Chapter 42
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Zuö: She... is tougher than I thought!... I assumed I could beat her with the power I had... but I overestimated myself!

Yang sat back down while his eyes were still closed, but the girl who defeated Zuö started walking towards them with a wide smile.

Yang: Who is she?
Zuö: She... is the Mother
Yang: Uhu...
Mother: Foolish human, you dare to turn my children against me?! I will make your death as painful as possible.
Yang: My death?

Yang stood up and opened his eyes, and the moment he gazed upon the creature in front of him, the fly stopped walking for a moment but continued getting closer.

Mother: I have to admit... I wasn't expecting you to have such a terrifying aura around you, but It won't change the fact taht you will perish by my hands!
Yang: hmm... Your number is 162...

Suddenly Yang's opponent dashed forward at an incredible speed; Yang had no time to react and was smashed in the face. Upon impact, his nose was destroyed, and Yang was sent backwards, sliding on the ground. Yang was sliding on the floor while he was leaning back and somehow managed to stay up and not fall. Suddenly Yang stopped himself and straightened himself. His nose was in very bad condition and was bleeding drastically; his blood was flowing down on his chest.

Mother: Quite durable, I have to admit.

The monster dashed back at Yang, but this time their fists collided, and the beast was pushed back by an explosion coming from Yang, which was a mixture of red and blueish colour. The creature shook her hand, but since she had four instead of two, she rushed back and started punching Yang rapidly. Bot of them got faster and faster, and Yang managed to block or intercept most of the punches. Still, he was punched many times.

Suddenly the red lines around Yang's eyes got bigger, and Yang's fists were wrapped around by a redd aura, and the first punch he delivered with that fist blew his opponent away. The fly coughed blood instantly, but Yang dashed after her, reached her head and punched it deep into the ground. Yang immediately grabbed the leg of the monster and swung her to the other side, but the beast was ready to use her arms to minimalize the damage caused to her, but Yang instead kicked her stomach and then was she slammed to the ground.

From the ground, the beast used her free leg to kick Yang the moment she hit the ground, then used her wings to stand back up and delivered a devastating uppercut to Yang, which sent him flying upwards. The monster flew after Yang and punched him higher and higher, and Yang couldn't block or evade. After they were hundreds of meters high, the fly stopped punching Yang and was about to let him fly back down, but Yang put both hands together and bashed the beast's head as hard as he could.

The fly fainted and started falling down. While she was falling, she started spinning, and right before she hit the ground, she regained consciousness but was unable to do anything and hit ground. The fly created a crater and was lying on her back and couldn't move.

Mother: EVEN if you managed to injure me severely, I would regenerate in a couple of days!... BUT YOU WILL DEFINITELY DIE FROM THAT FALL!!!

The fly was staring at the sky and saw a thin red line falling downwards, but tiny red particles came from the line, which started falling faster and seemed to be falling around the area where she was lying.

Mother: What the... Guah...

The red items she saw was tiny red blades that penetrated her all around her body, but the tiny weapons vanished right away. Before the fly could have moved, Yang, covered by red aura, landed on her chest, completely crushing it, and then he punched the monster's head with a devastating punch which ended up exploding her skull and unleashing a red explosion.

Zuö: What a true monster!

From the explosion, Yang walked out; although he was pulling his left leg, he seemed relatively well; even the blood from his nose stopped flowing, and the dried and sticky blood from his mouth, chin and chest disappeared.

Yang: You two; stay there till I cultivate. If you dare to move, I will kill you right away, without mercy!