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The next morning, Sayuri woke up slightly late than her usual routine as last night was a roller coaster ride for her. She never thought that there would be one day when she, Sayuri Akane would be troubled this much because of a boy.

Apart from her dad, no one has ever dared to talk so meanly with her. And even her father only scolded her for studying too much. So this unexpected cold treatment from her fiancè was too much to tolerate.

If it wasn't for her dad's happiness she would never have ever stayed in the same air as Yuuta. But here she was extending her lips and pretending to smile like a lovely to-be-bride, should.

After changing her clothes and freshening, she went down as she saw the family of three sharing the table with a peaceful and lovely atmosphere surrounding them.

"Good morning, Otou-sama, Okaa-sama." Sayuri bowed elegantly as she greeted her both in-laws. Well even if it was a fake relationship she have to do her earnest to win their trust. 

It was risky to tell them about this contractual engagement as Yuuta's father might not be able to hide this fact and lie to his dearest friend. Of course, it was only a hunch but Sayuri wasnt considering even a slight risk that could obstruct her father's happiness.

"Morning, Sayuri. It seems Yuuta would be the one waking you up after marriage." Sayuri's face went slightly red in embarrassment as her unusual waking call, made them misunderstand her habit.

"Dont worry, Okaa-sama. I will improve myself with time and Yuuta-kun's help." Sayuri took a seat available beside Yuuta as she expressed her decorative word with care.

"Ah dont improve or something. It's quite right to wake late, it's just your fiancè is a rather unusual early person." Sayuri tilted her head toward Yuuta who was reading the newspaper without caring about his surrounding. 

"Well, what time do you get up usually Yuuta-kun?" She asked which made the two older ones delighted as they saw the increasing bond between the two.

Yuuta flipped the paper as he answers nonchalantly.

"4. Give or take."  Sayuri raised her brows as she didn't expect someone so young to be so much diligent.

"Do you work out or something?" Even though she didn't have asked, from Yuuta's built and robust structure she knew he couldn't have maintained his body without working out.

In response, Yuuta hummed which made both the couples on the other side, flustered and panicked. They wanted Yuuta to at least reply properly but it seemed their son was persistent to act tough.

Remembering his previous behavior toward women both Mirai and Toshio felt maybe he was nervous or winning Sayuri's heart with tough play but his recent conservative behavior made them slightly worried. 

Maybe he isn't happy with the engagement? That's what mutually popped inside the Kiriya couple's minds.

Yuuta sensed the atmosphere turning awkward so he flipped the newspaper closed, before turning his head toward the beautiful silver-haired girl, making her startle all of a sudden.

With his expression slightly shifting toward a grinning one he asked Sayuri.

"Yes, I do like to burn sweat Sayuri-san. Want to get tired together someday?" Sayuri widened her eyes, with her mouth opening and closing like a broken record. Not only she but Mirai was also embarrassed and giggling to hear her son's bold remark.

"Yeah, you should Sayuri. I bet you will get accustomed to Yuuta (schedule), in no time." After hearing the nonchalant remark about Toshio, Sayuri became even redder to the point she wasn't able to lift her head.

On the other hand, the father and son duo was oblivion what they got misunderstood about as they flipped and continued reading their newspapers.


Soon the breakfast was served which was composed of some rice and some side dishes. Generally, the family eats western breakfast but Mirai loves to have something heavy at breakfast, that's why once in a while this kind of breakfast gets served.

[A/N: It's my opinion toward Omurice.]

While chatting a little bit in meantime, the family of now four started eating. Yuuta mostly hummed or answered briefly as he liked to eat in silence. But the other three were completely comfortable talking even with food in their mouth.

Well, Sayuri wasn't also used to it but she knows how to accommodate herself according to her surrounding, as it was one of her virtues. During the whole breakfast, she was continuously glancing at Yuuta and was terrifyingly amazed.

She, who got taught for 5 years about etiquette and elegance and was brought up in an environment where she had to behave in a disciplined way, still wasn't on the level of Yuuta.

Not a single sound was coming from his cutlery. Even his serving proportion and chewing rate were synced like a programmed machine. Sayuri was completely outmatched even though she had so much confidence in her dining habits.


'Their ship is sailing smoothly'

'Yeah. See, she can't lift her eyes from Yuu-chan.'

'I hope they can get along like this in the future too.'

'Of course, they will. I trust my Yuu-chan and the way Sayuri-san is fawning over him, I think someone who can call me grandma would come into this world real soon.'

'Chitose-san...is it?'

