Chapter 41
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Yang and the fly started walking towards one another.


Miuna: Master, you are not in your best shape; you should leave immediately!

Yang: Don't worry, I think I can defeat him this time.

Fly: You are relatively confident!

Yang: Although he overwhelmed me the last time we fought... but I got much faster and stronger since then! Especially since I have learned how to use Qi to my advantage in a fight.


Yang stopped walking, and once the fly noticed, it started running towards Yang while its strange two coloured aura was still covering its body. As the monster was about to punch Yang, he stepped to the side, and his opponent's fist didn't manage to touch his face. So he grabbed the back of the neck and the hand of the beast, then kicked its leg. The being was caught off guard because Yang was faster than the monster predicted, and after the kick, it lost its balance and was about to fall, but Yang twisted its hand, dislocating its shoulder and wrist.


Having injured one of his opponent's limbs, Yang let go of that hand and spun the fly around, then punched its head, sending it flying, but the beast kicked him, so he was also pushed back. However, the area where he was kicked was burned, but he was more focused on his opponent.


Fly: You did improve, but I ate five strange fruits after you were taken away, and ever since then, I have been improving at an excellent rate! The more I fight, the more potent I will get!! Give up now! I admit that you could have defeated me had I been my former self... If you submit, I will make your demise painless and quick.

Yang: You are very talkative... for an insect!

Fly: So be it! Say goodby to your skin and flesh!


The fly's eyes started glowing purple and with an open palm trusted forward, creating a purple and black line. Yang extended his arm and grabbed the line, but it ended up in a devastating explosion. And the area was engulfed in black flames.


Fly: I know it wasn't strong enough to kill you, but since you were so brave to block it with your bare hand...


The fly couldn't finish the sentence because a blue projectile came from the epicentre of the fire, which cut its cheek and pierced its ear.


Fly: What the!?


The fly suddenly brought all four of its hand to its chest because the black fire got extinguished suddenly by another beam of blue energy. The beam pierced two of the beast's arms and stopped in the third.


Yang was holding a bow created from his blue aura, and the hand which he used to block the fly's attack had minor burns. Once Yang noticed the injury he caused to his opponent, he lowered his hand, and his bow vanished. And then he stared directly into the eyes of the fly.


Fly: What is that? What is he? WHAT AM I SEEING??!!


As the fly was looking at Yang, the monster could see that Yang's eye turned red and was giving off an aura that terrified the monster. The being broke the arrow in its hands and then, with shaking legs, stepped forward, but Yang vanished.


The monster turned around and could see Yang behind him with fierce eyes, and his left eye was glowing even more than before.


Fly: I-I yield ple...

Yang: It will never FLY!


Yang punched the head of the monster so hard that it instantly flew away, slightly carving the ground under its feet. The beast fell onto its back but instantly sat up, then kneeled down and put its forehead onto the ground.




Yang jumped up and landed on the back of the being. Then stepped off of it.


Fly: YOUR MAJESTY! Please! Hear me out!

Yang: What?!


Yang lifted the defeated monster and looked into its eyes with a frightening gaze. The insect started sweating, and its trembling intensified.


Yang: Speak insect! Why did you call me that?!

Fly: I can see it within your eyes! You are not fly and nor human, but at the same time, you are a fly and a human!

Yang: You try to deceive me!


The fly looked away, extended its fingers on its top right hand, and raised it. Yang Shansed the head of the insect to prevent it from attacking him, but the fly instead cut its lower right arm off. This action shocked Yang and let go of the fly, who fell to its knees and then looked up.


Yang: Sacrificing your arm? Do you think it will change anything?!



Yang looked behind him and could see that someone was about to kick him, and he was barely able to dodge the kick. However, as retaliation, he grabbed that person's leg with both of his hands, smashed them into the ground, then swung them up into the air and bashed them into the ground on his other side once again.


Fly: Öru!! Please don't kill my sister! I... kill me instead of her! She is still too young!

Yang: It seems insects have feelings for others... Hm.


Yang let go of the leg and looked at the being, which was now sunk into the ground and was struggling to get up while its mouth was bleeding.


Yang: You said "Öru"... what does it mean?

Fly: That... that is the name of my sister... pleas spare her!


Yang looked back at the monster and walked closer to her, who started shaking as Yang got closer and closer. Yang stopped next to her head and looked into her eyes.


Yang: Insect... Did you just call me a "freak" and try to deliver a sneak attack on me?


Yang: What is your name... Mr "brother"?

Fly: erm... erm...

Yang: Not answering? Maybe I should ask your sister instead... A few more hits would definitely help her and would make her speak.

Fly: W-w


Yang grabbed the girl by her face and lifted her up.


Öru: Es...


Yang: Zuö? Tell me... Why should I keep you two alive?!


Yang extended his index finger on his free hand then his axe flew next to the neck of Öru, slightly cutting her, making her bleed onto the axe.


Zuö: If you spare my sister, I am willing to be...your servant!

Yang: And why would I trust you? Also, what would I GAIN from this offer?!

Zuö: Erm... I-I am very good at finding herbs; I have a distinguished smell.

Yang: Although I am not an alchemist and I will not be able to use herbs... fine, I will think about it. But first!

Zuö: Yes?

Yang: You must go inside your dungeon and exterminate your kind... if there are some with the same intelligence level as yours, then bring them out. Also, bring back that human you have defeated!

Zuö: B-but...I can't just murder my own kind!

Yang: I just gave you a chance to prove that you do mean what you said. I don't mind killing you two then exterminating your kind.


Yang tightened his grasp on Öru's head and grabbed his axe. Yang brought his axe above his head then swung it down, aimed at the girl in his grip.




Yang closed his eyes and stopped his axe, then looked back at Zuö and gave an even more terrifying gaze because now both of his eyes were red.


Zuö: I-I will go and do as you requested! Please do not hurt my sister.

Yang: Go.


Yang dropped Öru, and Zuö rushed over to the gate then entered. Öru couldn't stand and fell when she reached the ground, and Yang walked a few meters away and sat down. He closed his eyes and stayed silent for minutes, but suddenly, Öru stood up and looked at Yang.


Öru: I managed to heal enough to walk... It seems that that monster is not watching. I will go and meet my brother!


Öru was about to take a step towards the gate, but her shoulder was grabbed, and when she turned around to look, she instantly collapsed due to fear. Yang was standing behind her, and a blueish aura covered his body, but his head had a red atmosphere. Also, a few tiny and short red lines appeared around his eyes, almost as if his veins were turning glowing red.


Öru: W-w-what is this feeling? Is he really a human being?!

Yang: It seems you have quite a good regeneration ability... however, what happens if I cut both of your legs for trying to flee?!

Öru: N-no! Please forgive me! I...I wasn't thinking.

Yang: Fine! But if you try to escape one more time... I won't be this kind.

Öru: Of course!


Yang walked away, then sat down once again and started cultivating. As for Öru, she regulated her breathing, sat properly, and watched Yang.


Öru: What is up with him? Now that he is not looking at me, I can't feel that terrifying aura! Maybe I should... No, he will definitely kill me. I should just wait and sit still.


About half an hour later, Zuö slid through the gate. He was beaten and could barely stand; still, he dashed back towards the gate, but then another of his kind stepped out. A girl with a muscular body and smashed him, sending him flying towards Yang. Yang slightly opened his eyes but then closed again, then he stood up just in time, caught the beaten Zuö, and then tossed him to Öru.


Yang: Another competitor!