Chapter 33
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After a few hours of sleep, Yang suddenly jumped up and started coughing. He noticed that he was coughing blood, and he began to feel dizzy. He fell to his knees, and as he was looking forward, his vision got blurry and red; also, his whole body started to feel hot, almost as if he was on fire. As he was suffering on his knees, he started feeling something on his face, so he scrabbed the blade of his axe, but it was no longer shiny and was full of cracks and bloody.


Yang wanted to rub his eyes, but once he touched his face, he finally realised what he was feeling; his eyes were bleeding, and his vision got worse and worse. In his agony, he smashed his head into the ground as hard as he could, cracking the floor and only getting a small bruise on his forehead. He repeated this process one more them and wanted to stand up, but that was the time when he lost the ability to see, and he stumbled in his own axe. He fell and hit the back of his head.


Yang: This is the same feeling I felt back after having faced those bears, but that time I had no problems with my eyes... I... getting so...


Yang fell asleep, and soon his eyes stopped bleeding, and soon his blood started to vanish from his face, and his eyes proceeded to glow slightly blue. The blue glow spread all across his body, and in a few minutes, he was fully blue. This new blue aura looked like Löké's aura, but in blue, and this one covered the whole body of Yang.


Soon the strange blue layer on Yang started cracking and crumbling, and once it was destroyed, Yang woke up. He instantly opened his eyes as soon as he could, and he was surprised because he was able to see; and on top of that, his vision seemed to be better.




Yang looked around; he noticed the crack on the ground he created with his head, then he touched his head. Unfortunately, it was still injured, and as Yang applied some pressure, it started bleeding.


Yang: So what I experienced was no dream, it was real... what is going on in this world? I can feel that something is not right with my body... it feels so strange... but at least I feel full of energy!


Yang picked his axe up, and he calmly left the room. The garden seemed to be fuller than it was during the previous attempts, but Yang confidently walked while everyone started running at him.


Yang: What is going on? Everything before my eyes seems soo clear and appears to be moving slower.


As the men got close, Yang cleaved many of them horizontally, then jumped up and used them as jumping pads while they healed. Once he was in the air, he saw a barely visible red line coming from every man and attaching to the ball of the statue.


Yang: Could it also be the effect of that thing that happened to me? Hm... I should try breaking that ball.


While in the air, Yang threw his axe at the ball, but almost all of the men jumped up to block the axe. The axe was blocked, and also the men under Yang grabbed his feet and pulled him down, slamming him to the ground. But before he could have touched the ground, he punched the ground with most of his strength, pushing himself away, and landing on his legs.


One of the men wanted to punch him after he landed, but Yang intercepted the punch and dislocated his hands, then finished him by kicking him into the mass of people, giving him a bit bigger space, so he started running towards the ball. He jumped up, and he was shocked at how high he was able to jump because he went at least six meters high.


He came back to reality soon, and his right hand gained a blueish aura, and his axe started travelling towards him, cleaving many people into two. When he was about above the ball, the axe finally reached his hand, and he used his weapon to slice the statue's ball, but it barely made a small crack where he hit it. However, a red burst of aura launched him back up into the sky.


He couldn't see what was going on the ground because he was spinning. The only thing he could see was a red line going past him. When he was finally able to stop spinning, he looked down, he was about to fall back from his launch, and on the ground, no man was left; all of them vanished. The ball rolled away on the ground, and the statue vanished as well.


As Yang started falling down, he looked up and saw the statue, which was no longer on the ground. The statue was engulfed in a red aura. The statue was falling from the sky faster than Yang and was about to punch him.


Yang: Red again? I am starting to hate the colour red!


Yang dropped his axe and brought both of his hands to block the statue's attacks, but having blocked the punch made Yang fall faster, and he hit the ground so hard it created a giant cloud of dust.