'No~ It would be little Yuuske.'

'No my darling Chitose'.

'No, my little Yuuske!!'


This was the brief telepathic conversation between the Kiriya couple.

Thank you.


During the rest of the day, Sayuri was engaged in unpacking her luggage and getting settled inside her temporary room. She wasn't fond of any specific kind of decorations, so she left how things were.

After that, she strolled around the mansion with Carol to get a better view of where she would be living. The place she lived was also a mansion but it was more compact than this one. And the touch of nature surrounding the mansion gave an extremely calming vibe~

"It seems no one stays around this hour." Except for the maids and butlers, Sayuri didn't see the three figures she shared the table in the morning.

"Master usually stays in his office during the day. Madame generally stays at home but today she went to join knitting classes for some reason" Carol felt a sigh leaking her lips as she remembered her delusional carefree madame who was over the clouds since morning.

"And young master, majorly spend time in gym or library. Since Sana is working around, I think he must be in the library."  Sayuri raised her brows in confusion before she voiced her thoughts.


"Yes, she assists whenever the young master stays in the gym. She is a diligent child that's why I appointed her for the role."  Sayuri felt like turning her head and checking this Sana out, just for curiosity.

But in the end, she felt it was not her usual self to do something like check other's choices for women, so she refrained.

Eventually, their strolling spree halted before a big brown door that had a crest of books engraved on top.

"Young Master would be inside, young lady." Carol gently pushed the door before she disappeared from the sight like a ghost. Sayuri shivered before stepping inside.

She thought since she was already here, it wouldn't hurt to confirm some of the things with her fiancè. But soon she regretted it.

Sayuri doesn't have a particular taste in men but somehow she finds a man extremely dashing whenever they focus on something. 

Just like Yuuta right now, who was diligently reading a book while resting on a wooden chair. His left leg was draped over his right one with his straightened back connected with the backrest of the chair. 

He was wearing a V-neck striped sweater that had black and white filled in parallels with white trousers on his lower body. Unlike usual, he had a pair of glasses resting on the crook of his nose as his eyes continuously moved in sync.

Sayuri was captivated by the sight that she forgot about why she come here in the first place. He was like a literal piece of art from Sayuri's perception which made her admire him for an nth minute.

"How long are you going to stare at me?" Sayuri nearly jumped back on her feet as she heard the monotonous words from Yuuta who was still reading without caring about her presence.

"I came here to ask when we have to go and meet the girl you told me about yesterday?" Sayuri wasn't a naive maiden who would blush and stutter just upon this little stimulation. She confidently walked forward and asked in a domineering tone, well she tried to.

"In the evening ." Without breaking his contact he replied.

She decreased even more distance before she sat in the peripheral range of Yuuta.

"Can you tell me about this person? I mean it will help me to approach her with my explanation. Her consent is important for me after all." She felt like smirking at the end of her words as she mocked the patheticness of Yuuta who wasn't able to decide something by himself.

Yuuta saw her mockery but he didn't have any motive to say anything about it. He knew from the game, what personality Sayuri carries that's why he found it useless to correct her delusions.

"You want to know about Mio huh." Sayuri nodded as she finally got his attention. Yuuta after closing the book wandered his eyes aimlessly as he pondered about something.

"If I start talking about her then it would take at least a night before I finish, so I will summarize it."

"That would be ideal." Sayuri crossed her leg on top of the other as she waited for Yuuta's words.

"Hmm...Mio huh. She is an adorable girl. A girl who unintentionally makes my heart race whenever I see her. Her cute smile, the destructive blush, and even when she pouts in the complaint make me everyday best than the other. Apart from her looks, she is a very earnest person. She always gives her best to accomplish something which she determines herself for. Not to talk about her selfless attitude. She is the type of person who can feel pity for those who always thought ill of her. You know once I was...."

As Yuuta continued Sayuri got immense in him. His words were reaching her but the change of expression, the way his eyes become warmer and filled with fondness when he talk about his beloved, made her speechless and lose her calm.

Since yesterday, she never saw him smiling so contently. Even though he was praising someone else there was an extreme elation hidden in his words which were...pissing her?

"Okay, that's it. I will be taking my leave." Without looking back or waiting for Yuuta's response she drifted away.

After reaching her room she plopped down just on the doorstep and hid her face behind her palms. 

'What is wrong with me?!'


A/N: This development is rather unintentionally forced from Yuuta's side. 

The next chapter would be a confrontation that might draw a series of worries for Mio.

Anyway, drop a comment if you are looking forward to it.