha said

"So what is it's weakness? How can we defeat it?" Samsara asked

"Defeat it? We must run, warn Russelbarr and abandon it, hide somewhere far far away" Steven said

"You're running? Then I'll stay. I want a crack at it" Samsara said

"Are you crazy? Nobody has come close to defeating it!" Steven said

"It hasn't faced me yet" Samsara smiled. 

"No... you can go commit suicide if you want. I'm out of here. Let's go Nasha" Steven said running off, before suddenly turning around. 

"Nasha?" Steven asked, looking at her. 

"I.. I'll stay here with Samsara" she said

"You don't have to" Samsara said

"I want to" she said, looking him in the eyes

"You're crazy. Both of you....I wish you luck. The storm is getting stronger, meaning he's coming this way. Bye" Steven said, running downhill as fast as he could without falling. 

"So what's the plan?" Nasha asked

"The plan? I'm planning to throw everything at it and the kitchen sink" Samsara smiled, removing his clothes, now that it was only he and Nasha there. 

"What are you.." she started asking 

But he pointed at his erect dick which had something growing on it. 

A beautiful woman appeared and released her pussy that was holding his dick and walked away with a wink, heading towards the 3-headed dragon. 

"That...that is..." Nasha couldn't place the name, but knew that she has seen a movie with her in it. 

"That's Serleena" Samsara said

"Ser..leena?" Nasha asked, still confused

"Men In Black II" Samsara explained as another body grew from his cock. 

"Men in Black... II....oh!" Nasha suddenly realized

One by one, naked women appeared from his cock, and waited next to each other, unlike Serleena who headed off first.  

Kara, Linda and Samantha the 3 Kryptonians, Diana aka Wonder Woman and Mary Embrey aka Hancock

Usually Samsara could summon 3 familiars without too much of a dent to his mana.

But now, against Rothuroc, he summoned 6, which would drain him completely if they remained for too long

He wanted the battle to be over fast. 

From afar, they saw a unlimited amount of gigantic tentacles suddenly appear and wrap around the screaming dragon. 

Acid, Poison and Lighting flashed everywhere as Rothuroc battled against Serleena who was holding it in place. 

"Lets go!" Diana said as she dashed towards it and the other 4 flew at the dragon. 


Suddenly a loud explosion sounded as the 3 Kryptonians rammed into Rothuroc at the same time, each smashing into a head and Hancock  smashed it's chest, knocking it backwards. 

The concussive wave rolled towards them at the speed of sound as Samsara hugged Nasha and ducked behind a rock. 

The wave caused an earthquake as the rock they were hiding behind stared shaking and even cracked in half!

They stumbled and rolled down the hill, as Samsara protected Nasha with his naked body, getting cuts and bruises everywhere. 

As they reached the bottom of the hill, Nasha looked at Samsara who was still hugging her, naked and bleeding everywhere

Just then, a huge wind and dust storm overcame them as lightning flashed everywhere

Nasha closed her eyes and screamed, but her screams could not be heard over the thunder and the loud sounds of battle

She couldn't open her eyes for fear she would be blinded by the dust and could feel the dust scraping her exposed skin like sandpaper

Her clothes were torn apart and the wind even tore her pants of and blew it away

Nasha had never been so fearful in her life and thought she was going to die

She feared Samsara was already dead too, due to the very nature around them threatening to kill them.

Just then, she felt her remnant panties being pushed aside and something long and hard entered her

"Over the fear and pain, she felt Samsara fucking her. It was dry and the sand was rough and painful as the sand entered everywhere but she felt comforted by his familiar cock.

His mouth suddenly kissed her, giving her air as the storm was making it hard to breathe.

She hugged him tightly as the air was pulled out of her lungs by the storm and she passed out.


[Heal] Samsara cast as his body healed Nasha's body everywhere he touched her, his penis even healed inside her pussy.

"Samsara?" she said, opening her eyes. He looked completely fine, as if he was never injured, and as she checked her body, she didn't even have a scratch on her.

However, the horror she faced wasn't a nightmare. Her clothes were all ripped off by the wind and dust.

In actuality, the dust storm had scraped off both of their skins, and they would have died if not for Samsara's glitched healing spell.

Fortunately, their rings were intact and they brought out clothes to wear.

"Thank you" Nasha said, remembering his cock comforting her, and him healing her

She hugged him and kissed him passionately

"Let's go see the aftermath of the battle" Samsara said as they walked off hand in hand