Chapter 109 – Another Witch
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Luscious lips started forming around Samsara's cock as his erect dick stuck out of it like a long tongue.

His cock started looking like it was being swallowed as more of a beautiful face started forming from his groin.

"Hey what..." Hermione yelled as Mindy jumped and engulfed the cock still sticking out of the mouth, and started kissing the lips that was slowly sucking his cock into her face. 

Mindy sat onto Samsara's face, pushing her pussy onto his lips, forcing him to eat her pussy, which he happily complied, since he was already fully aroused due to the experience of summoning a new familiar. 

"Mmmmph  mmmph" the new mouth tried to say as Mindy pinched her nose as the new face started emerging from Sam's groin. 

Pinching her nose made her gasp for air, forcing the new face to passionately kiss Mindy's lips which she enjoyed

Hands started emerging from the side of Samsara's hips and Mindy let go of the new girl's nose, her hands holding each hand, entwining fingers with her and  prevented her from pushing herself out of Sam's body. 

"Enough Mindy. You'll suffocate her" Hermione scolded

Mindy released her hands and smiled, still sitting on Sam's face. 

The new girl's face started coming out faster, now already swallowed the tip of Sam's cock as his cock could be seen moving in her throat. 

She put her hands onto Sam's hips and started pushing herself out of his body, still facing away from Sam so that he could still not see who she was. 

From the back, he could see that she was blonde, with a porcelain completion and a slim body. He could also see that she had nice perky breasts, but not particularly large.

As her legs popped out, their groin's separated and she gasped, finally feeling Sam's enormous cock inside her pussy, filling her up deeply. 

"Get off Mindy.. I want to see" Sam said as Mindy grinded her pussy into his face harder. 

"Come on Mindy. Don't be so cheeky" Hermione scolded again. 

"Fine!" Mindy said as she rolled her eyes and got off his face

Samsara looked at the naked woman who was seated on him reverse doggie style, moaning as she rocker her hips while fucking him. 

"Oooh oooh oooh" she moaned as she leaned backwards onto him. 

His hands reached out from behind and groped her breasts from under her armpits. 

"Mindy!" Hermione scolded again as Mindy went between Samsara's legs and licked his balls and her clitoris as the new woman bounced up and down in front of her. 

"OOOoooooh" she climaxed as she ejaculated all over Mindy's face. 

"Hey!" Mindy said just as Samsara's cum exploded inside her, and also spurting all over Mindy's face

"Serves you right" Hermione huffed, but Mindy didn't mind and started licking off the cum and feminine juices off her face. 

"Oh... that was... wonderful.." the blonde said as she lifted one leg and turned around to face Samsara. 

He looked at her pretty face and recognized her but couldn't place her name.

"Er... Nicolle?" Samsara asked, recognizing Nicolle Kidman immediately. 

"Nicolle? name is Isabelle... Isabel Bigelow" the blonde said

Isabel Bigelow, the witch from the romantic comedy Bewitched. Samsara wanted to summon another witch, but he didn't expect it to be her. 

Not that he was complaining. She was beautiful and her body felt fantastic. 

"Mmmmm" she kissed him as he felt her lithe body rub him as she embraced him. 

"I can't believe he summoned someone just so that he didn't waste a new broom" Hermione huffed, regretting that she didn't take the broom. 


Within the Nexus, Isabel met all the other familiars as the telepaths linked them all up in a mind link, bringing her up to speed with who everyone was and what was happening. 

While in the Nexus, Samsara was having an orgy with the others whom he hadn't spent time with and fucked for a while, trying to give each of them quality time with him. 

As he had planned, he was going to leave Russelbarr tomorrow, so he enjoyed a huge orgy until his balls was fully drained


In the late morning, Samsara said his farewell to a few friends, namely Marisol and Nasha who both gave him subdued hugs in the guild hall, to avoid causing a scene with each other, although they both managed to pull him aside somehow for a private passionate kiss and a final quickie.

He left notes for the War Maidens and the Roughnecks who were out on missions.

As he left Russelbarr, he was dressed in normal leather armor, deciding that his dragon armor was too conspicuous.

He was accompanied by Hermione who was dressed in normal wizard robes and her hood covered her head. It wouldn't be good if others from Earth recognized Emma Watson there.

Similarly, Mindy was dressed in leather armor, with a sword, multiple knives and a bow and full quiver, looking very much like a ranger, also with her hood covering her face for the same reason. People recognizing Chloe Grace Moretz  wouldn't be great either.

"Hey Samsara...since you've proven that you can again summon familiars.... why haven't you created and summoned any of the rest like Jemina, Aria and Arisa.. Gwen...Celestia and Serene..." Mindy asked

"I... they were Merlin's creations... independent from me" Sam answered

"Surely, if you can create us from your memories of characters from movies like you said, surely you can recreate them exactly as you remembered them" Mindy asked

"He's afraid that if he does, what happens if he meets the originals again?" Hermione said

"But each of us has had several bodies after we died" Mindy said

"Yes, but there was only one of you at a time. What happens if you are resurrected and you found that Samsara had created another of you?" Hermione asked

Sam nodded. Hermione got to the exact point easily. He would feel like he was betraying his Samsara bodies if he made familiar copies of them.

As they followed the lonely road, they came across a beautiful lake and there was a goose nearby honking at them menacingly.

There were also several rabbits nearby.

As he was starting all over again, old memories of his beginning days having difficulty against even a goose and a few rabbits resurfaced in his mind.

"Lets have goose and rabbit for dinner" Sam smiled evilly.

Hermione and Mindy nodded. Although they had packed rations, fresh meat was always welcome.