Chapter 43
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Yang sat down and started cultivating, and after an hour, he looked back at the two flies who were sitting still, not far from him.


Yang: Zuö, have you killed everyone in the dungeon?

Zuö: Y-yes, the only one left was that human, but since I was attacked, I couldn't bring him along.

Yang: Öru, Zuö, you go in and bring that human out, unharmed!

Zuö: O-of course!


The two monsters left, and then Yang opened his eyes and looked around. Yang's eyes were red no more, and they regained their original colour.


Yang: I don't know what happened... Something took over me; it was like a sadistic, maniac version of me! That strange red object must have been the cause of this!


Yang stood up, walked around, picked his axe up, and then walked over to the monster he slew. He kneeled down next to her and was about to touch the corpse, but Miuna appeared on Yang's palm, jumped onto the corpse, and then entered it.


Yang: What the hell??!!

Miuna: It will take some time; you should do whatever you want, master.

Yang: But what are you doing?!

Miuna: Well, it is a long story to explain; let's just say I am hungry.

Yang: W-Why?! Why are you eating a corpse?

Miuna: Because I can't help it; somehow, I have an urge to do so.

Yang: Well, if that is what you want to do, then, by all means, I will not stop you.


Yang walked away, with a slight degust on his face, and then from the gate, the two flies stepped out, and they were holding taht man. He seemed beaten and unconscious, and most of his armour was melted or missing.


Yang: When Miuna showed her knowledge, I learned that If I use my soul, I can form some sort of pact with anyone... I am pretty sure these flies would be a pain in my ass to deal with, so I must subdue them till they are afraid of me.


The two flies brought the man over to Yang, put him down onto the ground, and started staring at the ground.


Yang: Hope it will work... Zuö, Öru, you have two choices, either submit and serve me, or I will eliminate you!

Zuö: w-w submit!

Öru: Y-yeah!

Yang: Good, now relax, and try to not think about anything!

Zuö: Yes sir!

Öru: O-of course!

Yang: I hope Miuna didn't lie about this; otherwise, I will be probably killed here, but before that, I will kill her!


Yang grabbed the head of the flies in front of him and closed his eyes, then so did the monsters, and soon a blueish colour appeared around Yang's hands which the flies absorbed. Once the glow dissipated, Yang coughed blood but quickly cleaned his mouth after letting go of the beasts' heads. Under his covered mouth, he was gritting his teeth, and then he stepped back.


Yang: It worked, but it took quite a bit out of me!


Yang was so focused on not falling from exhaustion taht he unconsciously activated his special vision and looked at the two monsters looking at him. Zuö had three red dots, one on his head, one on his stomach, and one on his throat, and his text said "Curious 120". Strangely, Yang could see another indicator this time, which was resembling his nervous system with an orange colour; his head had a wide line coming down, and as it got lower, it branched and seemed to cover his entire body. Also, there were three smaller orange dots than the red ones. one was around his forehead, and two were on each side of his chest.


As for Öru, her orange indicators were the same, but she had four extra red dots, one at the beginning of each of her arms. Also, her text said, "Curious 46".


Yang: How can these numbers be this low if they are so strong??!! This must mean that that number indicates something else, and I have misinterpreted that.


Yang sat down next to the unconscious man and looked back at the two monsters.


Yang: Zuö, do you have any sort of loot within your dungeon?

Zuö: Dungeon?

Yang: Your nest or what that gate is called.

Zuö: Oh, I think we do, also we have a few extra fruits which was called "Winter-Berry" by this guy.

Yang: Hm... alright, you go back in and collect everything that is of value!

Zuö: Of course!

Yang: As for you, Öru, you will make a fire here; your brother knocked this poor man out quite well.


Zuö and Öru left, so Yang decided to lay down and closed his eyes.


Yang: Somehow, it worked! I managed to survive and gained two strong followers... one of them is even stronger than me!


Meanwhile, Yang was laying on the ground, Öru came back, and she was pulling two trees in two of her hands while she had her other two hands crossed. She put them down next to Yang and kneeled down next to him and wanted to touch him, but suddenly someone screamed.




Yang opened his eyes and sat up as fast as he could to see what happened, and what he saw surprised him. Someone dropkicked Öru on the head, and Yang could see as her head was slightly deformed due to the sudden impact and was being pushed away. As for the attacker, she had very long red hair covering the person's face.


Öru slid away, but after shaking her head, she was ready to engage and dashed back at the red-haired newcomer who was about to punch her once again.


Yang: I thought I could have some rest before something happens... it seems I was wrong