Chapter 40
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In a forest, a chubby man was walking in a gold coloured armour while he was holding a dark grey sword in his right hand. As he was walking soon, he found a devastated area. Many trees were cut down, and as he walked, he inspected some of the fallen trees.


Man: It was not a work of any monster or man. It seems to be the work of something very corrosive material. The damage is burned... Why would anybody of my status be sent on a mission like that by His Majesty? What if I die here because the level of threat posed by these beasts is underestimated?! I must be extremely cautious!


Soon the man started hearing strange buzzing noises, and he kneeled down next to a destroyed tree. It was full of holes, both small and large.


Man: Flies? This will be problematic! If they devoured the entire village just like the report said, I might stand a chance, but it has been weeks since that report was issued... I am afraid the nearby animals and monsters were also wiped out by them... I must succeed!


A withe aura suddenly engulfed the man, and then he dashed forward. As he was running, the terrain got more and more devastated; even the soil was burned after a few minutes of running. And in the distance, he saw the ruins of the village, although no houses were left, even their foundation was demolished, but the paved roads seemed to be still in one piece.


The devastated village's area was filled with flies that were on the ground and seemed to be resting. Once the man noticed the sheer number of insects, he tried to decrease the noise he was making, but once he got within a few meters, every fly flew up and started flying around him.


Man: These flies seem to be new ones... maybe they were sent out to look around and explore... or learn.


The man looked around, and he was shocked.


Man: What the hell?! It was reported that there should be one dimensional crack... NOT TWO!


While he was focused on the two gates, more flies came from the surrounding area and swarmed around him. There were at least hundreds of giant insects which were above the area and were waiting to attack.


The man spun his sword around and started focusing on his opponents, who were slowly descending while circling.


Man: At least they are stupid!


The man jumped up and was about to slice the nearest monster, but the horde of insects stopped the moment he jumped up and spit at him.


Man: What?!


The man spun his weapon around, creating a thin layer of white energy that stopped the corrosive moister, but fortunately, he was fast enough to kill one of the flies with a single slash before he landed. Almost fight after his feet touched the ground, the flies proceeded to attack him once again, but he launched himself up at a greater speed, cleaving many insects into tow.


Man: Martial skill, Mázin.


He started rapidly thrusting his swords all around himself aimed at his enemies as he said that. His sword created a white arrow with each of his movements, which darted forward, piercing many of the flies. He continued this attack till he reached the ground again, but the more he shot, the more flies started to navigate faster and faster; adopting, and evading his skill.


Man: Fortunately, they are truly just weaklings; otherwise, this weak skill wouldn't have had this incredible effect on them!


With this skill, the man killed a great number of monsters, but there was still plenty left for him to slay. The man slashed the air, sending a wave of white energy, which killed more of the flies.


Man: I hope every monster is gone, and only these weaklings are left here to guard the nest, or what's it called.



Once the man heard the shout, he looked around and was surprised because he couldn't see anything, but something landed not far from him. When he looked to see what had hit the ground, he saw a naked human-like being. The creature was bold and had four arms; it also had a pair of wings on its back, and when it opened its mouth, it had no teeth. Also, the beast's eyes were taht of a fly.


Before the man you have reacted, the monster dashed at him, and kicked his sword out of his grip and started punching his chest rapidly. The man started leaning to the side after each attack, but his effort was to no avail, so he changed position by jumping back, but he was instantly followed.


As he jumped back, the being dashed after him, but was met with the man's fist, and was punched in the face, slightly making him slide back, but it didn't stop the beast and attacked the man again.


Man: Mázin Phase 2!


The man slightly lightened his closed fist and moved his fingers forward. His fingers were put to their starting points, and his palm was uncovered. And his hands gained a white aura which concentrated around his fingers, and once he unleashed a devastating punch forward, the beast was blasted away, but he rushed after them.


Man: You are not an ordinary monster. Thus I have no choice but to defeat you prevent further devastation in this country!


The man finally caught up to the monster and initiated another punch aimed at the monster's chest, but as they rose their hands to block, the man opened his hand and used his palm to hit the beast. The hit forced the monster to slide back, but they used their wings to slow down and propel themselves forward.


The monster extended two of their hands and was ready to grab the man, but the guy was faster and jumped up and kicked the monster's head with both of his legs and then landed successfully.


Man: It seems you are not very experienced in fighting... lucky me!


The monster was left stunned and was just standing while shaking its head, but the air around it started to fluctuate, and soon the beast got a strange, unique aura. The outer part of the aura was purple, while the inner part was black. This unique aura quickly spread around the creature's body.


Man: Wintrer-Berry?!


The monster punched the air sending a purple and black ball of energy at the man who had no chance to evade or dodge and was hit. The armour of the man cracked and had a melted hole where the armour was hit by that attack.


Man: This will not be as easy as I anticipated a few seconds ago.


The monster propelled itself forward head first, but before they could reach the man, they stopped and used all four of their hands to punch the man. Completely shattering his armour and even causing some bruises on his chest.


Man: Mázin Phase 3


The man extended his fingers, and all of the aura around his body was concentrated around his fingers. They were almost giving the impression that his fingers were white.


Man: Take this beast!


The man thrust his opened palm forward, but the monster punched his hand, completely destroying all of his fingers. The man wanted to pull his hand back, but the beast grabbed his palm, punched his elbow, breaking his hand, and then kicked him away, right next to one of the gates.


Man: What sort of... monster are... you??!! I am about to reach the third stage of Body Reinvigoration, and I was no match to you!

Fly: Human... you... lost!

Man: Speaking fly w...


The monster the man by the neck and lifted him up and stared into his eyes.


Fly: Five of those fruits gave me such wonderful powers... I wonder what would happen if I ate more.

Man: Five??!! No wonder... this beast can speak and beat me so easily


The monster headbutted the man punched him in the stomach, which caused him to cough blood, but then the other gate started cracking and created bolts of lightning coming from it.


Man: What is up with that one?!


The gate flashed and vanished, but a man stopped out of it. That man was Yang, and he looked around.


Man: He is just a Foundation Conception 7. He will be annihilated in mere seconds! Young man RUN... You can't win! RUN!!


The fly looked at Yang, and then it threw the man into the gate, then started walking towards Yang.


Yang: Miuna, hold my axe


Miuna was flying behind him, and Yang pushed his axe to her and let go of the axe.


Miuna: Master, I can not hold it.


Miuna was not strong enough, and the axe fell onto her, and then she was pushed down to the ground.


Yang: You have changed quite a lot... And so did I... Mr fly