Chapter 387: I will not run away, I never go back on my word.
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After returning, they had already stopped talking about the Demon Remiton, their main focus was to talk about the deeds of Panic that seemed to be more interesting for them. While watching some new news of Panic on the internet.

Obviously, while some girls were making dinner, Theo did not forget to make the cake he had promised.

In addition, the two girls were looking forward to it.

In addition, Theo was also eager to reward his daughter and the rest.

In addition, he could say that in addition to Little Emma and Little Yui the other girls also showed signs of wanting to eat cake.

"Dad. Can Yui help you put the strawberries in?" Little Yui asked with her eyes pleading.

"Haha. Of course, when it's time to do it, I'll call you." Theo laughed and said.

"Dad is the best!" Little Yui hugged his waist.

Seeing that Little Emma was acting strange, as if she wanted to, too, but she didn't dare.

Theo said, "You can also help if you want, Emma."

"Great!" Little Emma said quickly with a happy smile on her face.


A few hours later, dinner was already being served at the table. Theo's cake was also ready, we just had to wait for it to cool down, meanwhile, they started to have dinner.

For dinner, they had rice, beans, pot meat, breaded fish, tomato salad, lettuce, onion, cucumber, and other vegetables. In addition, everything, they also had mayonnaise, french fries, steak with onions, and 3 different types of sauce.

It was a mouth-watering dinner. Furthermore, with Shina's culinary qualities, it was enough to leave them all salivating and with their bellies snoring.

"My God! Shina, each day that passes, your food becomes more juicy and appetizing!" Klin expressed his adoration for Shina's cooking and didn't think he was overdoing it.

Alice said shyly, "With this level of cooking, after tasting it, I couldn't help getting addicted, I wonder if I will starve if I can't eat Shina's food anymore."

"Truth!" Nobody denied that fact.

"Yes, Shina. In the kitchen you are powerful!" Theo raised his thumb at her with a smile.

"Fools... It's just a little above average at most..." Shina was embarrassed and said slightly: "No more bullshit, and let's eat!"

"Hahaha, listen to the female immortal boss, and let's eat!" Theo laughed as he said, making Shina even more ashamed.

Everyone also joined in laughing and with a smile, on their faces, they started putting food on their plates and started eating.

"Theo, there are many chat posts about your new Panic video, as well as many talking about your fight against the Clan of Ten Thousand Souls. In top research, it can be said that "Panic" is in the first place!" Ariana said with an amused smile.

"Well, it's inevitable, after all, didn't Panic fight against them who were at least in the 10th Layer of the Spiritual Realm, and he won to the point that they ran away in fear?" Mizuki smiled: "That's why it's not so surprising that everyone is talking about Panic. In addition, whenever Theo (Panic) videos surfaced, the comments and subjects always revolved around Panic."

"Yes, this is indeed true, but this time it is on another level. In addition, Theo's live broadcast video is already very close to reaching 1 billion views." Said Shina full of astonishment and laughed: "Do you understand that? 1 billion in such a short time! Tell me, who but Theo could do that?"

"We are not going to talk about 1 billion views and not even two days have passed. Even if it was 500 million views it never happened before. This shows how popular Panic is getting. This is a unique result..." Nanda took a big sip of juice and continued: "It just makes me admire Theo more and more!"

"Haha. Sister, are you sure you only admire him?" Aine did not miss this chance to provoke her sister.


"Hahaha." Seeing Nanda blush and turn red tomato and lower her embarrassed head without daring to look at Theo, everyone started laughing.

"It hurts..." Aine whimpered.

Nanda, under the table pinched Aine's waist in rebuke, she was very embarrassed and didn't have the courage to look at Theo now.

Theo looked at the pair of sisters and thought they were cute. Smiling, he said: "I appreciate your compliments, and I am also surprised by this. I did not initially expect it to have such a result."

"Well, no matter what angle you look at, Theo is always a highlight!" Said Yuki smiling lovingly at Theo: "Have you seen how many views your songs have? Each of the two already has more than 1 billion views. Although it may not be as much as the Panic videos, it is still surprising."

Hearing this, Little Yui dropped his fork and looked at them and said with a serious expression: "Mhmm, Yui's dad is the most powerful!"

"Hehe. In fact, Theo is powerful, even in the bedroom..." Ariana winked at Theo in a sensual and malicious way.

"Ariana!" The girls looked at her, scolding her, and flushed with shame.

"Powerful in the room?" Little Yui and some girls looked at Ariana without understanding.

"Don't mind her delusions..." Mizuki said and remembered something: "She is only saying this because Theo is very good at giving a massage."

"Oh?! Yui also wants to receive massage from Dad!" Little Yui's eyes lit up as she looked at Theo expectantly.

"Okay, Dad is going to do this." Theo agreed with a smile.

Little Yui said with a chuckle: "Hehe~ Dad promised! You cannot come back with your words and lie to Yui."

"Of course, I will not run away, I never go back on my word. (This is my ninja way!)" Theo said to her exaggeratedly, making everyone laugh.

"Okay, Yui believes in Dad." Yui said seriously and then took the last bite of and said, "I'm done! Can Yui eat cake now!?"

"I finished it too!" Little Emma said shortly after and looked towards the other empty table where there was a three-layer cake covered with white and black chocolate and filled with strawberries.

"Sure, you can eat at will." Theo said. As cultivators, they didn't have to worry about affecting your health or even worrying about getting fat. A cultivator's metabolisms are several times higher than a normal person. And the higher the cultivate the better your metabolism is.

Like dragons, Little Yui and Little Emma could easily digest a white whale and not get fat!

Without reservation, the two gluttonous went to the cake table and started to cut pieces from certain sides of preference and started to eat.

"Divine! Very delicious!" Little Yui grunted while eating.

"Da... Theo is the best!" Little Emma stammered as her eyes sparkled with a strange glow as she enjoyed the taste of the cake.

Not long after, Theo, Jka, and the girls also finished dinner. Not able to bear to see the little girls eating with such pleasure, they also cut themselves a small slice of the cake and started eating.

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