Chapter 16 – An Incident On The Way To Willow
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After leaving the forest, Sam and the rest took a bath in the lake next to the road to Willow. This was the very same lake he started next to originally. They were all naked, enjoying their bath and washing off all the dirt, blood and grime from the earlier battle with the bandits and other monsters. 

The girls were laughing as Sam regaled the story of how he bravely struggled to fight a goose, rabbits and wolves. 

"Seriously, rabbits?" Mindy asked. She looked nearby and saw a pair of rabbits and approached them. Walking up to them, she picked one of them up and hugged it.

"Cute!" Hermione said as she approached Mindy to pet it as well. 

Suddenly, the rabbit in Mindy's arms started biting her breasts, while the one on the ground nearby started headbutting her leg. 

"Ouch! Vicious fuckers!" Mindy said as she kicked the one on the ground away, killing it instantly and with a smooth motion drop kicked the one in her arms away as well. Both rabbits turned into drumsticks and coins. 

Tauriel walked over and picked up the drumstick, while the coins disappeared as soon as she was nearby. 

"This is a strange world" she said as she took a bite out of the drumstick. "Mmmmm, this is delicious!"

"Yeah. Strange world. It's a good thing those bandits and monsters only dropped coins and random items, and didn't turn into drumsticks. Otherwise, I'll vomit" Sam nodded. 

Mindy picked up the nearby drumstick from the rabbit she kicked. "You're right, this is delicious!" she said after taking a bite. 

"Lets get some for everyone" Natasha said as she and Alice walked off. Several gunshots were fired in the distance. Less than a minute later, everyone was enjoying their food. They hunted several creatures nearby, collecting enough for a few meals. 

Sam decided to look into his inventory to see what they picked up. While in the bandit base, every time he or one of his familiars killed a bandit or monster, they would drop items and gold.

However, as his familiars moved independently and they automatically picked up items just by being close to them, they never really bothered paying attention to what they picked up. 

"Wow, that's alot of gold!" Sam exclaimed. Of course it made sense, since they literally destroyed a whole base of bandits that numbered over a thousand of them. That's the size of a small to middle sized town!

He had accumulated just over 20 million gold coins! Besides that, there was a mountain of gems of varying colors, a large number of scrolls and spell books, literally hundreds of low level swords, bows and arrows and other weapons. He literally had an armory in his inventory. Luckily his inventory didn't have a limit, otherwise at this rate he will be arranging his inventory all the time and have no time to do anything else. 

"Uh... I have a ton of clothes in here. Dresses, cloaks, leather armor and such. Do you girls want any?" he asked. 

"I like Hermione's modern lycra stuff. Leather gets hot and smelly, but I'll have a look anyway" Serene said as she disappeared into the Nexus. "Me too" Alice said. The others also agreed as they too entered the Nexus.

"Ok then. You girls do your thing, I'll keep going towards Willow" he communicated in the mind link.

He took out some clothes for himself and put on leather pants and boots with a fluffy white shirt. He also armed himself with a decent looking sword. 

Looking at his reflection, he smiled at the dashing looking person looking back at him. "Not bad, not bad at all" he said as he winked to himself and started walking towards Willow, feeling great.

Hours later, he was no longer feeling great. In fact, he was miserable. The sky was dark and gloomy even though it was still late afternoon and the wind was getting quite strong. 

"I better look for some shelter for the night" he thought as he looked around near the road. 

"Over there, it looks like there would be a cave there" Tauriel said in his mind link. They could see everything he was doing in the Nexus, and it was advantageous for him as they had a 360 view of his surroundings, and are able to warn him of any danger. 

Tauriel was a master tracker, so this terrain wasn't alien to her, as is had similar terrain to Middle Earth. As Sam walked off the road for around 20 metres, he did find a cave that overlooked a short cliff. Just 3 meters down from the cliff was a stream with a basin that made it ideal for a bath. The cave was quite well hidden too, and if he didn't approach from his angle, and had approached from the stream, he would never be able to see the cave. 

Just in time, the heavens started opening and simply dumped huge amounts of water out of the sky. Sam ran into the cave to avoid the rain, but the cave wasn't very deep and the rain splashed inside too. 

"Whatever!" Sam said, not caring about the rain as he entered the Nexus. Since he had the comfort of the Nexus, with plenty of lovely ladies to keep him company, the downpour wasn't going to damper his spirits. 

His clothes immediately flew off and the girls happily dived onto him.

Pleasuring 6 girls wasn't easy with only 1 dick, but he tried his best. Multiply limbs entwined with each other, and he felt warm and wet orifices engulfing his fingers and toes, kissing and licking numerous top and bottom lips, and he doesn't even know where his penis has been, only that he had ejaculated an unknown number of times from all the sensations it was feeling. Every time he opened his eyes, he either saw gorgeous faces kissing him, or closeups of genitals that smothered his face. 

After hours and hours of lovemaking, they all finally slept. The storm was still howling outside the cave, but in the Nexus, Sam was safe, comfortable, warm and exhausted. 

Sam woke up late in the morning. Everyone else was still lazing on him as he felt multiple breasts all pressed all over his body as he was hugged from all over. He felt someone suckling his penis while someone else was licking his balls while fingering his anus.

"Ahem... good morning ladies. That was enjoyable, but I have got to get up and pee desperately" he said. He felt the finger exit is anus as the girls parted from his naked body, giving him room to get up. They all looked at him with longing in their eyes, following his every move. 

"Fuck, they're still unsatisfied?" he groaned as he exited the Nexus in a hurry and ran out of the cave to the edge of the small cliff. Closing his eyes, he released a long stream of pee towards the stream below the cliff.

"Aaaaah..finally.." he said as a huge amount of pee plus leftover semen that was left inside his shaft was shot out of him at high pressure. 

Suddenly, he heard a loud scream! Opening his eyes, he looked down only to see a gorgeous brunette, naked and covered in his pee!

He stood there stunned, naked and with his dick in his hand as he still continued peeing on her! He heard female voices shout "Protect the princess!"

"Oh fuck! The princess?" was the last thing he thought as he sensed movement behind him and he felt a sharp pain from the back of his head as everything went dark.